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Bruno Groening And The “Healing Stream”

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Bruno Groening


Bruno Groening and the “Healing Stream”

Have you heard of Bruno Groening? Have you heard of the phrase “Healing Stream”? I never heard of Bruno Groening, much less “Healing Stream”. It was only a few weeks ago when I read a local newspaper write-up about Bruno Groening and his ability to heal the sick, some really very sick people. This article was a bit secretive that it did not describe how Bruno Groening cured the sick. It just stated Bruno Groening’s ability to do just that. So curiosity made the better of me, as usual. And surf the internet I went. Now I like to share this information about Bruno Groening and his miracle cure with you.

Who is Bruno Groening

Bruno Groening was born in 1906 in Gdansk, Poland (at that time controlled by Germany). He had a relatively short life, died in 1959 in Paris at the age of 52 from stomach cancer. Bruno Groening was just an ordinary man. He worked as an electrician, carpenter, laborer in factory, dock and in the post office. In 1959, Bruno Groening became famous when reports about him as a miracle healer appeared in the newspapers, in radios, and in newsreels. A movie film was made about him. He purportedly healed the sick, the blind, the deaf, and those suffering from incurable diseases. He was revered as The Miracle Doctor. The wheel-chair bound could start to walk, the blind could see, and the deaf could hear again.

With this sort of spectacular healing achievements came controversies. Those desperately seeking treatment, Bruno Groening was their last savior. On the other side of the fence, the politicians, clergies, doctors and the rest condemned him of fraud. Even the day he died, there was still impending court case against him.

We have heard similar stories of many “faith healers”, “miracle healers”, and what have you. When they died, their “special abilities” died with them, and their success stories gradually faded away and forgotten. In the case of Bruno Groening, it was not meant to be. His influence still prevails around the world today! Almost in every major city throughout the world you will find the “Bruno Groening Circle of Friends” teaching people how to heal themselves, free of charge and without any condition attached. What is so special about Bruno Groening’s message or techniques?

Bruno Groening speaking to the crowd


Bruno Groening’s Divine Message and Therapy

Bruno Groening’s message was that there was this divine power, the divine life force, which he called the “Healing Stream” or the divine “Heilstrom” that the body could tap into for healing all kinds of diseases. The sick were asked to trust and believe in God by “surrendering” their bodies to receive the healing energies of this “Healing Stream”, “Heilstrom”. His contention was that health was the natural state of a person, and illness was therefore not a condition for the body. By absorption of the healing energies of this divine “Heilstrom”, the body would be recharged and energized, and any sickness would be cured.

Bruno Groening made this bold statement that “no illness is incurable”. Bruno Groening never diagnose any illness, nor gave any medical advice. He never asked for any money for his divine service, and repeatedly said that “I am only a simple, nature loving man! I don’t sell divine energy! Don’t thank me, thank God.”

He assured that the healings were spiritual and self-generated, and did not require his physical presence. That is why even today, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends still claims to have documented new healings taking place all over the world.

How to receive this “Healing Stream”

According to Bruno Groening, this “Healing Stream” is everywhere and is ever present. What we need is to pay close attention to our bodies, using our body sensations to connect and receive this divine healing energy. We are like radios, with proper and correct tuning to the right frequency, we are able to receive the transmission.

The Method to receive this energy source:

1. Sit upright on a chair, with feet flat on the floor.

2. Legs slightly apart.

3. Hands comfortably resting on the thighs.

4. Palms facing upwards.

Sitting comfortably relaxed in this position, open up your heart and hands to receive this healing stream, with positive thoughts in your mind, visualizing the beautiful images of mother nature, trust and believe in God, in the divine healing power. Be open to healing. Trust and Believe. The divine force helps and heals.

The key emphasis is on “trust and believe” in this connection with the “Healing Stream”, and you will receive this divine energy and be healed. You are advised to do this sitting twice a day, to absorb this healing energy.

Crowd seeking healing from Bruno Groening


Healed; pushing his own wheelchair

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The legacy of Bruno Groening : MWF and Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

From what is known, Bruno Groening was not to be easily dismissed as a charlatan as his opponents accused of him. In 1988, the “medical science group” of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends started documenting thousands of cases of people getting cured by following Bruno Groening’s method. With the collaboration of thousands of medical doctors and those associated with healing and palliative care, thousands of such miracle healings were documented. This “medical science group” came to be referred to as MWF, the abbreviation of its German name “ Medizinisch-Wissenschaftliche Fachgruppe”.

It all started in 1984 when a doctor in Hamburg by the name of Matthias Kamp began to study the healing cases. Subsequently, other doctors joined him in his documentation of the healing cases, and they decided to form the Medical Scientific Group, the MWF. Dr Matthias Kamp is also the author of the book "Bruno Groening - Revolution in Medicine".

Now about this “Bruno Groening Circle of Friends”. The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends consists of volunteers serving through their own free will without remuneration, to help others learn about Bruno Groening’s method of healing oneself. This group is a loosely organized community of volunteers with different religious beliefs. The group itself is not affiliated to any religion. There are groups all over the world consisting of local volunteers. The healings have even extended to drug and alcohol addictions.

In the true spirit of Bruno Groening, the Circle of Friends merely share its knowledge of receiving this “Healing Stream”. It never diagnoses, and never advises anyone against seeking medical attention.

Bruno Groening in Herford in 1949 declared, "It can’t be stopped; healing will take place all over the world".

In the spirit of free enquiry and free expression

I always like to share my personal opinion on subjects that I write about. I never take information as Gospel truth. I believe in the spirit of free enquiry and expression. I also believe that everyone is free to disagree with my personal opinion. I also believe in the axiom “agree to disagree”. When we can adhere to this principle of respect for others’ opinions and to coexist in peace, the world will be a better place to live in.

What I have understood so far from this research into Bruno Groening’s teachings, is that the message is pretty universal. In fact in the Bruno Groening’s website, it acknowledged that this “Healing Stream” has been known in “old, advanced civilizations and in Asia”. You would have noticed that Bruno Groening did not use the term “God” exclusively. He used the term “Heilstrom”, meaning "Healing Stream". While searching through the internet, I did not come across any mention of a specific God of a specific religion. To me his message is universal, applicable to everyone irrespective of one’s belief system. To me, a universal truth is the real truth that transcends belief, race, culture and tradition. Just like the air we breathe. Call it by whatever names, label it by whatever labels, air IS air in real truth.

The Chinese for thousands of years, have the ability to harness this “Healing Energy” which they called “Qi” (pronounced as chi). This Qi is the vital energy that flows through our whole body. With a healthy Qi flow, the body will be healthy, with the immune system at its optimum level, preventing sickness. When this flow of Qi is blocked, the body will be in serious trouble. Negative thoughts will produce negative Qi . So it is vital that the mind is relaxed, and is free from negative thoughts.

In India, the spiritual teachings as well as in Yoga, the term used is “Prana”. Prana is the vital life force of the body. This life energy is believed to be centred in the brain, or more correctly in the conscious mind. Located throughout this prana, are meridian points or chakras which act as receiving points for this vital energy.When the conscious mind is relaxed and focused on positive thoughts, the prana gives positive energy, and the body will be in good health. If the mind is troubled with negative vibrations, then the prana will be weak, giving rise to sickness.

In Buddhist meditation, the training of the mind to achieve tranquility, is essential for maintaining inner peace. When the mind is at peace, it has no negative thoughts. Only thoughts of goodwill and compassion permeate the mind. With a peaceful mind, there will be a “peaceful” body, free of illness.

Do you see the similarities? Universal truths have no man-made boundaries.

Be that as it may, there are three lingering thoughts in my mind, without intended malice:

1. Did all those who sought help from Bruno Groening get cured?

2. Despite what was claimed by Bruno Groening that “no illness is incurable”, he succumbed to cancer.

3. I noticed in his photos, he seemed to have a swollen neck.

The final chapter of Bruno Groening’s life.

If you are interested to read about Bruno Groening’s final days, please click here.

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Tom on December 20, 2019:

Healer teaching others to heal themselves dying from cancer in age of 52 is a BIG red flag for me. Something went wrong Bruno.

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on October 07, 2018:

Thanks Vivek for reading and comment.

Vivek Chandragiri on October 03, 2018:

Nice articles. I had not heard of Bruno until I came across your article.



FRANCIS on June 21, 2018:





a gentle warning on January 20, 2016:

a gentle warning: members of the Circle of Friends of Bruno have been murdered! (most recently in Santa Barbara, CA)

Alex on July 08, 2015:

Yes, not so different - the idea is that you absorbing divine energy which can effect every aspect of your life - not just physical healing. If you have major issues that need healing - whether physical, emotional, relationship, financial - I recommend sitting 3 hours in every 24hr period over the course of time. I like to do 1/2 hour or 1 hour sessions. All sorts of miracles can happen. Bruno always said to make your own experience and convince yourself. So if you are suffering in any way and need radical change, try doing this practice for a couple of months and see what things in your life change for the better. I have witnessed what people today would call miracles - and the physical healings sometimes are confirmed by medical doctors. I've been on the spiritual path since a teenager and studying healing and have never come across something so powerful as this. If sit in silence with people in a group doing einstellen it can be really nice and it amplifies the power. I am getting to the point of witnessing things in my own life and body that I can only describe as miraculous - or things I can't explain away by any other 'logical' explanation. As I do, I will be spreading this very simple method out to as many people who are open and need it. We can all heal ourselves and get out of any suffering - but it takes A LOT of this good power. That's why I emphasize at least 3 hours of doing this in a 24hour period. Even if you have to get less sleep - it will, eventually, become a better quality, deeper sleep. Check up that Tommy Welchel book and all the healings that happen. There were separate prophecies given at that time in the early 1900's that what happened at Asuza St will happen again in about 100 years - and all over the world this time. So this is the time! This can really happen - all through going beyond the thinking mind - sublimating the thinking mind - and allowing a higher consciousness to come through - and you could think of it as absorbing good, divine energy like in einstellen. I don't know how this all really works - for me it's like when a lady once asked Tom Edison how electricity works. He said, "Electricity works. Use it!" We got a lot of suffering people to help - so I say, let's use this power - and, hopefully, we'll get the questions answered on the way!:-) All the very best, Alex

Eagle546 on June 26, 2015:

Thank you Alexancer/Alex? for your post! I absolutely believe in einstellen. But for me, it is not so different form meditation or silent/contemplative prayer. Thanks, I'll check up Tommy Welchel. If you spoke in tongues sometime/years ago, you should be able to do it agian - it is not something one really looses, but you must activate it again.

Alex on June 24, 2015:

The energy collected in his neck. He felt the best when his neck was the biggest. that's when he was helping the most people. He said he didn't feel so good when his neck was a normal size because it was when the govt banned him from helping people. If you can get the movie The Phenomenon of Bruno Groening, it's well worth watching. I think I even saw somewhere to download it.. said torrent and the movie title or something I think.. guess you could find it on google.

Alexander on June 24, 2015:

Yes Eagle546 - I was a community leader in the COF and I agree with you. I also know Bruno more than probably most anyone alive today. I am not specifically Christian but Bruno constantly emphasized (and still does) that you don't need him for the healing. After he crossed over he said we could all be our own doctors. Sitting in einstellen 2-3 hours a day can heal anything I believe. He didn't die of cancer either. He predicted years earlier that if the govt restricted his energy, he would burn from the inside out. At the end of his life, the doctors couldn't understand how he could even be alive and walking around when his insides were totally burnt out.

This isn't something to be understood by the intellect. This is a higher awareness - this is Love. Try sitting for 2 to 3 1 hour sessions if you have serious issues whether in health, finances, or any area throughout the day. try to build up the time you can sit - and watch your life change. If you get dissuaded - because there are things that will try to dissuade you - get back to it - and keep coming back. I could write a whole book on what I've learned from Bruno and all my experiences. But that's not necessary - Bruno always says to convince yourself and have your own experiences. There's a reason that there are thousands of MD's in the Bruno Groening COF worldwide. But the healing don't happen as much when we look to Bruno for healing. The power is all within us. We don't need Bruno. Just sit in einstellen and absorb this divine power. Wishing you much success!

Eagle546 on May 12, 2015:

Norm, here is something really worth while checking out:

All the best with your journey :)

Norm on May 12, 2015:

I started my Spirtual path with bruno avbout 15 years ago. I was new to the Spirtual path and decided I wanted to see what else was out there besides bruno. I got initiated by several other masters /gurus and though had many wonderful experiences with them I never really got healing that I wanted. I have since gone back to b theinterested in other forms of and and have come back to him as my endeavors with other masters/ did not fulfill what I wanted

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on June 09, 2014:

Hi Eagle546,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Eagle546 on June 09, 2014:

Let me give you a broader perspective about this all. I was involved with the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends for some time. I have benefitted and learned from the teachings and approach of Bruno Groening, and will continue to do so. But... I have some serious concerns; Bruno focused on Gód as the healer, while the movement today focuses on Brúno hímself. They see and encourage one to ask/pray to Bruno for healings - so he has now become a spirit guide. As a Christian, one should have only óne spirit guide, and that is the Holy Spirit. And once they have your contact details they keep on phoning you and e-mailing you. I am sorry to say, but it has really become somewhat of a cult.

salil on October 17, 2012:

Dear Good Guy ,thanks for bringing Bruno to your readers.The answers to the three lingering thoughts are very much on the website of Circle of Friends.Please read through the web site.Telling about tuning into the healing stream is incomplete till you tell the readers about "Cleansing" or "Regulation Pains".I am an Indian ,Hindu by religion.Me as well as many friends in India have immensely benefitted from the teachings of Bruno.I request your readers to visit the website to know and discover more about Bruno Groening themselves.Thanks once again.

Sandra Busby from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA on August 16, 2012:

Very interesting hub, Good Guy. I had never heard of Groening, but I will be on the lookout for more information on him. Thanks for SHARING.

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