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Can You Lose Your Laughter? Find Out How To Get It Back!

Just talking from experience, the answer to that is a definite YES! However, I will say that most people don't realize they've lost the 'how to laugh' or perhaps the 'will to laugh'. It takes a good hard look at who you are and what you've become to realize it. Most people can't or won't take an honest look at themselves because the truth can be harsh. Change always begins with you. The question then becomes How do you change the person you've become? If you're asking yourself that question or perhaps your friends keep telling you to smile more, then you've become complacent to who you are today. But that certainly doesn't mean that's what your future looks like! You are today only who you've been in the past, so today is the start of the new you. The one who a year from now will look back on today and say, "Was that really me back then?" For myself, the first step was to regain my laughter.

Realizing Your Laughter is Gone

Let me take you back to my childhood. Through all my school years, laughter was intrinsically part of my life. So much so that my best friend and I came up with a name for the "really good" laughs. We called them Belly Rolls. That may sound silly, but it is the truth. After we had a good laugh, and it was often, we would sigh and look at each other and just say Belly Roll. Which usually triggered another round of Belly Roll laughter! I don't know when it started, but somewhere after high school ended and "real" life began, people including strangers, would say "smile" when they passed me. Seriously, after years of hearing this I realized that I couldn't even remember the last time I had a good Belly Roll. In the late '90's early 2000s laugh clinics at corporations were all the rage. I think society overall had lost its laugh. It took a brilliant mind to get the movement going and remind everyone how important laughter is to health, both mentally and physically!

Laughter is Good for Your Health

Before I get into the ways to regain your laughter, let's take a quick look at how good laughter can be for you:

1. Reduces Stress

2. Improves blood pressure

3. It's a good kind of exercise-you can sit on your sofa and laugh your behind off!!!

4. It helps ease pain

5. Can help you connect with other people

6. It gives your immune system a fighting chance

7. Helps keep the heart healthy

8. Relaxes your muscles

9. helps you fight off serious illnesses both mentally and physically

I've seen lots of studies on the different benefits of laughter and I'm sure you have too. I've only listed these 9, but I know there are so many more!

  • {The other day I signed up for Twitter. It was a bit confusing to me, but that's for another Hub! The first "tweet" I saw was from a suggestion of someone I might like to follow, a Dad who wrote, "My Five year old daughter just invited me to a disco tea party with all her stuffed animals, OMG what should I wear???" I almost fell out of my chair laughing! }

Ways to get your laughter Back

After I realized I had "lost" my laughter, the first thing I thought of was how silly I was going to look and sound. I had heard that if you haven't truly laughed in a long while you would have to Fake It until you Make It. This is how you do it:

  • Spontaneously try to laugh. It will be a forced laugh. That's okay, just do it several times. As strange as this may seem, I actually didn't know how my true laughter sounded. So much so that I had to try out different sounds! That may happen to you, but no one is around to judge so don't worry about it!
  • Look in a mirror and laugh. Again it will be a forced laugh. I know it sounds silly, but trust me, if you can't laugh with yourself and be comfortable it's even harder to laugh in a social situation when you think people are judging you.
  • Watch only funny programs on TV and at the movies. Be very selective of what you watch. If you're a heavy watcher of news programs and political stations, it's hard to feel upbeat. If you cannot give up those programs cold turkey, then commit to only a half hour of them a day. Give yourself a fighting chance and make it a point to bring outside laughter into your life.
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  • Enlist friends and family to make it funny! Don't wait too long before you start laughing socially. Ask someone close to you to point out the funny in life. Maybe they can promise to tell a joke to you every day or sit with you during a half hour sit-com. Laughter is so much more fun when you're with someone else. I recently read a really good suggestion to create a Humor Bulletin Board where funny pictures are posted, jokes are retold, and funny situations are re-lived! Post funny cartoons and sayings here too.
  • While driving, go over your day and remember everything funny. Use this down time in a positive way! Not only will this help you laugh more, but it will keep you feeling upbeat. If you are spending all your time remembering the good times you had for the day, it doesn't leave much time to dwell in negativity! Don't forget while you're going over your day to physically laugh out loud.
  • Make a conscious effort to find the funny in the moment! Look for the funny in each situation. Sometimes it's the things happening around the situation we're in where the funny occurs. So get to know your surroundings. I think many people get "tunnel vision" or they walk around with "horse blinders" on and miss the global picture.
  • Surround yourself with fun and positive people! Don't allow other people to bring you down. Misery does love company, but you don't have to invite them in. It is true that you become what you surround yourself with. Take a hard look at the people around you and spend more time with those that make you smile and laugh often.
  • Attend a Laugh Clinic or Laugh Yoga. In researching ways to laugh, I found that there are certified Laugh Therapists! How cool is that! There is even a Laughter Network on line!

How Laughter changed my outlook on Life

Learning to laugh was and still is an incredible journey. It started out as just a way to stop people from telling me to smile to being life changing! As I started to smile and laugh more, my job became easier and my outlook on my life in general improved. People opened up to me and actually asked me for advice. I think when you're genuinely happy people gravitate to that. I also noticed that as I laughed more, I had less colds and other ailments. Coincidence I think not. When I started to learn about the health benefits, I knew first hand that laughter definitely improves the quality and quantity of life!

Today, I can laugh spontaneously and naturally. It took a long time and a lot of soul searching to be comfortable with who I am. My laughter doesn't always sound the same, but it's real, it comes from the heart and that's what counts. So get out that mirror, look yourself in the eye, find the funny in you and LOL!!


twocupswithtee (author) from Chesterfield, MI on June 07, 2019:

Hi Dan,

I wish you much success as you journey your way back to laughter and happiness. Depression is such a debilitating condition. I’m glad you are going to try some of the suggestions I listed. There is another suggestion I can make for you: the food you eat could be contributing to your depression. Eliminating certain foods and adding in Whole Foods can make a huge difference!

Dan on June 01, 2019:

Thanks for this. I have lost the ability to laugh when in my earlier years & actually used to have the ability to find something funny in almost anything but depression took over my every day life where my sense of humour went sarcastic to dark & cynical before just drying out altogether.

I've really missed those days where my glee made me an energetic & inspired individual because I lost my motivation along with my ability to enjoy everything in my life, despite some of the darkest years I lived that tried to drag me down.

I'm going to try to follow this advice in the hopes of removing the bitterness in my life.

twocupswithtee (author) from Chesterfield, MI on March 30, 2017:

Thank you Chikki! I hope you found this useful because you're on a journey to improve your life.

I wrote this Hub 3 years ago and I'm still laughing! I made a career move that I now have co workers who I can laugh and joke with often. We even write all the funny things that happen on a huge board. What a difference this has made in my life!

chikki from india on March 24, 2017:

great information

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