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Constructive Thinking Approach : Stop Thinking Wrong

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We all had faced a failure or a problem at some point in our life. The failure that stopped us from thinking anything or the failure that took us to another level of overthinking.

Isn't it that we got a sudden feeling of being at a point and not able to move on, or get stuck with the problem?

The bigger question is where actually we get stuck? Do we get stuck in our problems or do we get stuck with the thinking approach related to the problems?

We need to get this clear first. Everyone faces problems in their life, so it won't be wrong to say that we actually get stuck in the thought process on how to deal with the problems.

This is the real thing that the majority of people do not understand. The moment you think that you are stuck with a problem, you'll remain stuck because problems are never-ending. You should believe the real problem is not the 'problems', but your way of thinking.

The ways of Thinking

The ways of Thinking

How to change the thinking process?

You can even control your life if you can control your thought process. This article may not solve your problems but will definitely give you a constructive approach to face your problems.

A person whose mind is in its control can come out of any problem, then the person who has all the resources to solve his issues but not the proper way of thinking. The first thing to understand is, overthinking is not going to help you but right-thinking does. Next thing is, what is right thinking?

What is right thinking?

Don't Confuse right thinking with positive thinking. Ask yourself, is positive thinking the right thinking? For example, think of yourself crossing a river by swimming. You may think you'll never get drowned in the river, you are safe, this is positive thinking, but is it right thinking?, NO.

The right thinking that I am referring to is scientific thinking, logical thinking, to see the reality as it is. There are certain laws on which the universe works, to observe them and follow them is the right approach of thinking.

Your thinking may be based upon some beliefs or superstitions that you followed since your childhood or it can be based on the practical experiences you may have faced in your life.

Difference between Subjective Standpoints and Objective Reality

You should see the life as it is, observe it and then act on it. You can apply this rule in any aspect of your life be it businesses, jobs, relationships or even health. The first basic step is to leave every belief you carry in your mind and get relaxed. Now observe life as a life not "my life".

For example, Anger, is anger just the problem of your life? No, the majority of people get angry. How do you generally find a solution for anger," I get angry, I should control it". Let me tell you, you can never find a solution to anger like this because anger is a problem of life, not you.

Fear, is fear just the problem of your life? No, the majority of people have fear of something. Not your fear, not my fear, just think of the word "fear" and observe it as fear, this is scientific thinking.

When we observe our problems, not from a subject point of view, but from an objective point of view, like a scientist observes his experiment, neither gets sad nor gets happy. Because being sad or happy is your subjective standpoints.

In objective reality, when you see for a solution to your problems, you can never get stuck. The more you understand the reality, the more you get free in your thinking process.

Objective Reality - Solution to your Problems

Objective Reality - Solution to your Problems


To sum up everything, one may be facing failures one after other, so now do not observe your own failures. Get yourself aside, and just observe the "failures".

You will start knowing the nature of those failures, you will start knowing the causes of those failures. There can be two ways to observe failures. The first one being," How can I fail " and the other being that " I observe what was the mistake I did and its cause "?

I hope you understand the difference between the above two mentioned approaches. Once you get able to observe your problems, you will feel free because you understood something from those problems of yours and your life's changed.

You can understand the whole nature of problems if you follow or observe them carefully. The nature, the kind, the causes of mistakes each and everything. Believe me, the day you will understand this concept, you will never find yourself doing mistakes or at least decrease the possibility of making a mistake.

Hope you'll never get stuck in overthinking because now you know how to approach your logical thinking.

Be The King of your Life

Be The King of your Life

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