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Can Reiki Really Heal Anxiety, Nerves, or Heal Cancer? All Reiki, energy healing, questions answered.

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Diving into the Reiki Questions.

  • Can Reiki make you sick?

Reiki can’t make you sick, as it is only positive, light energy that is being manipulated through Reiki practice and delivered to you. The reason why you may feel sick after Reiki is because the negative energy that was stored and packed in you, is finally moving and being pushed to be released. That’s why you may get a headache in most cases, or feel sick because your body and your own energy are fighting to release the negative energy. Try to repeat the healing a couple more times and you will be fine.

  • Can Reiki make Anxiety worse?

If you suffer from anxiety, then this is a valid question that needs attention. Reiki can not make anxiety worse, is your own body and mind that are making it worse. Why? People with anxiety (talking from first-hand experience) do not like to change much in their routine, or the way they have learned to do things or to be. That’s why when Reiki healing is done, and things start to get moving in you and around you, it can give you anxiety, because things are changing, and anxiety being the unreasonable fear that it is, hates change, change means you may be fighting something new. So, that’s why it happens. You can try Reiki for anxiety to calm you down, or you can try to ground yourself or do some mudras and breath-work or meditation to calm your mind. Affirm to yourself you are healing, and that is beautiful. Anxiety can be controlled and healed, and it will be eventually when you continue with energy work to heal anxiety.

  • When Reiki doesn’t work?

Reiki won’t work if you don’t believe in it, or if you say you believe in it, but your subconscious is blocking it. It won’t work if you don’t trust the source of your healing (your Reiki practitioner). It won’t work if you don’t believe that your illness can be cured. And it definitely won’t work if you, deep down, don’t want to be healed.

A plant that had Reiki done.

A plant that had Reiki done.

  • How to know you can do Reiki?

The simplest method to try to see if you can do Reiki, or energy healing by yourself, is to work it on a plant. Plants don’t have the strong consciousness that we do, so it is easier to work with them because they won’t stop you. Try to work on a sick plant or a plant that is dying, and if you see that the plant will start to revive in 2-3 days, (depending on its state of sickness) then you can certainly do Reiki. Below are two photos of a plant I am working on for a couple of days, that is already sick and dead, but its roots apparently are not. In just two days it spurred a new flower.

  • What happens after you have received Reiki, or during it?

Some people may feel nothing, while others feel tingles, buzzing skin, hotness, etc., during a Reiki healing, especially on the part of the body that is receiving the healing. If you are of those that do not feel anything, don’t worry. Try to get another session, or if you follow Reiki healing online, watch it a couple more times. In a maximum of 7 days, you will feel relaxed and know the healing has taken place. Sometimes energy moves fast, other times it takes time to settle, so don’t worry about it. Another important thing is to mention that after Reiki healing, you may see colours in the corner of your eye, and what mostly happens, is that you will see weird dreams, or feel like you are being attacked. You need to not be scared, is just natural for negative energy to fight to be back, or for negative entities (especially when you do a 3rd eye-opening) to come to you. You repeat the healing and you will be fine. These are all signs that the healing is working, and you will see positive results soon.

  • What not to do after Reiki?
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Do not consume fast food and alcohol, and try to stay away from smoking. It will help your healing set if you don’t put low-frequency products or toxins in your body for at least the day when you get Reiki. If you can, go to sleep to fully relax, so the body can process the energy and heal itself. Try to listen to music that is uplifting, like mantras, or high-frequency music. Also, do not wear clothes that emit a low vibration like silk, try clothes like linen or cotton, or wool.

  • How long do Reiki effects last?

Reiki effects can last from a couple of days, to forever. The reason why it depends is that you need to keep your energy clean and be mindful of any negative energy that can come into your space. You don’t need to see a Reiki healer over and over again. However, if you want to keep your energy in a high vibration, it would be good to follow up with energy healing once in a while, let’s say every 6 months or so.

  • Can you do Reiki without being attuned?

It is believed that you will need 3 stages of attunements from reiki teachers, in order to fully practice Reiki by yourself. In these 3 different attunements, you will receive a different set of symbols that will elevate your Reiki practice. There are some Reiki teachers who claim this is absolutely necessary for you to be a legitimate practitioner and conduct energy well, and there are others who say that you can manipulate energy just as well if you learn by yourself, but not be attuned. The thing is, that you do not learn the secret symbols that will help you better manipulate energy. However, if you want to practice energy healing, not Reiki, but simply energy healing, you can learn the basics of energy healing, and the first symbols of Reiki, to help you with that, and you do not need attuning for that purpose. If you happen to know the secret teachings or secret symbols of Reiki of the 3rd attunement, then, by all means, carry on.

Something to try.

Something to try.

  • Does Reiki distance energy healing work? How?

Reiki distance healing flourished during the pandemic when many people needed energy healing, but reiki practitioners and people couldn’t travel to each other, or be physically present in the same space due to safety measures. Thus Reiki distance healing started to be applied to a mass, and today we see it blossom on the TikTok reiki platform. But can distance energy healing be as effective as being present? First of all, is not reiki, but pranic healing. Second, it is possible, because you are merely manipulating energy, and energy is everywhere, it can find you everywhere you are, you just have to accept it. Thus it is possible to receive healing from a distance. Even though it can not be as strong as a present healing session, it can help alleviate part of the negative energy, if you focus on doing it more often than you would if you were physically present.

  • What is the difference between Reiki and Pranic Healing?

At its core, pranic healing is the same as reiki healing, when we talk about energy manipulation. Prana means “source of life”, and Reiki means “source of life” in Japanese. However, pranic healing is done without touching the body, while Reiki healing is done through gentle touch on the body.

  • Can Reiki replace medical treatment?

Any form of energy healing can not be done alone, without followed up with action in the physical plane. To faster the energy of healing converting into the physical plane, thus healing the physical body, you will need to take action, which means that it is not advisable to not follow through with medical treatment. They both work together simultaneously to deliver faster healing to the body. They support each other.

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