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Bromhidrosis Treatment - Get Rid of Underarm Odor

Do You Know?

Perspiration or sweating by itself actually does not have odors attributed to it. It is the combination of bacteria residing on the skin and secreted body fluids by sweat glands that leads to an unpleasant odor. This is why certain areas of the body are much more prone to this odor, for example, underarm odor.

What is Bromhidrosis?

Bromhidrosis is an unfortunate medical condition of abnormal body odor related to perspiration. Bromhidrosis is mainly caused by a combination of sweat produced by the sweat glands and living bacteria on our skin. Apocrine bromhidrosis is the more common type among the two (the other being Eccrine bromhidrosis). Apocrine glands, as opposed to eccrine glands, are only found in the armpits, areas around the breasts and the groin. This is why underarm odor is one of the most common odor complaints by sufferers. Ever wondered why children often do not have the problem of body odor? This is because apocrine glands only develop and become active after puberty hits.

Conventional Medicine

Many medical professionals often recommend conventional and invasive procedures from surgery to ultrasonic liposuction for removal of sweat glands. Some doctors will prescribe anticholinergics which are drugs that "block" sweating. There are also antibiotics such as clindamycin and erythromycin. Bromhidrosis medication is not uncommon.

However, bromhidrosis natural treatment is possible and should be attempted before anything invasive is performed. Apocrine gland removal is often used as a last resort to permanently remove the affected sweat glands.

In the next few sections of the article, we will explore some natural methods of treating bromhidrosis.

Importance of Hygiene

Maintaining a good body hygiene is the most important thing if you have bromhidrosis or any other forms of BO. Sometimes the basics are the most important. You should strive to decrease the bacteria near the apocrine glands while keeping the skin as dry and clean as possible.

Shaving your armpit hair eliminates a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive in. The presence of hair in your underarms traps more bacteria and can drastically slow sweat from evaporating naturally.

It is also important not change your clothes frequently as least once a day, or even more if you perspire a lot. You will have to evaluate if you are changing your clothes or even washing them enough.

Wear Natural Fabrics

A study (here) by the American Society for Microbiology has shown that fabrics like polyester and spandex are extremely prone to microbial growth which can lead and/or worsen bromhidrosis. Therefore, wearing clothes made out of natural fibers like silk, wool, linen, or cotton will be a much better choice.

Home Remedies

Vinegar, which contains the useful acetic acid can decrease the pH level of the skin for a healthy and anti bacteria environment. For many centuries, vinegar has traditionally been used to kill pathogens, for disinfection and the prevention of bacteria from spreading. Apple cider vinegar works wonders as well. Like everything else in life, use with moderation and remember to apply on the skin and then wipe it dry.

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Witch Hazel, as eerie as the name may sound, is actually an amazing natural remedy and topical agent. Its medicinal properties are well known for treating skin problems and be be used for bromhidrosis sufferers as well.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic and essential oil that has a host of scientifically proven benefits. This oil comes from Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Australia. Please note that tea tree oil should never be ingested and should be used topically.

Change your Diet

Coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks contains stimulants that worsen body odor and bromhidrosis pushing the apocrine sweat glands to work even harder. Thus it is important to reduce or even remove the consumption of these beverages to combat BO.

The food you eat actually contributes to your BO and by-production of your sweat glands. Reduce the consumption of pungent foods such as garlic, onions and spicy stuff.

Bromhidrosis Deodorant

Deodarants should be safe and natural. Keep a lookout and choose deodorants that contain natural ingredients such as green tea, black tea or chlorophyll etc. It is crucial to stay away from those that contain chemicals (such as traces of aluminium) that can worsen your condition.

If you are out in the market for antiperspirants, do note that some of these products contain aluminum which can do more harm than good (aluminum is known to harm the central nervous system according to different studies.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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