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Can Yoga Really Increase My Height?

Tree pose

Tree pose

Yes! Yoga can help increase height especially in growing years. Everyone wants more out of life and more than what they have. A lot of people are worried about their height and often wish..."oh, what it would be like if I were a little bit taller". Well, it is okay to wish that but it is important to also bear in mind that a person's height does not affect intrinsic abilities and talent.
The general benefits of yoga cannot be overemphasized as it cuts across so many areas of health. Yoga improves respiration, flexibility, strength, energy and vitality, it helps in weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health and a host of others but the focus for this article will be on increasing height.

Well, it's not magic. Yoga improves your posture, it empowers the muscles in your legs and your back, it strengthens the spine and it instigates the growth of healthy cells by removing foreign and harmful substances from the body.

A handful of people may have already tried out yoga in the past and probably were not able to keep it up and hence did not achieve their desired results. The truth is that it takes a consistent yoga routine to achieve the desired height increase. Yoga poses to increase height include :
▪️ Cobra pose
▪️ Lying down body twist
▪️ Cat stretch
▪️ Sun salutations
▪️ Tree pose

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