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Clearblue Fertility Monitor Review 2020


Having a child is one of life's greatest gifts. There is no amount of money that will ever match the happiness that will ever be felt by newlywed couples when they know that they are having their own baby. It is good to know that there are couples who were granted with their wish.

There are many problems that can hinder a couple's dream of having a baby in our modern society. One common problem is, a woman is often not that at her peak of fertility during intercourse. That drastically reduces the chances of having a baby. After ovulation, a healthy egg only lives for less than 48 hours and this fertile window is extremely crucial. It is often recommended to have intercourse one to two days before ovulation as the male's sperms can survive much longer in the women's body, for up to 5 days. In layman terms, the sperms can "wait" for the egg but not the other way round.

Now for the ultimate question: How can a woman know that she is ovulating or at the peak of her fertility cycle? The Clearblue fertility monitor is one such tool to help and identify a woman's most fertile days.


The most advanced and comprehensive way to help you to know your fertility is through the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. It is indeed amazing that technology has enabled the manufacturers to come up with this one of a kind monitor in a small package. The monitor measures only 1.9 by 1.9 by 7.6 inches and has a total weight of 4.8 ounces (135 grams).

My wife had marginal success with it. Quick Summary: The kit basically tests ovulation over a few days with a simple digital display that shows low fertility as a circle and a flashing smiley face as high fertility with peak fertility shown as a solid smiley face. My wife did encounter an error once which can be quite frustrating since they can be quite costly. As every woman’s body and ovulation cycle is different, this can prove to be useful for those having irregular cycles. The important thing to remember is to start the test as directed in the instructions.

Before the advent of such technology, the only way to know your chances of having a baby are through traditional ovulation tests using an ovulation calculator and/or fertility calendars that can be very menial. Today, the use of such technology is the most comprehensive way to monitor and track our the peak of our fertility. The device is a handheld monitor and comes with its included test sticks.

The monitor tracks 2 key fertility hormones, the LH and estrogen hormones.

The monitor tracks 2 key fertility hormones, the LH and estrogen hormones.

Easy Usage

Using the monitor is really quite simple, here are the steps that you need:

  1. Turn on the device and perform the initial configuration with a simple walk through.
  2. Get the test stick and put some of your urine sample onto the sampling end. Important note: The rest of the stick should not be wet!
  3. Insert the disposable stick into its test stick slot at the bottom of the device.
  4. Wait for a short while for the monitor to read the test stick. It will take up to 5 minutes for the monitor to analyze and generate results.
  5. Results are shown clearly on the monitor, with data you can access at any time. It's really like a mini fertility computer.

You need to do the urine test only if the monitor asked you to do so. There are abbreviated instructions that will tell about your fertility status for the next 24 hours. This product includes an in-pack instruction booklet that contains all you need to know without scouring the internet for information. So all you need to do is to read and understand the instructions on it before you start tracking your fertility.

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As this device can track your fertility status, it actually works as a contraceptive. If your fertility monitor tells you that you are on a low fertility status, then you may wish to have an intercourse with your husband. This is the safe way to have sex if you are not that planning to have a baby.

The Fertility Status Indicator

As you know this device is very accurate in telling about your fertility status. What does the respective fertility status indicate?

  • Low fertility – with this status, it means that you have a lower chance of having a baby. It also means that if you use have done an intercourse on this day, you will have near to zero chance of conceiving.
  • High fertility – this status indicates the higher chances (but not optimal) of conceiving.
  • Peak fertility – if you have sex on this day with this status, you are sure that you have the highest chance of conceiving a baby.

It will be really great for you to fully understand the contents of the booklet that is being provided. You will not just be able to know with the proper usage of the device but also you will know the right time to have intercourse and have a baby. You should also know and be guided with the fertility calendar to fully make use of the fertility monitor.

Calendar screen which shows current and previous 6 cycles

Calendar screen which shows current and previous 6 cycles

Product Pros

  • This is the best fertility monitor that is proven effective by OB/GYNEs. It tracks the 2 most crucial fertility hormones, the LH and estrogen hormones. In fact, it is the number one most recommend brand in 2014 according to Kantar Health, an industry leader in global healthcare consulting and market research.
  • It has passed the standards for product safety set by the authorities.
  • It is an easy to use and understand device, albeit brimming with technology. The included instructions certainly help a ton.
  • The monitor accurately (and clearly) indicates the fertility status of a woman whether she is on her low, high or peak days.
  • It is very accurate in giving indication about fertile days compared to other tedious methods.
  • There is no drugs involved nor invasive procedures required to use this device. It is in fact, an all natural way to test for your fertility.
  • You can be able to plan for your intercourse at your convenience with the use of this device. It works as a contraceptive too!

Product Cons

  • It can be too expensive for some people.
  • Getting it off retail is marginally more expensive, I have seen it go 1.5 to 2 times in some brick and mortal shops.
  • It is not a magic monitor nor magic stick - You still need to put effort and keep trying to conceiving a baby whenever you know it is the best time to do so. The newer version has an alarm, so it's easier to keep track of when to perform the tests.


More and more customers have already purchased the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and arrived at their wanted results. Many were skeptical because they have not yet seen the wanted indication in this device. It may just be due to the initial excitement which is why they cannot wait any longer for the result (the peak fertility status). It's all psychological

Despite its price tag, why would you settle for cheap ovulation test kit if it is not accurate in its result? In the consideration you will get your eventual baby through its assistance, its price is rather reasonable and it is not that expensive. However, please remember it is just a tool to aid you in conceiving. You really have to keep on trying to have successful results. It can be really frustrating to fail the first few attempts. Just like other things in life, everything deserves second chances or repeated tries. Clearblue simply increases the chances greatly and lets you know when is the best time to try.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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