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Can Diabetics Donate Blood?

If you are healthy and your diabetes is under control, you may be able to donate blood. Make sure your diabetes is under control and that

Blood donate

Blood donate

Can diabetics donate blood?

Most of the people believe, if you are diabetic then you cannot donate blood. Most of the diabetic people have a question, But let us tell you that diabetes is a ineligible factor for donating blood in some cases and not in some.

If you are healthy and your diabetes is under control, you may be able to donate blood. To donate blood, you have to go and consult with your doctor. If they give you permission after doing the test. So you are able to become a blood donor.

Who are not able to donate blood ?

  • If you've got a tattoo, you'll need to wait 12 months before donating blood.
  • If your weight is less than 110 pounds, then you are not eligible to donate blood because the amount of blood is less in people who are underweight.
  • People who have low iron level i.e. less than 12.5g/dl in women and less than 13g/dl in men cannot donate blood.
  • A person who is undergoing treatment for cancer, or if the cancer is spreading or has come back, then he cannot donate blood.
  • If a person has had sex with someone who is taking drugs, he or she must wait a year before donating blood.
  • Individuals who have traveled to "malaria-risk" countries are asked to wait one year after returning from travel before donating blood.

If you are suffering from any type of disease then you should consult doctor before donating blood.

Diabetics should keep this in mind before donating blood.

In general, it is safe to donate blood for most people with diabetes. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Both Canada and the United Kingdom do not allow people taking insulin to donate blood. If you are taking insulin or oral medication for diabetes, be sure to eat before giving blood.
  • Make sure your diabetes is under control and that you check healthy blood sugar levels before donating blood.
  • Some people with diabetes may experience nausea or dizziness after donating blood. If this happens, drink fluids frequently and measure your blood sugar level after donating blood.
  • Like all donors, we recommend that you hydrate well and get plenty of sleep the night before and after your donation.

Health benefits of donating blood.

Blood donation is considered to be the biggest donation. By donating blood, you are helping to save the lives of those who die every year due to lack of blood.

Someone in America needs blood every two seconds, and about 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed each day.

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(1)Giving blood may reduce the risk of heart attack

(2)Donating blood can keep your liver healthy

(3) blood donation can help your mental state

(4) accelerate wound healing

(5)Donating blood reduces the risk of cancer

(6) Donating blood reduces the risk of cholesterol disease.

(7) Prevent premature aging by donating blood

Can you donate plasma if you are diabetic?

Having diabetes does not put you at any risk of donating to a person with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. But, they have to ensure proper monitoring of blood sugar levels, eat nutritious food, eat more iron-rich food and drink more water to keep the body healthy.

You can give as much blood or plasma as you can every 55-56 days to keep your diabetes under good control.

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