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Children's Teeth and Their Care


Take care about your child teeth

If children's teeth are taken care of from the first tooth, it is possible to maintain dental health permanently. It would not be right to ignore the fact that milk teeth will fall out and then why should one be so careful.

Why take care of children's teeth?

Checking as early as possible can prevent cavities and tooth decay. This is because these problems cause children pain, affect their concentration and cause other medical problems. The health of the baby's teeth has to be maintained before the first teeth appear. The baby needs to develop good habits and maintain them until your child grows up, even going to college (and beyond).

What eating habits affect the health of children's teeth?

Sweet and sticky foods are bad for children's teeth. These include chocolates, cream biscuits, crackers and wafers. Harmful habits for children's dental health are as follows :

• Drinking bottled milk at night

• Sucking thumbs

• Eating nails

• Biting pencils, pens or other objects

• Chewing sweets constantly

Why are baby teeth important and why do they need to be taken care of?

Childhood milk teeth are important for many reasons. They are important for the baby's ability to speak, to chew solids. Milk teeth also do the job of reserving space for permanent teeth. If a baby tooth decays, has to be removed prematurely due to an accident or any other reason, permanent teeth can cause some problems.

How to make dental health fun?

• Let the children choose their toothbrush and toothpaste.

• You should brush your teeth with children. Children imitate, so they can imitate you and brush their teeth properly. Don't forget to brush your teeth as well as your tongue.

• Make brushing fun. While doing this, smile in different ways, make funny gestures.

• Watch and experiment with various videos on toothbrushing and dental care on mobile.

• You can use a special timer to brush your teeth, so that you can brush your teeth properly for two minutes.

• Encourage your child to brush his teeth regularly.

How often should I go to the dentist? When to go to the dentist immediately?

You should have your teeth checked once every six months and twice a year. Even if you take care of your teeth, if there is bleeding from the gums or any other problem is found, such as oral ulcers do not heal, seek medical help immediately. If there is an accident or a child falls and his mouth or front teeth are injured, a visit to the dentist and physician should be done to check whether the jaw is fractured or not. Injuries to the upper front teeth are common in young children and should be treated immediately. Children's teeth can be injured by falling or playing, which can lead to tooth decay, fracture, or tooth decay. Teeth can be saved by immediate treatment in such cases. If you take an interest in your overall dental care, children will develop good habits at an early age. As a result, it is possible to maintain good dental health permanently.

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