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How To Be Successfully Achieving During Difficult Life Challenges

How to empower self powerfully for outstanding awesome success

It is when you are challenged you realize you can actually do something and even discover ways of achieving it. It is only when you are challenged that you jump!

We are all blessed, truly blessed. Sometimes our own inability to handle trying situations in our environment make us seem less than able. And challenges are just opportunities to try things differently or do things differently. Every one gets a set of challenges to help them get creative or to get to the next stage in life, at some point or the other. Many find their talent in challenges.


It is when you are challenged that you

  • realize you can actually do something and even discover ways of achieving it.
  • jump out of the comfort zone and look for ways to make things happen.
  • you can sort your problems with a possibility list.
  • Can actually expand your thinking.
  • Realise that Great companies in the world were born during severe trails.
  • find that Challenges are healthy and a necessary part of life they awaken the sleeping potentials, those undiscovered capabilities or talents within you.


During trying times most people think that their end has finally come, during those trying times people conclude that they well Done in. They can't seem to see a way out, all they see are blocks. Blocks in themselves to many people actually seem like the END, yet BLOCKS are the begining . This all depends on how you can turn the lemons life offers you into Lemonade

The challenge that many people face in life is that they allow blocks to hinder them and stop them from even trying to do something in a situation that seems ALL GONE!

They never realise that even that celbrated Singer, Actress,The much accomplished teacher let Alone that well known poet all had their own challenges to overcome before the world ever heard of them Let alone acclaim them.

The belief that others have it in them to do what you think you can't is a challenge and a block to self . So challenge yourself to greater heights too.


You are the one who can change the Tide

I once read a story of dog, this dog had a greedy challenge just like all dogs. You know dogs love bones. You give a dog a bone and off it goes to chew, undisturbed in some corner or shade. Well this dog got a big bone and took off with it. He came to a stream. You all know that when you look into a pool of water you see your own reflection. The dog never having heard of reflections looks down into the waters and behold! Another dog with a bone bigger than his own! It looked that way to him, so he decides to grab that bone too. He opened his mouth to grab the other and lost his in the process..

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Never be too busy lamenting your circumstance and envying others who turned their ruins into castles.


Achievement doesn't just happen

Don’t forget an artist didn’t just happen, read their stories and you will hear of sweat and lots of hard work and determination as well as the hours put into

Many celebrated talents had to work at it perfect it way before you ever heard of them. Anything that is perfected is excels in all aspects.

It is good to find Motivation in what DID when they were challenged. When they too seemed to be in a place of no hope, When they didn't know where their next meal would come from. The one thing that should encourage you is that they were challenged by a situation and challenged themselves out of those difficult moments.

They had the discpline to overcome and they faced their challenges and overcame them.


Where to start from

The start up of our journey is to know what it is you do have and what can be done with what you do have. You have it but you need to know that you do. Have you ever seen a man envying another man for the woman he has. Yet he himself has the most beautiful wife, girlfriend. Well let’s not be like that dog that didn’t realize that he was only looking at his own reflection.


Pave your own path

Sometimes people admire and desire what the other has never realizing that person had to do lots of work to get their talent to that stage where now every person stops to gap in awe. People never think of what those people have had to endure or do endure to be in that coveted shape to be that well known model. It takes lots of work. Work on self and chosen field. It doesn’t just happen overnight.


  • You can start by identifying those very things you like to do so easily and that bring great joy to you.
  • What is your passion? Don’t despite it. It’s the start of great things.
  • Next nurture it.
  • If you lack in some kind of skill, get yourself a mentor and you are on your way
  • Get up and do something . Siting back and wishing won’t bring it to pass. Challenge yourself in so many ways till you acheive your goal

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