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CBD Fad: Cannabis Compound Now Found in Food and Cocktails

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The cannabidiol (CBD) sector is experiencing rapid growth and continues to chase down its more well-known cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While CBD is still a relatively new term for many people, it has quickly gained popularity and has emerged as a considerable market with solid future projections as its medicinal properties continue to be revealed.

While marijuana has gained major steam in advocacy and legalization, CBD has become a staple for many people who live in areas that ban cannabis or those who prefer to indulge in the non-psychoactive alternative while still benefiting from the highly capable medicinal uses of CBD.

In 2017, the market experienced a massive growth of 40 percent, which resulted in $367 million in sales. By 2020, the CBD market is expected to reach a value of around $1.2 billion, which includes hemp-derived, marijuana-derived, and pharmaceutical CBD.

Pharmaceutical growth

CBD growth should see even stronger gains following the FDA’s approval of Epidiolex, the very first CBD-derived medicine that was developed to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which clinical trials showed CBD as being effective in reducing seizures to help suffering patients maintain a higher quality of life.

CBD has also been shown to effectively treat various symptoms and conditions by stimulating the endocannabinoid system which is critical for regulating the body and maintaining our health. By effectively increasing the body’s ability to heal, CBD helps treat pain, insomnia, depression, and even diseases by revitalizing the brain’s capacities.

Of course, one of the major advantages of CBD over THC is its ability to promote inner healing without the accompanying feelings of euphoria that are characterized by marijuana use. This allows people to enjoy CBD at their leisure, as hemp-derived CBD containing less than 0.3% of THC falls under legal boundaries.

Maximizing hospitality

Major corporations have taken notice of CBD’s effective health benefits and popularity, and hotels and restaurants have emerged as one of its premier endorsers to enhance the rest and relaxation experience for guests. As CBD stimulates the body to provide respite from problems such as anxiety, lack of appetite, and pain relief, it has become an ideal feature at hotels such as New York City’s James Nomad Hotel.

The hotel sought out the services of Le Cordon Bleu chef Andrea Drummer, who had experience with cannabis cuisine to help deal with her joint pain. She joined James Nomad Hotel along with her array of comfort foods infused with CBD, such as spicy meatballs and tater tots which include between 10-20 mg of CBD.

Drummer emphasized that due to CBD being tasteless, it was easy to include into a wide variety of dishes that would further enhance the dining experience of their guests. Furthermore, CBD was deemed safe by the World Health Organization and there aren’t any known cases of CBD overdose as it is non-toxic and safe.

James Nomad Manager James La Russo explained the reasoning behind incorporating CBD into their hotel: “We’re always researching new ways to help our guests relax. CBD extract is proven to have calming effects, easing anxiety and stress. With it being legal in all 50 states, we knew we wanted to get involved,” he explained.

West Hollywood’s Petit Ermitage even features an exclusive 7-course meal infused with CBD at $120 a pop, featuring exquisite delicacies such as duck and salami that are enhanced by CBD puree.

Ease of access

For those who plan on spending more time in their hotel rooms, the Standard Hotel may be another option as their exclusive partnership with CBD brand Lord Jones allows them to include CBD products into mini-bars for the guest’s convenience. Gumdrops and body lotions enhanced by CBD will be available at the hotel, which has locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami Beach.

CBD is also gaining popularity in cocktails and desserts as well such as at the New York’s Ace Hotel, which features CBD brownies and cocktails at their bar called the Breslin. Restaurant Bubby’s utilizes a CBD sweetener for various beverages such as coffee and cocktails, while cafe and spa Chillhouse features CBD toast and a CBD hibiscus milkshake to further delight their customers.

While hotels and restaurants continue to promote innovative uses of CBD, the sector is still mainly represented by well-known brands such as PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) POTN secures CBD that is carefully extracted from organic hemp for a quality and legal source of CBD that helps promote wellness and can provide relief from various health conditions.

The premier CBD distributor has been characterized by strong financial performances and has increased their infrastructure with additions such as pet CBD brand Medipets as well as wellness brand Meds Biotech, which also features a new turmeric-based product. POTN possesses a comprehensive CBD menu that includes edibles, vapes, tinctures, oil, and creams, among others. These various options will help satisfy the needs of CBD consumers who can take advantage of its health benefits at their convenience.

With the positive growth, POTN has also filed a form 10 to submit the required financial documentation required by the SEC become a fully reporting company.

Hotels and restaurants certainly won’t be the last to feature CBD in its menus and facilities, but they represent significant approval as public acceptance and support of cannabis, in general, continue to surge. It’s safe and non-psychoactive properties have made it very popular with users, and institutions are beginning to commercialize their benefits to provide an extra layer of relaxation and relief for its guests.

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