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Best CPAP masks for side sleepers

What is CPAP?

Many of you probably are not yet familiar with the term CPAP. CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is a system to maintain a positive airway pressure continuously to treat sleep apnea or rest apnea. Almost all of us are somewhat familiar to the term 'sleep apnea' though. Sleep apnea is a kind of sleep disorder where there is breathing problems like low breathing or abnormal pause of breathing during sleep. We may not know the term, but be sure, we have seen it a thousand times in movies!!

Not only for people who suffers from sleep apnea, CPAP masks are also being used for patients of acute respiratory failures, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and congestive cardiac failure and even sometimes for patients of community acquired pneumonia. Sounds Greek? To put it in simple words, all of these are severe life threatening conditions that arise respiratory distress.


Inventor of CPAP

The honor for inventing CPAP goes to Professor Colin Sullivan of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

Health hazards of NOT using CPAP where necessary

Sleep apnea may lead to some serious health related issues if goes untreated. The common complications may arise from untreated sleep apnea are:

  • Strokes
  • Elevated blood pressure level
  • Diabetes

Not to mention that sleep apnea may arise as a disturbance of your goodnight sleep but with all the complications it is very likely to end up being permanent health debility.

CPAP mask for side sleepers

CPAP mask-coordinating with your sleeping posture and other issues:

No matter what you are, a back sleeper, stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, to choose the right CPAP mask for your sleep apnea you should consider all the facts regarding the results provided by a device as well as your convenience. Producing the best fresh air strain and ensuring the correct closure- these two are the vital factors for the selection of a mask. There are some other important issues regarding selecting a CPAP mask and using them when you are particularly a side sleeper. The facts to be considered are:

Ø Try to select a less bulky CPAP mask or else you are most likely to knock off the mask while trying to sleep on your side.

Ø CPAP mask leak rate is the highest when you are a side sleeper compared to other positions.

Ø The firmness of your pillow also affects the leak rate. The firmer the pillow the greater push back the mask gets when you lean to your side.

Ø Try to sleep on an edge of your pillow so the mask tube does not get stuck between your head and pillow.

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Ø Have the tube to go over the head or shoulder to eliminate the drag.

CPAP mask-specially made for side sleepers

Considering all the issues and users comfort there are some CPAP solutions have been made available in the market by some companies. One of them is the “side sleeper pillow” that compensates all the complications regarding pillows. Another highly recommended mask is the “SleepWeaver Advance” mask. As this device is made of soft fabric it change shape with your sleep posture and also it does not get dislodged. The other recommended solutions are:

CPAP nasal mask for side sleepers:

  • Fisher and Paykel Zest.
  • Resmed Mirage Micro.
  • Resmed mirage FX.

Full face CPAP mask for side sleepers:

  • Fisher and Paykel Forma.
  • Resmed Mirage Quattro.
  • Resmed Mirage Quattro FX.
  • Respiration Comfort Gel Full Face Mask.
  • Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2.


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