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Constipation: Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid Constipation

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What should I eat if I have constipation?

Many people ask this question. They are trying to find the answer to this question on google. The reason being once the Constipation cycle starts, unless you detox your stomach, you cannot get out of it unless you make changes to your diet and routine.

Foods to Eat in Constipation

We talked about the foods which can cause the constipation but what about the foods that we can eat during those constipation cycles.

  • Banana
  • Guava
  • Boiled Legumes and Grains

Banana is one of those food which makes it easier to digest and also good for pushing the stuff off the stomach. Eat banana when you are having the constipation problems.

Guava, a fruit which could make things push your food down from stomach. This takes a bit of the time but if you have the stomach gas then eating this fruit would help as well.

Another solution is eating the boiled grains - boiled lentil, beans and even the legumes which are boiled are easy to digest during such times.

Note: Take advice of doctor and explain them if any food items are causing the constipation or the stomach gas and then adjust your consumption accordingly.

Foods to Avoid in Constipation

Now that I have explained what to eat during the constipation, let us talk about our list of items to avoid the future cycles of the constipation and IBS. Make sure to add, remove the items as it helps your case. You can take the advice of the doctor for more in depth information on which items are good for the stomach.

Carbonated Drinks

Pepsi, Coke and anything with sugar in it can cause you to have episode of the Diarrhea or even the constipation. This can happen when you consume much oily food and try to process it with the carbonated drinks. This will start a cycle where digesting the heavy food leads to the stomach issues.

Some of the carbonated drinks have the preservatives and the caffeine into the drinks. Which is kind of digestible till your 40s but as the time goes ahead, it takes the toll on your stomach and your stomach responds with the constipation.

Considering those drinks have the sugar, carbonated process it can affect your digestive system, metabolism long term.

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Non Veg Foods

You are eating non veg food once a week is fine. Are you eating it everyday? That is an invitation to the IBS, fatty liver or even the diabetes. Because you consume many calories and it all piles up if not used up through exercise and the burning calories daily.

Non veg food if it has a lot of sauces, e.g. the Chinese food has much sauce and the processed fermented items in it. Which could affect your stomach. The too much oil into the food that would cause the stomach to get upset, it could lead to the constipation or even the diarrhea.

Junk Food, Fried & Oily Food

Eating pizza once a week will not cause much of an issue to your stomach. When taking too much fiber, such junk food can balance things out with the stomach by being a bit heavy.

However, suppose you consume pizza, noodles, burgers, and other heavy food items for your stomach. In that case, that can cause a pattern towards stomach issues, especially if you have symptoms similar to IBS or fatty liver, etc.

Oily food, gluten food items, heavy food, too sugary food. All fo this contributes to the constipation. Make sure to reduce the oily food intake if you want to break the chain of the constipation.

Processed Food, Grains and Gluten Food

Have you ever had the processed food like those processed rice, cake, chinese ready to cook items? If yes then you know they are full of the chemicals which are kind of processed items which could trigger the various stomach issues. Like too much sugar, preservatives and the caffiene into the food could cause stomach problems.

Grains and the powdered form of the grains could cause the stomach to have much heavy feeling. Even more so on the digestion side. Which means it has a tendency to cause constipation or the bloating issue.

Gluten food has a long term effect on your stomach. Like it can slow your digestion and also affect your metabolism rate which is a bad thing as it gains weight and also leads to the IBS and the constipation cycles based on your health profile.

Milk Products

People who end up getting regular constipation have one thing in common. They consume milk products in some way. Be it using coffee, chocolate milk, or any other milk products.

If those milk products are processed or fermented in some way, they are likely to cause problems in your stomach. You may experience both constipation and diarrhea.

Avoid all milk products, especially milk, cheese, paneer, and other processed items, if possible. If you suffer from IBS, you should reduce or avoid Milk from your diet altogether.

Note: Yogurt however has the property of the probiotics, which often helps the patients of constipation and the IBS C/D.

Other Mixed Results Food Triggers

Each one among us have their own food eating habits. What may trigger your IBS or the constipation is not going to be same for others. This is where the role of the doctor comes into.

You have to experiment and see what is causing your stomach to get upset. Make sure to consume the food accordingly in that case and see what triggers your IBS or the constipation and diarrhea.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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