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Upside Down Malformed Kidney : Symptoms Treatment and After Care  The Kidneys The Kidneys  The function of the Kidneys The function of the Kidneys  Thalidomide Tablets Thalidomide Tablets

Nephroplasty: Definition: Surgical Repair of the Kidney.

In 1993 I found out that I had been born with an upside down kidney on the right side of my body. I call it an upside down kidney because the doctors explained that it was almost upside down and malformed and had never worked properly.

Either way it was purely a malformed kidney. I never even knew there was a problem until one day when I began to feel really ill.

My stomach had been swollen for years, but I just put it down to being too fat, or maybe suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I never realised that a renal problem was the cause.

When you see yourself every day you don't notice any difference in your appearance, and never in a million years would I have thought that I had any sort of kidney disease, or kidney malfunction.

I had been suffering with stress over that period and just presumed that my swollen stomach was caused by poor eating. On this particular day, I started to feel ill with pains in my lower stomach.

The strange thing was that I had felt a stabbing pain in my back just below the waistline. This had been going on for a few weeks, but not so painful that I took any particular notice of it. I even felt it when I was asleep, but it was just a niggling pain.

At 33 years old it never dawned on me at this time that I could possibly have been born with a malfunctioning kidney. Who would have thought it?

I do remember my mother saying that she had been really sick in her pregnancy with me, and had in fact taken Thalidomide tablets, but only for a few days. Thank goodness! Thalidomide was a drug given to pregnant women back in the late fifties and early sixties for an easier time. The side effects were horrendous.

Children had been born with no arms or legs. And many other deformities. I will never know if this is what caused my problems but it does seem a bit suspicious. I had been born without a properly formed gullet and a twisted lower spine. The hospital treated me, and after two months I was allowed home. My gullet is fine, and the spine was straightened.

My mother said she had taken out an insurance policy at the time to cover any extra medical expenses that I may need for my deformities.Back then the treatment was good, but she wasn't going to take any chances.  Stomach problems? It can be a sign of kidney problems. Stomach problems? It can be a sign of kidney problems.

First Signs

When I began to be sick I presumed that I had picked up a tummy bug. The pain in my stomach wasn't too bad at that point but it got steadily worse as the night went on.

My partner called the Doctor, but he just said to drink a lot of fluids and hope that it would be gone in the morning.

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Sadly this wasn't to be. By midnight I was vomiting so badly they had to call an ambulance. The Doctor got involved and said don't be stupid, and please don't waste the Paramedics time!

Eventually after much arguing, the Paramedics arrived, took one look at me, and we headed out to the hospital.

Stomach Scan

Stomach Scan