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Close Your Eyes and Observe

A hula-hooping English Literature student who spends her time dwelling on her lavender-scented thoughts and then transfers them onto paper

Whenever I find myself too caught up in the monotony of modern life, I take a good look around and closely observe what I see. I inhale in all that exists around me: the people, their noises, their movements, the way their faces automatically frown when left unsupervised. I realize how we are so absorbed in a rat race that we have idiotically created that we fail to acknowledge the beauty of the little things in life. Finding magic in the mundane may seem like an absurd mission to indulge in to some. You may think, “What could be so lovely in being stuck in traffic?” or “How could I consider my 9-5 job a mystical endeavor?” The answer to your wonderment is right within you if you only take a moment to disconnect from the physical dimension of life.


Ever since I was a little girl, my father applauded my silent nature. He used to call me his little observer, and I slowly grew into enjoying that label. I used to stubbornly accompany my parents to formal places where the youngest attendee would be twice my age. However, being in those places nourished my senses, and fed my blood the constructive emotions and thoughts that made it crave the feeling of connecting my fingers with ink and paper. At funerals and wakes, I would watch the hands of the elderly with my young perception of the world, and analyze how time marks its presence on our skins. I would observe the way sad people walked, and understand how some tenderly caress the earth with their footsteps, while others release their anger from the soles of their feet. I would discover things that amazed me through allowing my imaginative and observant senses to take over. The latter act eventually became the reason I connected so deeply with writing. I now spend my days offering love stories to the world with my eyes, and then my words. There is just so much to fall in love with on this planet, even through its gloomy days.


The simplest exercise to kick-start your mission of finding beauty and meaning in the ordinary can be easily applied in the Lebanese routine, more specifically, through the Lebanese infrastructure. The next time you find yourself starting your day cursing the traffic, look around and observe. Look at the faces of the people on the roads, read the stories on their skins, their smiles, their angst, their movements. Realize how we are all trying to find magic in the mundane through different ways: perhaps through seeing the face of a lover in a flower, perhaps through painting, gardening, or reading. We cannot deny the state of awe being alive places our minds in. Even though the overwhelming feeling of wanting to comprehend existence may seem too hard to accomplish when you’re stuck in a daily routine, when you escape to a mental paradise, close your eyes and observe, you will find answers in places you never thought existed.

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gyanendra mocktan from Kathmandu,Nepal on October 26, 2017:

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Thank you thepearlywords for your thoughts beautifully laid out here. Thank you again.

Celine on October 24, 2017:

Loved this read.

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