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Cbd Oil for Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation, Cancer, Addiction, Ptsd

I hold my degree in pharmacy, as well as a background, and training in the use of supplements.


The Many Uses, and Benefits of CBD Oil

There has been much hype surrounding CBD, and it's claim as a "cure", but I wanted to know the facts before recommendations. In my search for truth, over a 1000 papers, and dissertations, many of the claims are true.

First, what is CBD? It is short for cannabidiol. Derived from Hemp, not marijuana. Therefore it will not give you a high, does not contain THC, some do, but most do not. Is it legal? Yes many states have passed legislation to allow personal use. Each state has different legislation concerning its use. The general rule is that the product cannot contain more than 3% thc. States with Legal Cannabidiol (CBD) - Medical Marijuana - is the link to find specific regulations regarding it's use.

The only FDA approved drug is Epidolex, by prescription only. The uses are only for epilepsy, and only through a physician. The FDA is actively running trials at this time for numerous diseases. The results have not been posted as of this writing.

The findings suggest a lower dose to start, taken orally. A consistent dosing amount, and duration are specific for the given condition or disease. Most recommend 5mg a day. Your specific CBD oil will vary. This supplement is not regulated, so be very wary of any product with bogus claims. Some will have a higher concentration, others will contain none at all.

There are many interactions to consider as well. CBD oil can be sedating, so combining with other sedating substances can suppress the CNS, (Central nervous system) and cause a very dangerous interaction. Such as breathing difficulties, cognitive function, and slowing of heart rate. This includes alcohol. There is also a significant interaction with grapefruit, and it's juices. Do not combine. The only unwanted side affect was diarrhea, at very high doses. Always check for interactions, before starting any new therapy, or supplement. offers an extensive data base of prescription, as well as over the counter substances.

On to the findings:

Among more than 1000 trials, and dissertations on CBD oil was found to be very affective in the following conditions. Cbd has the ability to interact with many pathways in the human body, as the body has receptors that react positively with its uniqueness.

1) Chronic pain including migraines.

Cbd interacts with serotonin, a chemical in the brain that regulates mood, pain, and sleep. Cbd has the ability to block neospinothalamic pathway. This is the pathway by which the body signals pain. Many of the participants were chronic pain suffers, who reported improvement in function, and less pain. Some experienced after 90 minutes. It can be applied topically to affected areas as well.

2) Neurological Pathways

Cbd was found to be affective in the treatment of Neurological conditions. Among them include Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, Anxiety, insomnia, Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder, Ptsd, and Seizures. In many of these disorders it was found to be very affective in reducing shaking, severity, and reoccurrence of these conditions. With CBD's ability to interact with brain chemistry, it is very calming, much like benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, without the sedation found with many prescription drugs.

3) Addiction

This subject matter intrigued me the most. As we are all aware, we are in the midst of an Opioid Epidemic. More than 80 people overdosed in a park in Connecticut, in 1 day. Over 770,000 people have died of overdoses since 1999. The numbers are staggering, and sobering. A cry for help, and action. Numerous regulations, arrests, and fines have been placed on Manufacturers, but what has been done to address the issue of this condition? It is now classified as a disorder, and recognized by the Health field as such. These findings are our hope, and my wish for the coming months. Jail time is not the answer, intervention is. If we have this knowledge, why don't we implement it? My thoughts on a daily basis.

In a recent trial 2018, among many, CBD oil reduced the cravings, and anxiety of withdrawal in heroine addicts. In another trial, CBD had the same affect on the brain as morphine. Heroine, morphine, fentanyl, Vicodin, Norco, all belong to the same opioid drug family. So it would be affective in all addictions to these substances. They produce the same high, and bind to the same receptors in the brain. They are all highly addictive, whereas CBD is not. The trials concluded there were no incidences of addiction, and very beneficial in the treatment of these disorders.

Benzodiazepines, Valium, and Xanax were also tested. These are the medications utilized in the control of panic attacks, and social anxiety disorders, as well as insomnia. The patients were addicted to the Benzos, with co administration of CBD, over a 4 month period, there was a 60% discontinuation of the Benzos. Pretty impressive. With continued use of CBD the discontinuation continued to rise over a 6 month period. CBD calms the brain, through the same pathways, without side affects.

These trials were implemented through very controlled conditions as well as by trained professionals. At very high doses. Yet no toxicity was noted.

A word if caution, if you are taking any of these prescription, or street drugs, you must tapper off slowly. Do not discontinue suddenly. Please seek the help of a trained physician. Usually titrated by skipping days, or splitting dosage. Do not attempt on your own. These drugs are powerful, and can be dangerous. They have a direct affect on brain chemistry. Some are addicted with the first dose. Researchers do not know why, despite extensive studies.

If addiction is mild, CBD might be the answer. If addiction has taken over your existence, please seek help. You are not alone, nor are you weak. This is a health condition, that can be overcome.

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The National Helpline for Opiate Addiction:


They are not a counselling service. They offer resources, and referrals. Please seek help.

In conclusion. The research suggests a very strong future for CBD, as of this writing many physicians are still on the fence, despite the proof. It does take time, some 90 minutes, others 3 months of continued use.

I am not a doctor, these recommendations are based on my own experiences, as well as through my service as a pharmacy tech.

Credits, and Documented research can be found on PubMed

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New Prescription Drugs for Opioid Addiction

There are new prescription drugs just recently approved by the FDA for opiate addiction.

They are:

1) Buprenorphine. For cravings. Sold under many product names. Many combine other drugs, as well as an implant.

2) Methadone a slow acting opiate

3) Naltrexone for prevention of relapse

4) lofexidine for withdrawal off of Herione

These are only available by prescription, and through a licensed professional. Your path from addiction will vary, dependant on the duration, and dosage amounts.


My Experience with CBD Oil, for Pain, and Anxiety

My mother was suffering from cancer. She was experiencing extreme pain, and anxiety. I applied the oil to the soles of her feet, as she was unable to tolerate the taste. The soles of the feet, or under the tongue, are a direct path into the blood stream. Her anxiety, and pain subsided, within 15 minutes. No, it did not cure her cancer, she has since passed. However, it made her remaining time more tolerable, as well as my own relief in helping her pass with dignity. It became necessary, upon one month of her passing, to then be put on medication. The knowledge became a blessing, for that, I am truly thankful.

I have used CBD Oil as a spot treatment for pain, as I have Lupus. I simply rubbed the oil on the areas that were painful. With in 15 minutes, the pain subsided. Although it did make me drowsy, that was the only side effect noted.

An Extensive Guide in the use of Supplements for Healing, including Cancer

Helpful Advice for PTSD from a Therapist, CBD oil was affective in numerous studies of PTSD

Always Check for Interactions, and Side Effects, when Starting any Supplements, or Therapy

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