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Blood In Urine!! Check Your Ery/Ul Level

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When you are 60 : urine infection

I am 60 years old. When you reached this stage in life, you tend to be more health conscious. For me, I place high priority on my personal well-being. I know what ill-health can devastate one's lifestyle. So when I noticed blood in my urine, it was a rude shock for me! My mind went blank for a moment. Then I was in no mood for anything and quickly took my shower. And it took the life out of me when I started to shake uncontrollably. I was in a state of accute panic. Never had I experienced such a trauma. I stopped the shower and quickly went to the kitchen to take a glass of warm water; then lay down with my blanket on me. Thoughts of fear of death, fear of death, fear of death!

What's going to happen to my 5-year old granddaughter who is under my full-time care. My poor wife! (Hey! I need to achieve the "30 hubs within 30 days" challenge!") Then as if by some unseen hands, a sudden ring on the phone. My dear sister called! She being a retired nurse with vast hands-on experience, always brought some much needed psychological comfort when one is down with sickness. Although there wasn't anything she could do for me at that moment of panic, just a call from her brought comfort to me. When my body began to relax, some sanity returned. After a much needed rest, I consulted my "best friend" the internet, and searched for "blood in urine."

Overnight authority on "blood in urine!"

After a few minutes engrossed in the internet, I became an instant authority on "blood in urine!" :

"Blood in the urine is a common problem. The medical term for red blood cells in the urine is hematuria. Sometimes blood in the urine is a sign of a serious problem in the urinary tract, while other times it is not serious and requires no treatment. Only after a thorough evaluation by a health-care provider should blood in the urine be attributed to a non-serious cause."

Causes of Blood in the Urine:

Hematuria has many different causes.

  • Blood in the urine can come from any condition that results in infection, inflammation, or injury to the urinary system.
  • Cancers of the kidney, bladder, and prostate become a more common concern in people older than 40 years of age.
  • Some causes of hematuria are serious, others are not.

The well-known causes of blood in the urine include the following:

  • Kidney stones
  • Infections of the urinary tract (UTIs) or genitals
  • Blockage of the urinary tract, usually the urethra: by a stone, a tumor, a narrowing of the opening (stricture), or a compression from surrounding structures
  • Cancer of the kidney, bladder, or prostate
  • Kidney disease

Sometimes no cause is found for blood in the urine.

  • If serious conditions such as cancer, kidney disease, and other chronic diseases that cause kidney damage or bleeding are ruled out, the cause is usually not serious.
  • The hematuria will probably go away by itself or continue as a chronic condition without doing harm. Any changes should immediately trigger a return visit and evaluation by your health-care provider.

What a mouthful. Now I know why I could not be a doctor! You need to be highly intelligent! Be that as it may, the last information above was a welcome consolation, but then the thoughts of cancer and kidney disease kept flashing in my mind! I have a special "death" phobia whenever I felt sick in the toilet.

That evening, I think I broke the world record of drinking the most glasses of water in the shortest time period! There was nothing I could do , so I went to sleep.

May I be well and healthy.

It happened on a Saturday, so I had to spend an agonising Sunday, just drinking water, plenty of it; like crazy! Came Monday, you know what I did? No prize money for guessing it right.  Straight to the clinic; a urine test was done, and confirmed "blood in urine!"  ERY 250 ery/ul 4+.  What's that. I was not in the mood to ask.  What I knew was that there was BLOOD IN MY URINE!!  I was given Potassium Citrate Mixture (Urine alkalizer) and was told to return in a week's time. 

I took the medication like a most obedient child.  I also put into immediate action my home remedy which I have been taking periodically, "boiled parsley water."  I also consumed a huge watermelon, and told my wife rather selfishly that I wasn't going to share with her.  The watermelon was going to be the "canon" that will blast the kidney stones into smitherines, if they dare occupy my kidneys!

The next 7 days were the longest period of my life; felt like 7 years.  Today, I returned to the clinic and did the urine test again.  To my utter relief, no more blood in my urine!!  I felt like having struck a milliom dollar lottery!! 

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Now I am the mood to know what this "ERY 250" is all about.  Consulted my "best friend" again, and found out:

"Blood (hemoglobin) in urine test"

Normal blood range in urine should be less than 3 ery/ul.

For whatever reason or reasons, this eye-opening episode was certainly a reminder to me that it's time I have a full medical check-up.  I shall do so in due course.

In the meantime, may I be well and healthy; and so may you too!!

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annemarie on September 04, 2012:

I just took one of the dip stick tests as in severe lower stomach pain and have been on 5 different antibiotics for utisand once again the ery come back positive as did leukocytes and small protein..others ok..but now I know what wry is,still nothin I can do as antibiotics won't do for the comment of the Justin beiber it must be hard trying to be something your not,a singer? Lol and as for not caring about a person,u must think low of yourself...

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on February 08, 2012:

Hi justin biebler,

I am sorry for you. Go and find your brain somewhere else.

justin biebler on February 07, 2012:

i don't care about ur stupid pee problems, so don't be telling people that don't care about it like me

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on May 07, 2011:

Hi Sun-Girl ,

Thanks for your encouragement.

Sun-Girl from Nigeria on May 06, 2011:

Nice and very informative article you really published here once again Good Guy, am always in love with your article and this one is another interesting one,thanks bravo.

pk oon on March 02, 2010:

Glad you realise that you should go for a full medical check up. Pls make it soon.

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