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Changes You Should Make in Your Diet to Reduce Adverse Health Effect

William Ralph is a mental health and wellness expert with several years of experience in mental health research and awareness programs.


Time and time again, doctors, and nutritionists have told us that eating healthy is an important factor in feeling and being healthy. Many people always wonder why this is so. Why food has so much power over our body, and how the food we eat every day affects how our body functions. Food and how we eat can play a major role in several aspects of our life encompassing weight, blood pressure, ease of activity, cholesterol level, and heart health.

According to statistics about Health Rankings in America, obesity affects about 31.3% of adults in the US, and this is increasing by a staggering 5% every year.

How Eating Habits Affect our Health & How to Change Them

Food and our eating habits are important for the body because it gives it the proper information on how to function, so if the food taken into the body doesn’t give proper information, the body's metabolism also doesn’t get the right information. This could lead to the body declining in health. To live a healthy and active life, we need the essential nutrients in our body in the right proportions.

What we put in our bodies is very important in either keeping us healthy or causing certain illnesses which could put lives at risk and cause major health problems.

How does food affect our bodies?

When we eat, the nutrients of the food like vitamins and minerals are absorbed by our bodies and give them the necessary ability to function properly. Just like planting, a seed needs ideal soil, water, and sun to grow properly, the body is much the same with food.

A diet that is high in sodium or saturated fats will elevate your heart rate and cholesterol respectively which could lead to serious health problems. So, if you are not maintaining a healthy diet, you increase the risk of causing health problems to your body via a number of illnesses.


Eating Healthy and Nutritious Diets

While there are foods that cause harm to the body, there are also foods that improve the body’s health. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and olive oil are recommended by nutritionists for healthy living. They always advise we cut down on fat so as to keep our cholesterol level healthy, prevent blocking our arteries and improve our blood flow and heart rate. To avoid adverse health effects, you need to change your diet for more positive health outcomes.

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Avoid Starvation disguised as Dieting

Depriving our bodies of nourishment causes poor nutrition to the body and this type of eating habit have negative effects on health. Poor nutrition is a major cause of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Eating your required food nutrients at the proper time is crucial for the body to receive and work with the nutrients it needs. Starving the body or overeating and binging on food can have adverse effects on your body and health. You could be depriving the body of the nutrients it needs or taking excessive food which could lead to obesity.

Also, eating the wrong type of foods, such as foods high in sugar, salt, and fat, low in fiber and vitamins, long packaged foods, processed foods, etc could lead to poor nutrition in the body and increased chances of obesity and heart disease. You need to be intentional about what you put in your body and ensure your diet consists of fresh foods and vegetables rich in protein and vitamins.

How does poor nutrition affect you?

Here are some adverse health effects that poor diet habits can have on your health and body;

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • tooth decay
  • high cholesterol
  • heart disease and stroke
  • diabetes
  • depression
  • eating disorders

Healthy eating habits

The importance of healthy eating cannot be overemphasized. It can make you lead a more active, healthy, and long life. Healthy dietary habit constitutes breaking bad eating habits, such as taking too little or too many foods, eating unhealthy foods, eating foods that do not contain the nutrients your body needs, and eating foods with highly unhealthy contents amongst others. When you make diet changes to your life putting the above into consideration, you would find that you can live a healthier life.

However, before you can make diet changes towards a healthier life, you need to understand your dietary, health, or body goals. Are you trying to lose weight, are you trying to gain weight, are you trying to live healthy generally, then it’s time to break bad eating habits and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Some helpful diet tips for a healthy life;

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Start your mornings with whole grains and foods rich in fiber and vitamins like a bowl of oatmeal
  • Consciously cut down your saturated fat intake. Opt for healthier brands by reading the ingredients on the label before purchasing.
  • Eat less salt and sugar. Substitute sugar for honey and sweet flavorful fruits like bananas, pineapple, and strawberries.
  • Be conscious of your food portions, and work towards a balanced diet plate with salad, protein, and grains.

In Conclusion

If you have more concerns about your nutritional habits you should consult your healthcare provider or a dietetic nutritionist.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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