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Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy - Symptoms, Treatment and Causes


What does Cloudy Urine mean?

When a person has cloudy urine it is usually a sign of some type of infection or illness. A person will usually have cloudy urine during the morning when it is the most concentrated because during the night because of the depletion of the fluid levels. Having cloudy urine can occur in all populations and age groups.


Depending on the underlying condition, disease, or disorder that is causing a person to have cloudy urine, it could be accompanied by other symptoms. These symptoms can occur in the endocrine system, reproductive system, cardiovascular system, urinary tract such as your bladder, urethra, kidneys, and ureters, or other systems and organs of your body.

Some of the symptoms that may occur with a urinary tract condition may include:

  • Pain along your side, back, or abdomen
  • Having an abnormal color of your urine such as bloody, tea-colored, pink-tinged, or dark urine.
  • Spasms, cramps, or pain in the bladder that you can feel in the lower part of the abdominal area
  • Incontinence or dribbling urine
  • Either a decrease or more frequent urination
  • Urine that has a foul smell
  • Burning or painful urination
  • Urgent urination

Some of the symptoms that may occur with conditions of other body systems may include:

  • Hunger that is excessive
  • Having a fever
  • Hypertension also known as high blood pressure
  • Joint stiffness or pain
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Swelling of your legs and possibly your arms, face, and abdomen
  • Lymph node swelling
  • Dehydration symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, dry mouth and thirst
  • Unexpected weight gain or loss
  • Discharge from the vaginal area or the penis

Some of the symptoms that may indicate that this is a life-threatening condition may include:

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  • Urine that is bloody
  • Change in the level of alertness or consciousness
  • Sudden behavioral changes such as delirium, delusions, lethargy, etc.
  • Being disoriented
  • Having a fever that is higher than one hundred one degrees Fahrenheit
  • Not being able to urinate
  • Seizure
  • Severe pain in your side, lower back, or abdomen


There are a variety of reasons that a person might have cloudy urine. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Dehydration - this is a common cause of many different health aliments.
  • Phosphate crystals - this is a very common reason for a person to have cloudy urine that has a smell. This is because of the presence of phosphate crystals that are excessive. It is a harmless condition and happens because the person drinks milk that is high in phosphate or they have eaten a meal that comprised of asparagus, beets, etc.
  • Discharge from the vaginal area - in women, this is the most prominent cause for having cloudy urine. Having a vaginal discharge is usually a symptom of an underlying cause so you need to talk to your physician about what is causing it.
  • Vitamin supplements - if you take an excessive amount of vitamin supplements such as vitamin C and B, which get stored in the body in only small amounts. The rest that is being passed out of your body in excessive amounts can cause cloudy urine
  • Infections of the bladder - the cloudy urine is caused mainly by the white blood cells in your urine.
  • Infections of your urinary tract - having a urinary tract infection such as pyelonephritis, can cause cloudy urine in men especially.
  • Gonorrhea - this sexually transmitted disease causes a bacterial concentration in the urine of both women and men

Some other factors may include:

  • Inflammation of the prostrate gland
  • Kidney stones
  • Having mucus in the urine
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Hepatitis A, B, C

Cloudy Urine during Pregnancy

During pregnancy approximately two to four percent will have a urinary tract infection, which can cause cloudy urine that may have a strong smell or not. Other reasons that a woman might have cloudy urine may include:

  • A pregnant woman could also have proteinuria, which is having an excessive concentration of protein in their urine. Normally pregnant women will experience this medical condition during their second and third trimester.
  • When pregnant your hormones fluctuate so this can also cause cloudy urine.
  • When you combine the fluctuating hormones and modifications to their diet, this combination can cause a pregnant woman to have cloudy urine.
  • If they eat a big meal and then go to bed and have a urine test the next day, it could be cloudy.
  • Eating trigger foods such as dairy products and milk, orange juice, asparagus, and berries can be another cause.
  • Contamination of vaginal discharge in the urine
  • Not drinking enough water causing dehydration
  • Food allergies
  • Side effects from medications
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Preeclampsia which when the mother has a combination of a significant amount of protein in their urine and high blood pressure.


Because cloudy urine is usually a sign of an underlying condition you need to find out what that is in order to choose the correct treatment. Most of the time it will cure itself but if it continues for more than a couple of days you should talk to your physician. The most effective treatments for treating cloudy urine are taking diuretics and antibiotics. You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers for the pain. You should also make sure that you are drinking from six to eight or more glasses of water each day to help flush out your kidneys and keep your body hydrated. You can also drink cranberry juice or take cranberry supplements.

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