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Death by Celery: Man on Celery Diet Found Dead


Steve Hill, a neighbor of Thomas, noticed that Thomas had not left his home in several days. "Bo usually went on his celery run each day about the time I did my relaxin' on my porch. I noticed his pickup hadn't moved in several days," said Hill.

Thomas, having read that celery takes more calories to digest than it contains, decided to go on a "celery diet." Celery diets have become mainstream, as part of the "negative calorie diet" revolution. Thomas made a daily pilgrimage to the local Walmart for fresh celery.

Stacy Fears, who works in the produce section of Wal Mart, saw Thomas just about every day. "He'd come in around 6pm and buy 10 to 13 stalks of celery. He was always very pleasant and it did look like he was losing weight," stated Fears.

Celery - can be lethal

Celery - can be lethal

Bo Thomas knew how to have fun

Bo Thomas knew how to have fun

The official report from the coroner's office listed the cause of death as "starvation." Further details of the report revealed that Thomas had eaten so much celery that his body used up all its energy trying to digest the celery. The report went on to state that "the energy stores were overtaxed with processing the celery. This caused a lethal negative calorie state that was unsustainable by the body, resulting in death."

Before going on any diet, especially "extreme diets" or fad diets, please consult your physician.

A lifestyle change that embraces health and fitness is a much better alternative than "dieting".

Negative Calorie Items


Ben on January 27, 2013:

i had to laugh when i read that the cause of death was starvation...because, it was way more likely to have been sever bowel obstruction or pesticide poisoning!! there are people that do water fast for up to a month (granted they are NOT novices to fasting and clean eating) and they don't "starve"!

Brett Clarke on January 30, 2012:

I believe avoiding ready-made foods will be the first step so that you can lose weight. They will often taste excellent, but processed foods possess very little vitamins and minerals, making you feed on more to have enough power to get over the day. If you are constantly eating these foods, moving over to whole grain products and other complex carbohydrates will aid you to have more power while taking in less. Interesting blog post.

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Ironracer (author) from St. Louis, MO on October 28, 2010:

Hi Alternative Prime - yep, without calories we'll starve. A balanced diet with exercise is more effective than these fad diets.

Alternative Prime from > California on October 28, 2010:

You need a certain amount of calories to keep your body functioning & to stay healthy and fit...Getting those calories from nutritious foods is key, not starving yourself....

Ironracer (author) from St. Louis, MO on October 26, 2010:

Hi Jaynie2000 - there's nothing urban about Clarksville, Arkansas :)

Jaynie2000 on October 26, 2010:

It does sound a bit like urban legend. Hopefully it is.

Ironracer (author) from St. Louis, MO on October 26, 2010:

@Bendo13 - thx for the comment! Yes, a balanced diet and active lifestyle is the key!

@glassvisage - lol, I'm sure this isn't the only guy that tried this either. Don't feel bad - it might be fiction, based on fact :)

glassvisage from Northern California on October 26, 2010:

I almost thought this was a joke and I feel bad that I laughed at the title :( Thanks for posting this because I'm sure this guy isn't the only guy who's tried this!

Ben Guinter from Colorado Springs, Colorado on October 26, 2010:

Wow people really take things to the extreme! I'm glad this isn't a huge craze, I hope people see that it's not healthy.

A BALANCED diet and staying active is and always will be the best way to stay fit.

Ironracer (author) from St. Louis, MO on October 25, 2010:

Hi Jaynie2000! That is kind of mean, but true :)

Jaynie2000 on October 25, 2010:

This is a mean thing to say, but it sounds like natural selection to me. How do people fall for this stuff?

Ironracer (author) from St. Louis, MO on October 24, 2010:

Thanks, Kevin Lam, for stopping by :) You can still eat celery, just not as sole diet food!

Kevin Lam on October 24, 2010:

Well I guess I'm never going to eat celery anymore.

BTW this is a great article I never heard of the negative calorie diet before.

Ironracer (author) from St. Louis, MO on October 24, 2010:

tmbridgeland - not the veggies that were the problem - moderation, I'd say :) Thanks for stopping by.

tmbridgeland from Small Town, Illinois on October 24, 2010:

Wow. Starved to death. Remind me to stop eating veggies.

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