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Change Your Mindset Series: Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts we have all had at some point in our lives. They just creep up on you and can be really a nuisance to your life in more ways than one. Sometimes they stay in your head for a split-second they're gone, other times they feel like they never leave. Whether that's something as little as you think you might fail a test at school or as big as I am a failure at life. These types of thoughts can be very detrimental to your mental health. Let's dive into where these thoughts come from and why along with how we can we deal with them when do rear their ugly head.


Where do they come from? this is the question that I will try to answer. I believe they come from the one thing that a lot of mental issues come from that is the ego. The ego or the shadow which sometimes it's been referred to is the part of you that you don't even realize that it's there. It's unconscious and the unseen, it's the sum of all your experiences that you have had and will have. Or a better way to put it, it's how you perceive those experiences. For example, let's say you hate or struggle to do job interviews. You always tense up and you never get the job, this experience has weighed on you even at an unconscious level. You got into the interview thinking about all the times you haven't got the job. You tell yourself that it's because you aren't good enough. You keep replaying that over and over in your head. What happens you don't the job and you keep having the same results. The ego is my opinion the sum of all those experiences and it doesn't like being uncomfortable so it steps in and then you go over all of the thoughts of all the times you had bad interviews. The ego wants you to do the comfortable which would be to not do the interview, that's why the negative thoughts creep into your head so that you will be fearful of those interviews.

Now that we know where they come from let's discuss why they come. Why does the ego step in and rehash all the negative thoughts when something comes up. Well, we know why to a certain degree that's; because it wants to be comfortable but why does it want to be comfortable? I believe it's because if we become aware of the experiences of being uncomfortable that would bring us closer to our true nature which is we are the creator. What I mean is that we can control anything and everything and get any result we want. I know this sounds very esoteric but it's true and because of that, the ego doesn't want us to know that. If we can control our negative thoughts and rewire those thoughts to something positive then there is no telling what we can do.


With that all being said how can we deal with these thoughts when they pop up and what are some things that I have found to work on those occasions. Whenever you have a negative thought you first must recognize what it is, the more that you acknowledge it's there the easier it becomes to deal with. Once you have done that I have found it's best to be aware of it but don't try to control the thought let it come in and leave. The more you try to control the thought the more you obsess over it. I also like to evaluate the thought to see if it's true. For example, let's say it's a thought that I am not good enough, instead try to think of all times where you have been "good enough". Maybe it's a friend telling you how helpful you were when they were in a time of need. Maybe it's a family member telling you how important you are to them. Every person has had this experience at some point in their lives and the more you realize that thought is not really you the easier it becomes to deal with it.

Another way to deal with these thoughts is to not deal with them at all. I will explain, you don't have to deal with them because they are not who you truly are. So with them not being who you truly are then you don't have to worry about them. They can just come and leave without you ever giving them much thought. I will say that it will take a lot of practice and meditation I believe can really help with it. I often say to myself "oh that's an interesting thought" and then just move on. The more you dwell on it the more it will get to you. You are dealing with it while not dealing with it it's kind of weird but it works in my opinion.

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Negative thoughts can really cause a lot of problems in your life. They can just sneak up on you and cause you all kinds of problems. They can make you feel all kinds of different emotions which can in turn leak into other parts of your life. The ego, in my opinion, is the main cause of it, it will try to protect you and keep you in a comfortable place. Being uncomfortable would make us even more vulnerable but it would lead to more growth. The more that we can recognize these thoughts and try to not give energy to them the more we can grow. Dealing with negative thoughts and recognizing them for what they are is a step in the right direction to developing the best mindset going forward.

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