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Changes: The Great Roller Coaster of Life

I went through a lot of changes. Some were my choice. Others were very traumatic and, I decided to share what I learned about life change.


Life is full of instabilities and changes. This phrase applies to our personal and professional lives. Every day we need to reinvent ourselves somehow, whether learning something new or making a change. For the past two years, I have seen this in my life. In addition to a complete change because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many things happened that, for me, it was like everything was upside down and the only option I had available was to get used to that new reality. Despite using a personal example, The truth is that everyone's life has changed. And the only certainty we have is that there will still be many changes in our lives. The question is not what will change. It's about how we are going to react and adapt to changes. It's important to have emotional intelligence these days. We need it to deal with the people around us, to deal with changes and unforeseen events in life.

You may feel different because of a change. Remember your individuality is the best about you. Be patient. Everything will be fine

You may feel different because of a change. Remember your individuality is the best about you. Be patient. Everything will be fine

Personal changes

At some point, we are all going to change. We are going to grow, we are going to mature, and all this will generate a domino effect. The change will start with something big, and that will cause other changes, even small and unnoticeable changes for a while. It is necessary to be prepared to deal with this. Being ready means accepting yourself for who you are and accepting that you have changed and become a new person. Accept that an event made you change, identify it and do not hold resentment or be sad about it. Celebrate the fact that you went through this event and became a better person. But most of all, love yourself. You will hear in your entire life are people saying how much you've changed and criticizing you for it. Criticism and complaints can make you feel bad. Do not let that happen. Only you know what you went through and, only you know how much it has affected or affects you.

Do not be afraid

change means becoming a new person

Traumatic changes

We lose people we love in death. The truth is, none of us are ready to deal with death. Separations and divorces hurt everyone who is involved. It is traumatic for parents, children, family members, and even our pets. Some situations that happen in our lives are so traumatic that they will change us forever. And the question that will always stay on the mind is: what now? Honestly, you are going to need a lot of yourself to get through a situation like this. You will need to love yourself, your understanding, and your patience. Accept that you will need time to heal and that it will hurt. Pain is inevitable, I wish I could write something different, but it would not be the reality. When necessary, cry. When necessary, hug a friend, and always remember how amazing you are. One thing that will help you is having a good friend to talk to, let off steam, or for coffee. That's all we need sometimes. Keep people around you can count on at any time, Friends for all hours and moments. If necessary, seek help from a therapist. Keep memories, they are eternal and something no one can ever take away from you. Never forget who you're as you will need to be strong. Try to do things that you are comfortable with within this new phase.

Like a pretty Butterfly

Like a pretty Butterfly

An example

Think of a pretty butterfly. First, butterflies need to spend some time in a cocoon while it's still a caterpillar. Then after some time, that caterpillar comes out of the cocoon-like a beautiful butterfly. Face life's changes this way, and know that in the end, you will be able to fly and be better, just like the caterpillar.

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Moving city or house

Making a change is not on the list of the best things, that is for sure. Moving house or city is stressful and uncomfortable. During the pandemic, many people needed to do this. Well, it's a step. Moving includes leaving everything behind, friends, family, home, favorite places, and a life to start from scratch. Well, the best suggestion I can give about this is to keep your mind open to changes and new experiences. Being in a new place means you will have a lot of new things to discover and learn. How about getting to know new places, people, and environments? Keep your mind open and, with the help of the internet, you will be able to find many new places to visit, walk and live new adventures and experiences. Maybe even make new friends. Be adaptable and adventurous.

When moving to a new environment, be patient and calm. You will need time to adapt.

When moving to a new environment, be patient and calm. You will need time to adapt.


We are all building and rebuilding ourselves daily, so do not be afraid to change.

Changes in professional life

Everything turned upside down, including the professional lives of many. Not everyone was used to working in a Home office. that is a reality today. So it will become more and more common. Many people lost their jobs, and many others had to leave their jobs. That is another situation that causes a lot of stress and instability. So stay focused and calm. During the pandemic, many people had to reinvent themselves professionally. And they discovered new talents and skills. My suggestion is to keep your mind open and keep trying. Perhaps, as with many people, you too find new skills and decide to try something new. Or maybe your choice to study something new, as I said at the beginning of the article, we need to learn new things every day, so why not? Do not be afraid to try, and always stay tuned for opportunities. They always appear in the least expected places.

Do not be afraid to take a different path than others.

Do not be afraid to take a different path than others.

Stages of life.

Life goes by so fast, and each year we present a new version of ourselves. Be prepared for it. What I mean is do not be afraid. Changing is natural, and it represents maturation and growth. So be happy and enjoy this new you as best you can.

Many events can cause changes, we cannot prepare ourselves for all of them, but we do have how to take care of ourselves to face situations like this. Always keep a certainty in your mind. Everything will be all right, no bad is forever, and no good is eternal. So enjoy the good times and be strong to get through the bad times. And when the bad times are over, look back and be proud of yourself. You did it!

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