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Canker-Rid Review

Getting rid of Canker Sores

When canker sores spruce up, they can make you miserable for days. Once the waves of ulcers come in, it's really no joke. And most times when one dries up, another is right behind it. To make matters worse, they come in bands. When one spot breaks out, it’s almost guaranteed to find another one nearby. When you have mouth sores, you just have one simple wish- to be able to talk, eat and swallow without pain. For that, you need a solution that works. But the market is flooded with so many of them that that it’s hard to decide. And they all claim to be the best, so obviously you can't take the manufacturer's word for it.

You may have tried everything from over the counter drugs and prescription medication and still nothing helped. Perhaps you've spent hours coming through the internet you're bordering frustration. The truth is that there are very few products out there that really work. At the top of the list and receiving most praise is Canker-Rid. You've probably heard of it by now. Here is an honest Canker-Rid review, where we'll look at it, how it works, its pros and cons.


How Canker-Rid Works

Have you ever heard of bee propolis? It's a sticky substance that's produced by the honey bee. The propolis, a plant resin, contains contains bioflavanoids and amino acids, which been shown to protect against fungi, bacteria and viruses. It's one of the bee by-products that have been used in the medical and homeopathic field for decades. It’s effective in getting rid of the sores.

The 'magic' in Canker-Rid is the bee propolis. The propolis works together with alcohol. The product from Durham is intended to treat everything from canker sores, mouth sores and mouth ulcers to cold sores, and fever blisters. It relieves the pain of the mouth sores and spurs healing. The product does three things:

  1. It numbs the area of the mouth that has the sore;
  2. By covering the sore, it protects that region of the mouth, despite the surface being moist;
  3. It kills the bacteria responsible for causing the sores, and prevents fungal growth and infection.

Using Canker-Rid

You simply have to apply it to your sores. Apply it as soon as you feel a sore starting in your mouth. Truth be told, it's not exactly the easiest product to apply. It's a liquid, not a gel or paste. So you can't just dab it on your finger and smear it on the desired spot. It's like a food coloring bottle. You put the drip nozzle on the canker sore and drip the medicine. That's easy of the sores are on your tongue or the base of your mouth. When the sores are at the top of your mouth, things get tricky. You can work around such situations by using a Q-Tip.

Pros of Canker-Rid

  1. It works, and that is really the most important thing. And it works fast, drastically improving the quality of life. In some cases the sores go away overnight.
  2. It does a good job of coating and sealing the canker-sores.
  3. It tastes well.
  4. It's an all-natural solution, so you don't have to be concerned about the pesky chemical additives.
  5. Since its not medication, you can use it multiple times a day to relieve pain without any side effects. But if you're allergic to bees, be careful when using Canker-Rid. If you have allergic reactions from using bee products, you should refrain from it, or at the very least speak to your doctor.

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Cons of Canker-Rid

  1. When you apply it, it will sting. But then that is expected when you're applying any product that has alcohol on a sore. The numbing effect will however set in quickly.
  2. It stains. So be careful not to get it on your clothes or on counter surfaces. In addition, clean off the part that gets onto your teeth. It is easy to get the stain off your lips or teeth, but the same cannot be said for clothes.
  3. You could complain about the bottle not fitting easily into your pocket, but that would really be nitpicking.
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Will Canker-Rid work for you?

The pros heavily outweigh the cons. For a product that works, you can put up with a sting or two during application. And even those just last for a minute or so before they go away. A bottle retails at $19.95 on Amazon.


Is Canker-Rid effective? Yes. It will not prevent canker sores from breaking out, but it will treat them when they do.


VationSays (author) on January 09, 2016:

Haha...I see what you did there

jgshorebird on January 08, 2016:

Never heard of Canker Rid. I will look for it in the future. I've seen the bee propolis around, but rarely purchased any. I have taken bee pollen in the past -- but it didn't give me a buzz. (Ha Ha...)

VationSays (author) on August 12, 2015:

Grandma's are always right! Watermelon powder works even for sore throats

peachy from Home Sweet Home on August 11, 2015:

My grandma told us to use watermelon powder to ease the pain

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