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Covid -19 & New Corona Virus Variant in the United Kingdom Compare: Which One Is Harmful?


In many recent days, we are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in Wuhan china in early December 2019. It spread to the countries of Asia, Europe, and South Asia in early 2020.WHO (world health organization)declared as a pandemic in early 11 March 2020. after spreading this disease consist of serious illness on 15 June 2020 the disease is prevented in at least 212 countries and territories with more than eight million cases were reported around 435,000

Cover-19 caused by SARS-COV2 .in early stages of this virus founded in different species of animals and humans and also found in camels, pets, and bats that are caused by serious disease (COV and SARS )

Symptoms (COVID -19)

• Spread person to person symptoms included fever, cough, loss of taste and smell shortness of breath chill, muscles pin, and a lot of difficulty taking a breath

• Risk included 65 aged and above people with chronic lung disease, comorbidities, chronic lungs disease at this time no approved vaccine undergo a clinical trial.

Symptom (a new strain of coronavirus)

• Different symptoms were found in this new strain said Whitty “it may be causes or effect or it may be not “.the main reason for this strain included it spread quickly disastrous effect would be considered if the people don’t make distance this strain causes effects.

A New Stain in United Kingdom

The new virus in Singapore confirmed its 1st case. New coronavirus strain found in the united kingdom 11(eleven ) others who ahead in quarantine had to return some preliminary positive result of this new strain .some all of the cases were imported from Europe currently found no evidence this new strain.

New 31 cases have confirmed from Europe between November 17 to December 17 .the alarming situation was created in Singapore has blocked for visitors. This new strain detected in small numbers, but expert says there is no evidence found it is more the 50 percent dangerous than the previous virus .the new step we should impose on the very country to put a lockdown and save human life from this new strain

Covid1-19: Which Country Is Far Away?

Some facts are really known about this pandemic .are you know about which countries are far away from this pandemic .countries that are affected by this pandemic .there are 11 countries reporting no cases pacific oceans are island nations .they have a benefit because of the ocean the countries in particular in NORTH KOREA, TURKMAINTAN, in addition to the 11 countries there are 4 more countries which reported no or zero coronaviruses (AMERICA SOMIA, SOUTH HELENA, PITCARIUM ISLAND, AND TOKALU )

Why This Variant Rapidly Spread?

Rapidly spread this new type of virus because this virus consists of some mutation ability. Quickly replacing another version of the virus first detecting in September in November around some of the cases in London .reached two-third of the case in the middle.

The new virus in which we have considered is more differential than the virus in South Africa, “ Susan Hopkin

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Boris Johnson Prime minister announced “the new strain maybe 70 percent more harmful “ the new strain 70 % to 50 %more transmissible. on 19 December the government chief advisor sir Patrick valance “warned the new strain becoming the dominant strain early analysis the new variant is consist of 70 % more transmissible or dangerous


Why new coronavirus is more harmful than others?

SARS-CoV-2, “a small made naturally developed at steady piece when genomes are copied” Say professor Loman microbial genomics & bioinformatics at the University of Birmingham. Scientist found remarkably different from other virus and a total of 23 mutations arising without prior notice and quickly faster than anyone excepted he added “this is very unusual and striking finding”

UK scientist announced on December 23 SARS-CoV-2 variant reported last week in South Africa had now two people spotted in England

Compare: Covid -19 & Sars-Cov-2

As mentioned earlier the new strain is most harmful compare to the others it consists of new dangerous symptoms that spread faster than covid.

COVID -19: everyone is now about this virus even a common man who lives hard to poor and a common child who don’t know about even the study material but he also knows about the virus public distance and social distancing is considered to get rid of this pandemic but currently there is no vaccine is concerned more effective currently confirmed cases 77,228,903, confirmed deaths 1718470 was considered almost 222 countries faced coronavirus around the world

SARS-CoV-2: currently Singapore confirmed cases of this new strain only one and Denmark has 33 cases confirmed Singapore said there is no evidence of this new variant community spread it is necessary to lock down the country and save people from this new variant people make sure some precautionary measure to stop this and make Christmas with full of sops. I sought the new variant is more harmful than COVID -19 because this is 50 or 70 percent transmissible

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