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Can Failure Encourage Self Development

Dione is an Author, Life Coach, and Blogger focusing on spiritual beliefs and underlying emotional and perceptual issues many people endure.

Can Failure Encourage Self Development

Self-development and failure go hand and hand, which is why failure encourages self-development. People make mistakes. What an individual decides to do with the mistake is what defines their outcome.


What Is Failure

What is failure? According to the dictionary, a few meanings of failure are lack of success, the lack of desirable quality, and a sudden cessation of power. The common denominator is lack. Don't get me wrong, the loss of anything doesn't feel good. The same is true for something that doesn't go according to plan. Many people have to try and then try again before they succeed in meaningful endeavors. Failure may feel like you've lost or, worst, make you feel inadequate altogether. However, it isn't the end all be all if you fail at something.

Failure Isn't Possible Unless You Surrender

People make mistakes, and nobody is perfect. The only distinction between failure and success is how a person thinks. It isn't that successful people are lucky or don't go through trials and tribulation. The fact is they don't allow temporary setbacks to define their outcome. Failure doesn't hold any weight unless you stop trying altogether. When you continue, you push through failure isn't an option. Learning, growing, and ultimately winning ensues.

You go through circumstances in life to make you better, not bitter. Each time you get through difficulties, you become stronger and better equipped to manage your life. Growing and learning are vital in self-development and works together for your greatness. The process of learning what works and what doesn't isn't a failure. With the correct mindset, you will succeed. If your desire to be great, guess what that entails, practice. The fact that you have another opportunity to try again is a success within itself.


Believe in Yourself

According to the dictionary, self-development is one's capabilities or possibilities. Possibilities are endless! In the bible, Romans chapter 8, verse 28, states And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. I am not religious; however, I am spiritual. Religion can box you in, and spirituality is an outpour of limitless possibilities. When you know God, you know yourself. Likewise, when you know yourself, you know God. Regardless of sex, belief, or circumstance, you're here for a reason, and that reason is to do great things!

God is the spirit of unlimited possibilities and lives within you waiting to bring forth the desires of your heart, whatever you choose. You have the choice to select greatness, not mediocrity. Choose wisely.

Proverbs 23:7 states as a person think, so is he. What you wholeheartedly feel in your heart and mind will be brought forth in your life. Therefore it is vital to remain optimistic, hopeful, and trusting no matter the situation. Walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). Walking by faith means trusting that your desires will happen without judging external circumstances. Your wishes may not appear how you think they should. Believe and know while allowing universal flow to manage the details.

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Personal development is the ability to stand firm despite adversity while learning, growing, and working towards your goals. Personal development is a continual process throughout life.


Fail Forward

God is within you, and God's purpose is love and to bring forth heaven on earth through you. Correction is necessary for the learning process. If you think you're failing at something, think again. To be fashioned for greatness, mistakes are allowed to occur so you can grow. Your reaction to the situation is what matters most. Allow yourself the freedom to learn without judging yourself as a failure. Be grateful and if you make a mistake, try again.

God's purpose is greatness, and you are the vessel to manifest the distinction. All things work together for good, to them that love God. "To them, that love God" are people who believe in the essence of unconditional hope, unlimited possibilities, and absolute love.

Many people flourish despite their losses due to the belief that all things work together. Successful people fail forward, knowing that what they desire will happen despite their difficulty moving forward toward their desired goal. Prosperous people don't give in to limiting beliefs of themselves or the situations they face. Thriving people know and therefore push on, striving until and even after they reach their desired outcomes. Failure is just a word until you give it power. Don't. Your belief is powerful. If you think you're powerless, that emotion will bring about more undesirable situations/failures to occur in your life. Try applauding yourself for your effort instead to encourage a better emotional response within you. In turn, significant outcomes ensue. When you feel better, you do better. When you can do better, you have the confidence to push forward with hope. Your willingness to remain confident is vital in reaching your desired outcomes.

Trails can cause you to surrender to thinking beyond the known, which is faith. Trials can also harden you and cause you to feel faithless, which lacks love. Don't become resentful about mistakes, obstacles, and worries. Do the best you can and allow the love within you to do the rest. Love never fails, but hopelessness does. Fail forward and believe in yourself.

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