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Coffee Enema Benefits

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Take your physical and mental health to new heights with the benefits of a coffee enema

I said enema! Let's discuss how a coffee enema can really improve your health and skyrocket your physical and mental well being! Sure this is not a polite topic, you may be blushing reading this, but it's not information you need to share with everyone. And if you can surpass your disgust, and humiliation about it you will boost your physical and mental health like you didn't know was possible. Your mouth connects to your anus, get over it. You can improve your health so much with enemas; water or coffee, this is not something you want to miss out on.

The earliest mention of coffee enemas dates back to the Egyptian time period, not surprising considering how advanced the Egyptian civilization was. Greece followed suit introducing them as a healthcare procedure after the Egyptians. Pharaoh's had private physicians that knew the importance of clean bowels and bowel health.

An enema is when a solution of water, coffee, or sometimes herbs are administered to the colon via the rectum. Doctors have been suggesting and performing this treatment to patients since the 1920's. A coffee enema is a supercharged way to detox the liver and colon. They've been used to help people who suffer from gallstones, AIDS, Cancer, HIV, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue and other chronic illnesses. Many have avoided invasive surgical procedures by using coffee enemas. But they are not just for the terminally ill, anyone full of toxins (which we all are) will reap huge health rewards from doing an enema.

When you do a coffee enema, you will notice benefits immediately. You'll feel energized, but not in a jittery caffeine way. You'll feel strangely clean. Brain fog, fatigue, pains, and other symptoms associated with a toxic liver will lift. Your mind will almost feel how it does after sitting in meditation. Once you try this, you'll soon forget any taboos connected to it. If you've been detoxing from other toxins, a coffee enema is a must to speed up eliminating detox die off.

Performing enemas in the privacy of your home are inexpensive. They detox the liver easily, safely and effectively.

Super charged liver detox!


How does a coffee enema affect the liver?

When a coffee enema is administered, the caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream becoming a detox agent on steroids. This caffeine is passed directly to the liver where it forces the liver to release bile very quickly. Bile is full of toxins and normally recycled in the body and slowly filtered out for elimination. Toxic bile can circulate in the blood over 10 times before it is properly expelled. Think about that, it's like a car that has not had an oil change.

There are two palmitic acids in coffee — kahweol and cafestol palmitate, these are the substances that are responsible for detoxing the liver, blood, gallbladder, colon, and GI. They get pulled directly into the portal vein via the colon and passed through your entire system and to your liver. Cycled through your blood, detoxing it, filtering through the liver, which finally does a massive detox dump back into the colon where you can eliminate these toxins from your body.

We live in a toxic world full of junk food, chemicals, medicines, and various other pollutants. Over time all of these all accumulate in our bodies. Our body does its best to get rid of these from the skin, kidneys, and liver. But a coffee enema will expel them much faster. I'm talking about feeling what a 90-day detox can do in 45 minutes!

Did you know that ALL of your blood passes through the liver every 3 minutes? That's how strong this organ is. It is the strongest filter we have. Without it, we die.

More info on your liver and also dairy detoxing

Coffee Enema Benefits

  • Removes toxins
  • Purifies the blood
  • Gets rid of candida imbalance
  • Strengthens the lower chakras of the energy body (root, sacral, and solar plexus).
  • Assists liver function
  • Assists colon function
  • Clears the gallbladder of stones and bile
  • Relieve gas, cramps, constipation, and bloating
  • Boosts energy, focus, clarity of mind, and concentration
  • Promotes clear skin!
  • Reduces chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms associated with debilitating diseases.
  • Lowers body inflammation
  • Improves digestive health
  • Improve allergies and sinus congestion issues
  • Clears brain fog
  • Removes intestinal parasites
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Speeds up healing and restores health when sick with colds or a virus.
  • Reduce symptoms of PMS
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and colon
  • Reduce anger, no one is happy walking around full of shit. Literally.

Check out the Gerson Institute for more info on coffee enemas being used with other natural treatments to cure cancer

The Gerson Therapy

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Things to consider when doing a coffee enema

There are a few things to consider when doing a coffee enema.

  1. Although this will boost liver function, they should not be done daily unless severely ill. 2-3x a week or daily is more than enough, and if you are severely ill, or pregnant you will want to discuss this treatment with your Holistic health practitioner or GP.
  2. Buy a decent enema set up. (I've included the link for the one I use in this article), but there is no limit to how personal you can get with your supplies.
  3. Only use organic coffee. SA Wilson Gold Roast Organic coffee seems to be highly recommended because it is 87% higher in palmitic acid.
  4. Make sure to eliminate or have a bowel movement before you administer this treatment. For obvious reasons! You don't want to S#!$ all over yourself in the middle of the enema. Which you may do anyhow! Taking a water enema before the coffee enema will clear out the bowels.
  5. Use room temperature or cool coffee. Never hot. Again it should be obvious as to why you'd want to avoid hot liquid. If it's not obvious, you may not want to do an enema. Common sense here.
  6. Lubricate the equipment to avoid tearing the delicate skin in your rectum. You can use coconut oil or any other appropriate lube.
  7. Stay hydrated before, during and after the enema. Some people add electrolyte tablets to their routine to replenish any salts lost during the enema. If you are dehydrated, do a water enema. You'll know if you're dehydrated because you will not expel much water afterward. These are also beneficial when you are sick.
  8. Taking coffee up the a$$ is not the same as drinking it. When you do feel the effects of coffee this route, it is more like meditation x10. It is very energizing without jitters, euphoric really.
  9. This article is by no means extensive. It is not meant to cure, or treat any illness or disease you may be suffering from. Do your own research. Talk to you healthcare provider beforehand if you are not confident in doing this, or suffer from specific medical conditions.
  10. Don't worry if you cannot retain the water or the coffee enema for a long period fo time. It will take time to get used to retaining any fluid.

Warnings, precautions, and common sense...

Most of this is common sense but should be stated...

  1. Keep your equipment clean to avoid possible infections or contamination.
  2. Use lube people, why would you want to tear your asshole when you can easily avoid it?
  3. Don't share tips or equipment with others, have them buy their own. Or give them for gifts.
  4. Don't use hot liquids, again it's just common sense.
  5. Don't use non-organic coffee. Pesticides do not need to be filtered into your bloodstream, we are trying to avoid toxins not add more.

SA Wilsons Coffee the perfect enema coffee!

Supplies you will need

Supplies you will need to perform your enema

  1. Organic coffee
  2. Purified water
  3. towels
  4. Enema setup
  5. Lube
  6. Toilet!

How to do the enema

  1. Plan to have at least an hour to an hour and a half to do this procedure. This is easily enough time to setup, get it done, and clean up.
  2. 2 quarts is a typical fluid amount used in the procedure. Have a bowel movement first. If you can't, do a water enema first to clear out anything getting in the way of reaching the colon. If you are really sensitive to caffeine use less.
  3. Prepare your coffee. You really only need 1-2 tbsp of coffee per 2qts water. You can prepare this however you wish, just make sure the coffee grounds are removed or filtered out of the liquid. Allow the solution to be room temperature or colder. You are not wanting to scorch your bum. Epson salts can be added if you have a hard time retaining the fluid.
  4. Set up the enema kit, add the liquid as described in the directions.
  5. Lube the tip and insert it in your backside. Lay down on a towel or other surface as the fluid is being inserted. It is best to lay on your left side, or in a kneeling position with your head toward the floor. You can also lay on your back. If you become cramped stop the flow of solution, do some deep breaths and allow the cramp to pass, then continue. Don't try to stand up or walk around. I don't know how people could but I imagine this would be a very bad explosion.
  6. Once the fluid is all in, you can remove the tip, or leave it in, whatever you prefer. Allow the solution to remain for at least 15 minutes. Don't worry if you can't go a complete 15 minutes on the first try. If you can make it 7 that will allow the coffee to reach the liver.
  7. When the time is up, get yourself to the toilet as fast as possible. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to completely evacuate. Sometimes you will feel "done" only to find out you are not.
  8. When finished clean all your equipment with mild soap and water and put it away.
  9. Enjoy your instant euphoria and freshly detoxed body!


To scared? Here are some less threatening uses for coffee...

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Rebecca (author) from USA on October 31, 2017:

Thanks for the comment! You really won't regret it.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on October 31, 2017:

Informative and certainly I will try it.

Rebecca (author) from USA on October 30, 2017:

Drinking it is not the same as doing an enema. Coffee is a diuretic so when you drink it that makes sense :)

peachy from Home Sweet Home on October 30, 2017:

Whenever I drink coffee, I will poop in 30 minutes, I think my digestive system or bladder must be very sensitive to caffeine

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