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Cleansing and Opening the Seven Main Chakras

Seven Main Chakras

We Start At The Bottom, the Root Chakra, And Work Our Way Up

We Start At The Bottom, the Root Chakra, And Work Our Way Up

Each Chakra

I will be working through each Chakra with you, so sit down, take a deep breath, ground yourself (see my meditation for grieving hub for grounding info) and let's begin. The word itself, Chakra, is Sanskrit and means wheel or disk.

The first Chakra I want to deal with is the Root Chakra. The Sanskrit word Muladhara translated means root or support. This is located in the general area between your tailbone and your pelvic bone. I will only give you general areas, as the energy centers vary from person to person. The color of this Chakra is a rusty red. I won't be going into the direction of the spin for each Chakra in this hub, as that is a whole hub by itself! What we are going to focus on here is the color, the visualization and the cleansing aspects of each Chakra.

The Root Chakra is the Chakra of survival. It is connected with Earth and grounding and the emotional aspect is simply stillness. To cleanse this Chakra you need to visualize it first as a round, rusty red circle of light. Then I want you to focus on your minds eye. What do you see? Is it clear and beautiful rusty red? Are there any black or gray spots or spots missing color? Imagine a flashlight beam of brilliant white light aimed at the center of the circle. Visualize the light expanding to cover every part of the circle until the circle is now bright white. When you can visualize this clearly and there are no holes or dark spots in the circle I want you to take away the flashlight. What you should see is a beautiful clear circle of bright rusty red. If this is what you see, good job! If not, take it back to the flashlight and blast it once more with the beam of white light. It might take a few tries, but eventually the visualization will become easier and you will be able to tell if the Chakra is clear and clean.



Sweetness Chakra

Moving on to Chakra Two. This is called the "Sweetness" Chakra, which is translation of the Sanskrit word Svadhisthana. Chakra Two is the Chakra connected to the element Water and is located in the lower abdomen in the general area below the belly button. This Chakra is (as you may have guessed) your sexuality and desire Chakra. Orange is the color for this one. Once again, you need to visualize the Chakra as a! Something I will never forget reading about this Chakra was written by Shirley Maclaine. She said to imagine an orange, bright and squirting the juice all around. I imagine a bright orange ball. Then you need to use the flashlight and blast it with white light. Check for gray or black areas or holes, blast again if necessary.

The Beautiful Natural Yellow for Third Chakra!


Third Chakra

Chakra number three is Manipura, translated from Sanskrit to mean lustrous jewel. This Chakra is located in the general area above your belly button around your solar plexus. Fittingly enough, the color for this Chakra is bright yellow/gold. This Chakra is connected to the element of Fire. Once again, visualize the circle of yellow, blast it with the flashlight beam of white light. Check to see if there are any gray areas. This Chakra is a tricky one as this is the Chakra dealing with emotions and will. Any recurring stomach pains or over emotional feelings eminate from here. Cleanse it well!

New Growth Green

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Fourth Chakra

Are we already at the Fourth? Yay! This is one of my favorites. The Fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra. Anahata is the Sanskrit name and it means unstruck, though some say it literally means heart. The element this one connects to is Air and this Chakra rules, well, you guessed it, Love. This also includes compassion and self love. The opinions on the color of this Chakra vary. Some like a beautiful fresh growth green and some choose pink. I like green, but you choose which feels better for you. Do the same as before, visualize, blast, check, reblast if necessary and double check. If it is a beautiful green of a new baby plant coming up, you've cleansed it well!

Sky Blue

Directly from the source!  The Sky!

Directly from the source! The Sky!

Number Five

Moving on up the body, we come to the Chakra of communication, Visshuda, meaning purification. This Chakra is located in that little space at the base of your throat or that general area. I find it easier to visualize right in that hollow there. The color for this is a brilliant light sky blue. Sometimes when we are having trouble communicating or getting a point across, it will be because this Chakra is blocked. The element this one is connected to is Ether or Sound (not really an element, but from here on out nor will the others be). Imagine the sky blue ball at the base of your throat. Turn on the high beam flashlight and blast it into white. Then check out the feelings you are getting and the image in your mind. See any blocks? Any gray, black areas? Blast it again until they are gone. Then see the amazing color sky blue once again, clean and clear.


My daughter chose the color Indigo for her bedroom walls...hmmmm...

My daughter chose the color Indigo for her bedroom walls...hmmmm...

Chakra Six

Here we are at the perception Chakra. The Third Eye, if you will. Ajna, meaning to perceive. The Chakra of intuition and dreams. The element is Light. This fantastic Chakra is the color of indigo blue. If this Chakra is blocked or dirty, your perception of both this world and all others (psychic, natural, etc.) will be fuzzy. So this one needs to be clear and clean. Do the deed! You know the way now. Go for it! Whenever I visualize this Chakra it shows up as an eye, the center being the ball of indigo blue. It may be different in your visualization and that's fine! When you're done and sure of the clearness of the Third Eye, move on up to the final chakra.

Final Chakra

The Seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, meaning Thousandfold. This one is located at the top of the head area, the crown. The element is Thought. The color is violet, though some use white. I myself always visualize this Chakra as violet, it just feels right. This Chakra is your Chakra of knowing and understanding. Your psychic connection to the heavens, to the One, to your Deity. Any Healers, Reiki Masters, etc., will tell you this is where they feel the healing energy enter their bodies. I know it comes in there for me so keeping this Chakra clear is most important for me! Get to work and clear it out! Feel the connection to the Divine when it is clear? You will!

Violet Flame


Chakra Door



Now that your main seven Chakras are clean and clear and colored they way they should be, I have only one point left to make. Closed or open? When I've worked with people in the past and we've cleared their Chakras, some have chosen to leave the Chakras wide open, some have chosen to close them halfway. My suggestion is NEVER close the Chakras fully. Mine are usually wide open when I'm doing Reiki or any psychic sessions. When I'm going to bed or work in my office job, I close them halfway. I use the camera iris visualization after I'm done cleansing my Chakras. You remember those old camera irises that close towards the center? That's what I'm talking about. The easiest visualization I could come up with and it seems to work well. So, now go through your seven main Chakras and quickly open or close them in this manner. Now you're done! If you feel stuffy or like things are not clear in your life, look to the Chakras. If you cleanse them every two weeks or so, more often in hard times, you will feel the difference.

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