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Christmas -- Pandemic Style Around the World, Not at Our Home: My Prose in Rhymes


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Santa Has Survived All Pandemics in the Last More Than Century -- Super Old and Indestructible, He May Not Even Wear Mask.

Santa Has Survived All Pandemics in the Last More Than Century -- Super Old and Indestructible, He May Not Even Wear Mask.

Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling.

-- Edna Ferber


Every year, already early in December we decorate -- or should I say over-decorate our tall-to-ceiling Christmas tree; which means that it's already done, beautiful as ever. Ours is artificial one, ever since it became a by-law for apartment buildings not to allow natural trees for their posing a fire hazard.

It doesn't bother us at all, for the fragrance we have a pine tree candle; and it's actually easier to assemble it than to go from one site to another in town to find a nice natural tree, trim the bottom, and not to mention all those falling needles.

Besides, there is something "artificial" in the way we treat that date -- meaning, not as Jesus's birthday, but as a tradition. I have a great respect for Jesus, Buddha, and any other ancient quantum physicist who had to make understandable their knowledge to the ignorant masses. But, as a birthday, no, I celebrate my own three days later, and that's it.

This year the world is suggesting that we spend it differently, curbing our festive mood due to this "ever threatening" virus. Well, call me any names that you may find suitable, but I never fall for any public alarmism. Unless a huge meteor falls somewhere here in my neighborhood, I won't as much as blink on what the media is advertising as a danger.

Well, they have to make their buck by always spreading some kind of crap, and this pandemic comes as a perfect material for a persistent fear mongering -- possibly getting them bonuses, if any of those conspiracy theories are true about "someone staging the whole thing".

I wear mask, keep distances, and mentioning something like "washing hands" is too embarrassing because it's just a part of personal hygiene. But nowhere in my nervous-endocrine system is this corona registered as a "threat".

So, Christmas will be just like any other, only with me being one year younger than the last year. But with everything I do in this direction, who knows what my biomarkers are like at this "2020-body-model".

Anyway, if I am forgetting to say anything in this introduction, maybe I'll remember to mention in the next two pieces of my prose in rhymes.

So here I go pretending to be a poet; but please, don't you pretend to be a reader.

Home, Sweet Home -- A Warm Place Out of Reach of the COVID-19 Craze

Home, Sweet Home -- A Warm Place Out of Reach of the COVID-19 Craze

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

-- Shirley Temple

Like Any Other Joyful Christmas

Well, corona can kiss my eloquent ass

I don't get intimidated by a silly bug

not praying for pandemic to pass

or for some world-saving drug.

In the name of my ex-addiction

it shouldn't be called by a fine beer

and I don't share the world's conviction

about treating the bug with respect, even fear.

It's time for a menu with no stew and noodles

for different dishes to match Christmas mood

like turkey and ham and poppy-seed strudels

and so much more that is tasting extra - good

No bug can spoil that festive time

at least at my home it's not the case

letting it happen would be a big crime

so let it mean something at other place.

That social distancing and mask wearing

may remain the mandatory outdoor rule

but in this home there is no such caring

as we all intend to always keep our cool.

Christmas is coming with all of its cheer

life is good because we're making it so

without ruining immunity with silly fear

or frantic wishing for pandemic to go.

It's Ultimately up to Us How We Experience This Holiday Regardless of the Ongoing Pandemic

It's Ultimately up to Us How We Experience This Holiday Regardless of the Ongoing Pandemic

My idea of Christmas, old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?

-- Bob Hope

A Bug Doesn't Set My Christmas Mood

No one ever dictates how I feel

and this Christmas is no exception

I'm not viewing pandemic as a big deal

like anything in life, it's matter of perception.

Countless bugs in my body partying on their own

maybe even this corona parading as their star

but I don't meddle with it leaving them alone

not really concerned what any of them are.

Not looking forward to get that vaccine

with no dark imagination to play tricks on me

I'm just a happy camper as I've always been

too busy decorating my Christmas tree.

What world chooses for their big worries

never becomes any of my big concern

always coming up with crazy stories

nothing new to ever see or to learn.

Of course, I keep distance and wear mask

being law abiding citizen in every sense

but do I really worry -- don't even ask

I don't join any public suspense.

So, this Christmas is bound to be the same

I've rehearsed this joy throughout the year

and I'll keep saying it without any shame

no virus can spoil my Christmas cheer.

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© 2020 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on December 06, 2020:

John -- Good for you, buddy, enjoy your freedom from this nuisance.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on December 06, 2020:

Don’t let no virus spoils your Christmas cheer, Val. It won’t here either. We are fortunate to have most restrictions eased or lifted anyway as we have

had no new cases in some time and very few active ones even in quarantine..so life goes on quite normal in the land down under.