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China's Bat Woman and the Origins of Covid-19

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China's Bat Woman

China's Bat Woman

Her name is Shi Zhengli, also known as Bat woman, in China. She is a renowned scientist in China when it comes to where Covid-19 came from, which is important to understand. She has worked with all of the world health organizations and is well respected among fellow peers.

Since 2012 or so, she and her peers have been going to the remote district of Tongguan, in China's south-western province of Yunnan, to take bat samples from an old copper mine and other caves. Over 293 samples have been collected and taken back to the Wuhan lab some 1000 miles away.

The Suspect

Back in 2012, six Chinese mine workers fell ill to a mysterious condition medical experts were mystified by. Of the six, three died. Shi had discovered Sars-Cov-2 back in 2003 that killed 700. She had found out that this virus did come from bats in the same area. It is the same virus that caused Covid-19.

As Shi looked at hundreds of samples taken from bats in that area comparing the genetic code to Sar-Cov-2. Of the hundreds, she came across the closest relative to it, RaTG13. This virus came from a bat in Tongguan in 2013! This cousin of Sars-Cov-2 is a 96% match in similarity. Could have RaTG13 mutated into Sars-Cov-2 over seven years?

It is likely the six mine workers worked in close proximity to bats and these men were most likely bitten. It is possible more than one bat had the RaTG13 (it was not found until 2013) in 2012 when the incident happened. As scientists have stated many times, the virus would mutate and change form over time inside the human carrier. Obviously, three of the miners developed a bad case of Covid-19, as we now call it. The other three men did not and were the incubator carriers unknown to them, perhaps asymptomatic. For seven years, these men had normal lives and spread the virus to others. The virus during that time mutated into a more deadly and transmittal form. Doctors thought it was a bad flu or other conditions not aware of what the Wuhan lab was finding.

At some point, an infected person went to the Wuhan Market to buy food and began to spread it there as it is a crowded market selling wild animals and bat food.

By 2019, the virus had mutated and changed and still undetected until December when the epidemic started. Since people are impacted differently by it, scientists believe it was spread to Italy by summer and to other parts of the world. It was probably in the USA by then also in small amounts and misdiagnosed by doctors.

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perrya (author) on December 24, 2020:

I agree that they were covering up in December 2019 and maybe earlier, but it seems like they really did not know back in 2013 or even in 2018 that those three dead miners were the early warning and misdiagnosed it like everyone.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on December 23, 2020:

Perrya, Ok but it's not so simple. There was definitely a hand of the Chinese government in this spread. This scientist could be just admitting a fact to take away the culpability of the laboratory and the Chinese think tank. A dice has 6 sides.

perrya (author) on December 23, 2020:

Thanks and it is fixed!

DW Davis from Eastern NC on December 23, 2020:

Great Hub. I appreciate learning more about the origins and research related to this pandemic.

One editorial note: at the start of your last paragraph, I think you meant to say, "By 2019."

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