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Cardio Strength Training. The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat.

Michael gained 35 pounds of muscle cycling to beaches over the summer once a week, in addition to his strength training routine.


People tend to associate weight loss with dieting and cardio. Diet to consume fewer calories. Burn more calories by doing cardio exercises that increase your heart rate and strengthen your heart. Some popular weight loss exercises are running, using an elliptical trainer, biking, rowing and swimming. To lose weight I just need to burn more calories than I consume by exercising more. Recently I started doing elliptical trainer workouts twice a week. During my last workout I burned around 700 calories.

Walking 5 miles does not burn as many calories as jogging 5 miles. Jogging 5 miles does not burn as many calories as running 5 miles. A person that keeps doing the same workout over and over again will end up using less energy as the exercise becomes easier. Heavier people burn more calories. That is one of the reasons I often do bodyweight exercises while wearing a heavy backpack or holding on to weights. As you lose weight you burn fewer calories.

The hard part is burning enough calories. If you are just going through the motions and not putting a lot of effort into the workouts then you are probably not going to get the results you want. High intensity interval training is one of the best ways to lose inches of belly fat. It is also good for building muscle. Interval training is when you keep altering the intensity of the workout. A good example would be sprinting up a hill, jogging down and then doing it over and over again. Steady state cardio can also work well if you compete against yourself and try to improve every time.

Cardio is good for burning calories while you workout.

I increased the intensity of my elliptical workouts to strengthen my legs.

I increased the intensity of my elliptical workouts to strengthen my legs.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is associated with building muscle and gaining weight. As people get older they tend to lose muscle and gain fat. Losing muscles makes it harder to keep the fat off. Building muscle helps you burn more calories at rest and while you are exercising. I don't burn very many calories while I am lifting dumbbells and doing bodyweight exercises but it can help me burn more calories throughout the day.

After a strength training workout I burn more calories than after a run. Lifting heavy weights builds muscle. So your weight could stay the same or increase but gaining muscle and having more muscle helps you get rid of the fat. Gaining 35 pounds of muscle helped me lose inches of belly fat. When I lost the muscle I weighed less but I had more belly fat.

A pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat and it is denser. It takes up less room. That is why people that are lean and fit are often heavier than they look. Poor posture makes you look fatter and shorter. It is easier to maintain good posture when you have a strong core. After doing ab exercises for firmer abs my belly looked a little flatter. Putting on a lot of muscle and gaining weight made me skinnier. My clothes fit better and people thought I lost weight.

Weight lifting is good for burning more calories throughout the day.

Cardio Strength Training

Get lean and fit with cardio strength training. Exercising to lose weight does not usually work. The workout routines are not good for building muscle and it is hard to stay motivated. When I want to lose fat I make fitness goals and do fitness workouts. I focus on improving my strength and endurance. Improving every week and accomplishing my goals helps me to stay motivated.

The fastest way for me to slim down is to do cardio strength training. At the start of cycling season I quickly gain muscle while biking to parks and beaches. While I am building muscle I am losing fat. To turn a cardio workout into a strength workout increase the resistance or speed, and reduce the frequency of the workouts. Give your muscles time to recover between workouts. I was only biking one day a week when I gained over 35 pounds of muscle.

Cardio can be good for building muscle if you focus on improving and continue to challenge yourself. There are a lot of muscular cyclist, swimmers and rowers. Keep improving your strength and endurance until you accomplish your fitness goals. Losing muscle is bad. Gaining muscle is good. I am building muscle to lose fat because it works.

Burn more calories during the workout and after the workout by doing cardio strength training.

Seated rows with an exercise band.

Seated rows with an exercise band.

Exercise Ideas


calf raises



step ups




cardio boxing



push ups

roller skating

leg raises

pull ups



weight lifting

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My Results

One summer I started cycling as a weekly workout. I focused on improving my endurance so I could easily bike to the beach. It helped me slim down but the results were limited. A few years later I started biking to another beach and I started competing against myself. It was farther away and there were lots of hills. Each week I worked at improving my strength and endurance.

Biking up hills, sprinting some of the time, using the highest resistance setting and trying to go at a good pace helped me lose inches of fat. I could tell I was losing fat each week because my clothes fit better. Later I noticed that my leg muscles were bigger. I looked like a cyclist. When I checked my weight and found out that I was 25 pounds heavier. Cardio is not supposed to be good for building muscle and I was not trying to bulk up but I did. I also noticed that I was eating more food.

Exercising to get fit gave me better results than exercising to lose weight. That is why I stopped exercising to lose weight and going on weight loss diets. My fat loss diet involves me eating what I want. When I am exercising to be fit I want lots of healthy food. I eat more food and I gain weight but I lose the fat. Instead of trying to weigh less I try to lose fat and improve my health.

Cycling as a cardio strength training exercise worked so well for me that I started doing it every year to get ready for beach season. It is the fastest and easiest way for me to lose inches of fat. The exercise itself is hard and it tires me out but I want to do it. Getting myself to do the exercise is easy because I like biking to beaches and parks. It only takes 4 bike rides to see and feel the difference. That is counting biking to a beach, resting and then biking back home as one bike ride.

I can still fit into clothes I wore over 20 years ago.

I got in shape by biking to beaches.

I got in shape by biking to beaches.


When people are trying to slim down they often do what other overweight people do to try to lose weight. That is why there are fitness fads and fad diets. It is also why I often see people doing the opposite of what I would do to slim down. I can fit into the same size clothes as I could 20 years ago because of my habits and exercise routines. If your goal is to lose the extra fat then athletes are good role models. I saw lean fit people cycling. After I started cycling I became lean and fit like a cyclist.

Try thinking and acting more like an athlete. Athletes tend to be lean, muscular and heavy for their size. They exercise a lot, eat a lot of food and have a low body fat percentage. Copy successful people that are lean and healthy because of their habits and exercise routines. Try things that actually worked for other people. If it worked for them it might work for you. In my opinion if you want to be lean then you should behave like a lean person.

Getting in shape usually means getting fit by exercising to build muscle and improve your cardiovascular endurance. When I exercise to get fit it changes the shape of my body. The goal is to become biologically younger or to get into peak physical condition. The result is that I become stronger, leaner and healthier. Getting in shape does not mean losing weight. That is why it can give you better results. I slimmed down by being active and gaining muscle. When you are trying to lose weight gaining muscle is bad because it increases your muscle weight.

Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing.

Before and after I lost fat. I did not lose weight.

Before and after I lost fat. I did not lose weight.

More Muscle Less Fat

Gaining muscle helps you lose fat and keep it off. Losing muscle makes it harder to lose fat. People often lose muscle while trying to lose weight. If you are not doing strength training then you will need to work harder to get the results you want. Another reason to maintain the muscle you have or gain muscle is that it looks better. After losing the fat you should not feel weak or look sick. Losing muscle can make people look and feel sick or older.

Exercise to get fit. Do heart pumping cardio and strain your muscles with strength training. The strength training can be from lifting weights, bodyweight exercises and cardio. Try to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I associate more muscles with less fat because I need to be muscular like an athlete to be lean. The fastest way for me to lose belly fat is to build muscle and lose fat at the same time with cardio strength training.

Pick a cardio exercise you can handle and try to gradually improve your strength and endurance. If there is not enough resistance then switch exercises. I started doing elliptical machine workouts to lose fat. Now I am switching to a biking outside. You don't need to sprint up hills to build muscle. Going for a weekly hike could be enough. The important thing is to keep challenging yourself until you get the results you want. Stop exercising to lose weight and start exercising to get fit. If you can't handle intense workouts then focus on being more active.

My plan to quickly lose fat is to do more cardio strength training, increase my muscle weight, eat more healthy food and drink more water.

Doing weighted calf raises to burn calories and build muscle.

Doing weighted calf raises to burn calories and build muscle.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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