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Covid 19 Lockdown Tips for All Aspects of Life

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COVID Tips during Lockdown with Life Tips for Lockdown Survival and Successful Well-being

COVID Tips during Lockdown with Life Tips for Lockdown Survival and Successful Well-being

Sad but Look for the Silver Lining in these Pandemic Times

The pandemic due to COVID is bringing stress and anxiety to everyone in this world. But beyond this pandemic lies the silver lining of which we can reflect the good things that may place our hearts and minds in peace and serenity. Look at the brighter side of the lockdowns and restrictions. We will have more about this on our next article but this time, we will tackle the issue of survival and life's tips during COVID lockdowns.

1. Physical Aspect: The Core Strength to Fight Against COVID and Pandemic Times

COVID's favorite area to lurk is in our physical aspect of life. From the air we breath to the things we touch, the virus are just waiting and moving in many ways.

We need to strengthen our physical aspect of life which could also serve as a shield to protect our body against the virus.

We start with eating the right food, exercising regularly, enough sleep and taking our vitamins or proper medications for those people taking it regularly.

Next, washing hands, wearing a mask in public and social distancing are simple things to do but of great help to our physical aspect at the same time protecting the people around us.

Lastly, beware of things the could labor your body which may lead to fatigue and in time will lead to lower immune system. This is the favorite moment when the virus enters our body if we are weak physically.

We are living in a physical world so this means our physical body is the first vital aspect that must be taken care of.

2. Mental Aspect: The Mind is the Controller of Almost Everything

We take care our mind by doing the things that will not disturb our mini-objectives of the day. During lockdowns, we are tempted to check the news which sometimes the media under-exaggerate or over-exaggerate the information. We better do things that will divert our attention to the daily stress and let it flow the COVID information/news as the day goes on.

We might think we are strong enough to handle situations mentally but you never know it will take a toll each day you absorb negative or impactful information. Smaller stresses and pressures will accumulate later and you will never know.

Protect your mind from those negativity and spend most of your time doing the things that makes you happy. Technology offers a big impact to entertain ourselves but don't ever forget that you need to check your physical aspect. Sitting or watching for longer periods will have bad impact in your body which will affect your mental aspect eventually.

Aside from technology as diversion to this COVID lockdown boredom, doing your hobby or a simple house cleaning would do to release your energy of the day. Do things that will make you happy and maybe better good things that of great help to your family and friends around you.

3. Emotional Aspect: We Exist as a Result of Love (from our Parents' Love Making)

Love is the beginning of everything. We wake up in the morning to work, work to have money, money to spend the things we love or to give something to our love ones.

One of best weapon to survive in these troubled times is by loving, being loved and share something about the meaning of love.

Loving is by showing the people around you that you care with full concern in service and solitude. Being loved means let the people around you express their concerns towards you and in return you are ready to listen and absorb the love that you may feel. We love too much that we forget to let people around us love us back.

Calling friends, old friends, co-workers and neighbors are fun and will help build the gap between your heart and theirs. This is subconsciously embedded in your heart and mind which will help in the recovery and coping mechanism of your physical and mental aspect as well.

COVID Well-being in times of pandemic, tips for enhancing self

COVID Well-being in times of pandemic, tips for enhancing self

4. Social Aspect: Social Distancing but not about Social Communicating

Communication through the current technology will help us to boost our social aspect of life. This is very tricky in times of public communication and therefore, we can still aim for ways to consider social distancing but not to disregard social communication.

So far yet so close, with technology. We must never forget that socialization will also help in our Covid lockdown anxiety as we know that man in nature is sociable. Many scientists have observed that even micro-organisms react and vibrate in harmony if they are move closer to each other.

In a subconscious manner, being sociable tends to strengthen our personal well-being.

5. Spritual Aspect: God made all things. God can do the impossible. Even our ancestors believe this.

No matter what is your religion, we practice our own beliefs and spirituality. The best to thing to have safe and security in this pandemic times is to trust our Creator above and may His will be done.

Even the great people ever lived had beliefs to sustain their hope and that hope will give them courage to persevere all through their lives.

After these pandemic times, you will thank Him for trusting Him.

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