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From Comfort to Discomfort: A Journey Unravelling the Secrets of Success

Amit Sharma is a Research Scholar at Kurukshetra University, India. He is fond of writing inspirational content for curious readers.

Discomfort and Success

A new day is just a new date for the people who live in the comfort zone. Comfort zone is better for dreaming, but if one wants to crystalize his thoughts and dreams, it requires that person to come out of comfort. A journey to success begins when one starts travelling from comfort to discomfort. But it is not so easy to overcome the comfort zone or to travel this journey. It is a very taxing, and tedious task especially for a person who has been in the comfort zone for so long. Notwithstanding, if one is fully determined, it is also not so much challenging to come out of that. When a person starts challenging himself, it leads him to discomforts which further help him realize his strengths, capabilities, potential learning spots, and areas of improvements.

Discomfort your comfort to recognize your capabilities.

— Amit Sharma

Discomfort and Self-awareness

Although it is possible to convert one’s weaknesses into strengths through drudging in the present moment, it is not possible without the recognition of the potential learning spots. A person’s self-awareness (one’s awareness of his strengths and weaknesses) plays a very significant role on the journey to success. Strivings help one recognize his potential, strengths, abilities, hidden talent, competencies, and the utmost important thing that is the need for the reforms and improvements. But no one can deny the fact that the comfort zone never lets one live and strive in the present moment. In this way, a person in the comfort would never be able to recognize his potential. In simple words, journey from comfort to discomfort (one starts challenging and testing oneself, and strives to become a better person than he was yesterday) reveals one’s unique way to success. It is not necessary that every time the only reason for the failures would be living in the comfort zone, but it is true that the comfort zone leads one to failures.

Procrastination would never let you reach the destination.

— Amit Sharma

Comfort Zone and Procrastination

It is rightly said that overcoming the comfort zone in the early-morning hours defeats it for the whole day. But it is not as easy for everyone as it appears. If a person is not able to get rid of comfort zone, it soon leads him to procrastination. Whether it is comfort zone or procrastination wreaked by it, these both have same considerable impact on the life-style of a person and can be considered as a great hindrance during the journey to success. Like comfort zone, procrastination never lets a person live, strive, and drudge in the present moment which leads him to the failures in the life. It can be commonly seen that the people who are in the comfort zone procrastinate their today’s work for tomorrow, but it must be remembered that tomorrow never comes as when it comes, it becomes today or a present moment. Indeed, procrastination makes one frivolous towards the value of time. A person keeps on waiting for the right time, but right time never comes. In this way, procrastination makes one destroy his invaluable time inadvertently.

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Seeking conveniences and comforts in decisions and actions usually leads one’s life to discomforts and inconveniencies.

— Amit Sharma

Discomfort and Secrets of Success

Now a question arises, is the comfort zone really comfortable? The answer is No. It can be apparently seen that the people who seek comforts in their life find themselves in the most awkward quandaries. A person who lives in the comfort zone always remains a thinker for the major part of his life-time. Such kind of person would never be able to become an actor or the creator of his destiny and life. On the other hand, when one strives to come out of the comfort zone and starts drudging and toiling in the present moment (travels a journey from comfort to discomfort), the unveiling of secrets begins. During this wonderful journey, every failure is not a failure, rather, it is a secret of success, a source of learning and invaluable experiences. Only a person who faces the failures after overcoming the comfort zone and procrastination would be able to get wind of the secrets of success during this journey. It is true that hope, positivity, and self-believe can kill one’s negativity and make one able to overcome the stress of the failures. One must remember that a person who lives in the comfort zone would never be able to overcome the anxieties, afflictions, and stress of the failures. Eventually and gradually, a person would choose to live in the comfort zone again to get rid of this pain of the failures rather than striving to improve and reform himself. It means failures in the comfort zone would further lead one to live in the comfort zone rather than to learning and improvements.

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, if one really wants to travel the journey from comfort to discomfort or failure to success, he has to start this by bringing the change in the direction of his thoughts from negative to positive. With determination and positive thoughts, a person can gradually travel the journey from the negativity to the positivity, from hopelessness to hopefulness, and eventually from failure to success. But this journey begins when one reforms his thinking, perception and starts drudging in the present moment with self-believe. When one decides to come out of the comfort-zone with the hope of succeeding in the next striving, the journey gets momentum. It's happened because the hope and positivity act as a fuel to enhance your speed on the path leading to success. Furthermore, it's the hope that is the reason for the aliveness of willpower and positivity in us despite failures and adversities. Therefore, just travel the journey with hope, challenge yourself, and put yourself into the discomforts to recognize your real potential and secrets of success. The real satisfaction and comfort are not in the comfort zone, rather, it is during travelling the journey (learning from the failures and getting wind of the secrets of success) from comfort to discomfort which leads you to success.

Let your sweat be the water and your hope be the sunshine to nurture the plant of your success and make it grow.

— Amit Sharma

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