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Celebrities Advocating Mental Health

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Netflix Star Partners with Canadian Mental Health Foundation to Raise Awareness

While the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry has a lot of charm, there’s a darker and uglier side to the glamor which rarely do people get to see. Celebrities sometimes pay quite a hefty price just for being a celebrity.

In recent years, many celebrities have opened up about battling mental health issues. They have taken to varying media platforms be it candid interviews, red carpets, or even award speeches, and discussed their battles with mental troubles, directly encouraging people with mental illnesses to step forward and share their stories.

Are celebrities really that impactful for Mental Health Awareness?

From Katy Perry to Dwayne Johnson, Chris Evans, Sophie Turner, and even Jim Carrey, many celebrities have shared the details of their dark days and how their lives and careers alongside went spiraling down until they fought back harder to regain control of their lives.

While people receive stories of celebrity failures and health struggles with mixed feelings, the fan base of different celebrities certainly has had an impact and more and more people have started opening up about their mental health issues. This is probably why mental health organizations around the world focus on hiring celebrities as their ambassadors to leverage on their fanbase and create global awareness campaigns.

What led Chase Tang to become such a Strong Mental Health Advocate?

Rising Hollywood star and starring in Netflix’s forthcoming series Jupiter’s Legacy, Chase Tang recently gave an interview where he mentioned his battles with depression and anxiety and how his mental troubles led him to becoming a full-fledged advocate for mental health awareness.

The actor frequently brings mental health awareness in his interviews and is working diligently to help individuals combat depression, anxiety, and social phobia. The Taiwanese-born actor is associated with the Nova Scotia Mental Health Foundation as well as the Hong Fook Mental Health Society, and actively participates in mental health awareness programs.

Tang found himself advocating for mental health awareness after battling with depression twice in his life. The actor says that since he has been in that phase twice in his life already, and has been at a point where he believed he had hit rock bottom and was engulfed by suicidal thoughts, he can exactly relate to what people battling with depression and anxiety feel.

Tang is firm in his resolve to encourage more people to speak out and open up about their emotions and feelings, particularly those experiencing loss, identity crisis, financial troubles, or professional downfall.

In a recent interview, Tang was quoted saying, “I’ve personally experienced a lot of hardship with mental health, extreme anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I also know of many family members and close friends who also suffered from mental illness. I’ve been fortunate the last few years to have made amazing strides in making mental illness a thing of the past for me and I want to share my experiences with others who are fighting this difficult and exhausting battle.”

In the same interview, the Toronto-based actor also said that with all the recent talks and campaigns about mental health awareness, the social perception of mental illness has evolved over the years. “I recall a time when mental health meant you were kind of crazy or even psychotic, but now I think people realize even everyday individuals, and also the individuals the public view as being financially or professionally successful, even suffer from mental illnesses.”

The actor emphasizes on people around those with mental illness to be more empathetic, understanding, and available to help them cope with anxiety and depression.

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