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Cancers reversed with my simple recipe so far

Kelley Eidem, author "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer"

Kelley Eidem, author "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer"

Some pretty dramatic improvements and cures

Over the last couple years, two or three dozen people have tried my recipe to get rid of their cancers. It's the same recipe I used to cure my own Stage 4 cancer 11 years ago. (The recipe appears on another one of my hub pages.)

In some cases, people left comments on my hub page (the preferred method.) In other cases they emailed me their results. In one situation, the comments were tracked down elsewhere.

As you hear each case, please notice that even one reversal would be a pretty astounding outcome. And you might contrast that result with what millions of cancer patients have to endure compared how simple my recipe is.

No one loses their hair or crawls into a fetal position with my recipe. They don't endure simultaneous explosive diarrhea and vomiting. That's because my recipe is just a meal, not a caustic chemical.

So with no further ado, let's begin.

Several months of daily bleeding stopped in one day

Rick had a ten-inch tumor in his colon. Nothing he tried stopped the daily pain, bleeding or flatulence. All three cleared up after his first meal. His huge tumor eventually disappeared. Here is what he wrote:

"Since starting the pepper bread I have never felt better, at least not in many months. The fatigue and pain are gone....There is a definite positive difference from the pepper bread that no other food, supplement, or treatment gave me."

'Jaz' also had colon cancer with more tumors in her liver. In just five days, she noticed that her liver tumors had gotten smaller. Nine more days and they had shrunk some more. She got nervous when her lab work went up. (That happens almost every time as the tumors get smaller because the tumors break down and travel through the bloodstream.)

According to, a medical website, CEA tumor markers can increase with increased cancer cell death:

"Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can themselves cause a rise in CEA due to death of tumor cells and release of CEA into the blood stream but that rise is typically temporary."

But five months later she showed up on another hubpage. (This is a hubpage, too. Hubpage hosts articles.) She commented that she was feeling fantastic, better than she had in many years. That's unheard of for someone with terminal colon cancer, which is what colon cancer with liver mets is.

Chuck Kinsey's prostate cancer disappeared

Chuck's prostate cancer was discovered by a biopsy. He had a Gleason 6 (3+3). His prostate was a little larger than a baseball. After about 2-3 months, his prostate shrank down to the size of a lemon. Later still, the size went down to a walnut.

His doctor performed another biopsy. No cancer was found at all. The pathologist was so surprised he wrote on the biopsy report, "Wow." That might be the first time that word was ever written on a biopsy report.

Michael also had prostate cancer. Over time, his tumor shrank 55% based on the last report he provided me.

Chuck gets Don Imus to follow my recipe

Chuck got in touch with Don Imus' office. Imus had announced he had prostate cancer. His Gleason score was 7. He and his wife jumped on the recipe. At first Mr. Imus wasn't following the recipe correctly. (He was putting melted soy cheese on the sandwich.) As soon as he started following the program the right way, his positive results came quickly.

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A PSA-3 test that is widely used in Europe because it's so much more accurate was used to track Imus' improvement. His score dropped from 200 (the most aggressive score possible) to 59 in 19 days. That's a 70% reduction. Later on it dropped down to a 3. Any score above 35 indicates the likelihood of cancer.

His c-reactive protein (CRP) and SED rate's were extremely high before starting the recipe correctly. Both of those tests help spot inflammation, which is associated with cancer. But 19 days later, the CRP and the SED rate were both zero!

The Imus's aren't in touch with me any more. His wife wants to write a book, so she didn't want me to reveal where they had obtained the recipe or how he was doing. Meanwhile, he talks about his habaneros consumption for his cancer on his show all the time on his syndicated radio show. He has never mentioned Chuck or me.

He apparently thinks he has a bigger microphone than me.

Jack's doctor said he'd be dead in 6 months

That's not so surprising since he had Stage 3b lung cancer with fluid in his lungs and around his heart. He also had exreme lymph involvement. After a couple months or so, an exam indicated that his lymph was completley clear of cancer. The excess fluid was gone from his lungs and heart. Meanwhile Jack felt so much better that he had helped clean out his garage!