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Books To Read Every Year

Fill up with good books throughout the year. Feed your heart, mind and emotions.

Fill up with good books throughout the year. Feed your heart, mind and emotions.

What Makes A Good Book?

If you love books you like to be able to settle down and read a really good one whenever you can. And whenever that opportunity does come around you want the book to be well worth the time you have taken to read it. We all have our own criteria about what makes a good book. But we all would probably agree that every book should at the very least add some quality and substance to our lives.

A Good Book Should Have An Effect On Us

The book should do something to us and for us. You expect to feel full and satisfied like after having enjoyed an exceptional meal. You received what you expected and perhaps more. That’s what you want from a good book. When you choose a book to read, does it have to make you laugh, cry, inspire you or give you courage? In one way or another we need all of the above. And it doesn’t come automatically. You have to seek it out purposefully. Like a parent when raising a child, tries to insure that their child is well-rounded in life. We must do and continue to do the same for ourselves. We have to keep putting in some substance and quality in order to keep getting substance and quality in return. Just like the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out”; in a very similar manner, if we put nothing of quality in, we cannot expect to recoup anything worthwhile. So consider carefully and wisely what you put in. Consider your own personal list of the type of books you should read every year to keep your life challenged, full, content and vibrant. And throw in a few mysteries too. The mind loves a good puzzle to figure out.

Books Can Open Your Mind

Books That Make You Laugh

Laughing is good for us all and many of us don’t do it enough. It’s always been good medicine. But we’re deficient and it leaves us missing an important stress reliever, that effectively releases many old and laden pent up frustrations. Laughter is a wonderful gift that talented and humorous writers give to us. Unless you already have a repertoire of known comedic writers, funny writers may be hard to find without doing an Internet search. And then there’s the matter of preference. Not everything is funny to everyone. Find the humor that reaches out to you.

Books That Make You Cry

Okay, not many of us if any sets out to have a good cry, but we’re ready with our tissues just in case for a rumored tear jerk-er movie so why not a tear-jerk-er book? Where do you find tear-jerk-er books? Reading from the original classics before they were made into major motion picture, is a good start. Books like Wuthering Heights, Gone With The Wind or Last of The Mohicans, should keep you busy. The early prose that these books were written in were very descriptive and will give you a fresh appreciation for how people lived back then. There are also books that talk about how things use to be and how far we as a people have strayed from the straight and narrow. At least one of the classic books is certain to produce a good cry. And a good cry is good for you too. Keeps all those tear ducts free and clear.

Books That Made me Cry

Books That Inspire

Who doesn’t need a truly inspiring book at least a few times a year. We get tired, things happen at home, on the job or with our extended family or in the community or nation that cause us much anxiety and concern. Reading about someone else’s struggle that’s similar to yours can make one not feel so alone in the world right in your own quiet living room, on the subway ride home or in your cubicle at work. Stories about the integrity and faith of some of the men and women who selflessly and tirelessly worked to make life easier for others in the world has to humble most if not all, giving us renewed courage and hope. We can't read enough of these type of books. It's one of those genres that one needs to fill up on often. Life can wear us out in the trenches of whatever struggle we happen to be in, sometimes causing us to forget what we've learned in an inspiring book just the month before. So always be on the lookout for new books that inspire and remember to recommend and share with your friends and colleagues too. They need it just as much as you do.

Comfort Reads: Books To Lift The Spirit

Books That Teach

Everyone should be constantly learning. If we each learned something new everyday, there’s no telling how it would change our thinking and us too. Learning is powerful and should be a life-long pursuit. And you really are never too old to learn something new. And at whichever age you learn that something new, for some of us, it just may be the perfect age to learn it. Perhaps you bypassed chemistry and physics in high school because it was just too hard or because it wasn’t required. Well, how about now? Do you feel any differently about it with the exciting advances being made in DNA research and how it is being used to get a jump on sickness and disease and trace ancestry? Is there any inkling in you that is curious about the various fields of science and what they are all about? Or maybe you’re curious about something else. It could even be something that could possibly become a hobby one day. The point is to get curious about something. Considering a new hobby? Read about it, think about it awhile, and get inspired to read an advanced book on the same subject. It won’t be long until you’re be hooked.

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Benefits of Reading

Invest In Your Well-Being

Invest in books that will feed every part of you. Read whatever piques your interest. Read what's necessary to help a friend. It could save you a fortune in unnecessary medical or psychiatry bills. Reading has value that gives rewards well beyond what's expected.

Life Changing Poem

Books That Feed Your Soul

Not a one of us can do without some literature that soothes us, looks inside of us, mirroring our dark or hurting souls, then offers light, healing, comfort,guidance and if it’s the right piece of literature, salvation too. The Bible is one of those works of literature that has long been revered and looked to for light, healing, comfort and everything else that is necessary for successful living. But maybe you’re not too big on the Bible. That doesn't mean you have to go without the solace that everyone needs from time to time. There are millions of devotional books that are written for people in every walk of life. Some are lighthearted,quick and easy reading for first thing in the morning or before bed in the evening. Although many devotionals have the Bible as the foundation of its contents, they are often infused with the life and experiences of the author, making for very palatable and enjoyable reading. Poetry is another wonderful type of literature that is guaranteed to minister to any soul. You just need the right poetry that pushes the right buttons. Sadly, publishers have slowed down considerably in publishing books of poetry. But we still have a wealth of poetry from the pens of those who lived before us and they can still be found in libraries and on the shelves of many bookstores worldwide. And another upside is that new younger generations are discovering its value and are reviving it.

Feed Your Soul With Psalm 139

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Barb Johnson (author) from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula on April 27, 2017:

Blessings to you too Amy! Everyone's so busy juggling their lives. Look how long it took me to respond to your comment. So sorry. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Amy from East Coast on December 15, 2016:

I can't believe that nobody has commented on this Hub. It was a great read. I love your phrase "garbage in, garbage out." I agree that we should always be reading and expanding our mind. Our knowledge is something that can't be taken away from us. Blessings to you.

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