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Black People Destroying Their Melanin and the Effects of Skin Bleaching

As I see it I put it. I do not get involved directly in politics. It is a tricksters game. But if you plan to vote. Vote for me.

Skin lightening

Skin lightening

What is Melanin

Melanin:is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms (arachnids are one of the few groups in which it has not been detected). Melanin is produced by the oxidation of the amino acid tyrosine, followed by polymerization. The pigment is produced in a specialized group of cells known as melanocytes.

There are three basic types of melanin: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin. The most common type is eumelanin, and is produced in 'black' and 'brown' subtypes. Pheomelanin is a cysteine-containing red-brown polymer of benzothiazine units largely responsible for red hair and freckles. Neuromelanin is found in the brain, though its function remains obscure.

In the skin, melanogenesis occurs after exposure to UV radiation, causing the skin to visibly tan. Melanin is an effective absorber of light; the pigment is able to dissipate over 99.9% of absorbed UV radiation. Because of this property, melanin is thought to protect skin cells from UVB radiation damage, reducing the risk of cancer. Furthermore, though exposure to UV radiation is associated with increased risk of malignant melanoma, a cancer of the melanocytes, studies have shown a lower incidence for skin cancer in individuals with more concentrated melanin, i.e. darker skin tone. Nonetheless, the relationship between skin pigmentation and photoprotection is still being clarified. From: Wikipedia

Why Black People Bleach

People who bleach to get a lighter skin tone definitely has an inferior complex. Not only is skin bleaching a disgrace to our black ancestors, it is dangerous to individuals who continue to do so. Some reasons given for the bleaching show that a lot of black people are ashamed of their God given melanin rich skin and are ignorant regarding the power of their skin.

Reasons Given For Bleaching

  • They simply hate the melanin in their skin and if that is all that differentiates opportunities in USA and Europe they will bleach it away.
  • They have placed tattoos on their skin and needs them to be more pronounced so they bleach their skin to allow the tattoos to be seen more.
  • Bleaching makes them feel a bit more confident, and brings up the color of their clothing better than having a black skin.
  • Studies reveal that most of the young people prefer using skin bleaching products so that they get a good status in their group and society. In fact, the commercials shown on the television also portray the same thing. All these things have a great impact on the minds of young men and women and they opt for whatever cream or pill they can afford.
Incarcerated Dance-hall Artist Vybz Kartel

Incarcerated Dance-hall Artist Vybz Kartel

Psychological Skin Hate

Sometimes when we look at Black people and wonder why anyone would do such a stupid thing as to destroy the beauty and power of their rich dark skin. There are many underlining psychological factors which contributes to people doing many tings thinking that it will lift their worth and self esteem. Many people give various reasons why they do bleach their skin, but one of the biggest reasons come as far back as slavery. This is not another blame it on slavery post, but history has shown that slaves who were of a much lighter complexion were treated better and psychologically had a higher ranking than dark skin slaves.

Brown Slave, Better Treatment

The White plantation owners and supervisors enjoyed many intimate moments with the African slave women. This lead to many mix babies being born. These brown babies were not accepted as the offspring of the plantation owners, but an offspring of an unknown mother as most slave owners were married "happily" with their white spouses and thus could not give the baby of a black women which they helped to conceive any form of fatherly support. Instead they were given much better treatment than the black African slaves. Most of these brown babies were not field workers and did much less back breaking jobs, such as being the house nanny, cook, groundskeeper, bookkeepers and so forth. Many of these brown babies were secretly home schooled by plantation owners. Some of the wives knew of their husbands infidelities, some accepted these brown babies as part of the family while some allowed the mother and child to leave the plantation.

The Black African Slaves saw that the brown slaves were given preferential treatment, they were much closer to the slave master and enjoyed better working conditions and some were even educated. This allowed much hate and envy and jealousy towards the brown slaves.Some slaves were downright disgusted by it while others only hated their color and hated each other. This psychological hate was embedded into the salves and after many centuries has resurfaced in the form of skin bleaching.

Before and After Picture of Kenya socialite Vera Sidika, the most recent celebrity to add fuel to the skin-bleaching.

Before and After Picture of Kenya socialite Vera Sidika, the most recent celebrity to add fuel to the skin-bleaching.

Today Celebrity Bleachers

With all the brainwashing that entrainment and the media has flushed out to the public, morals and self awareness seems to have been flushed out along with it. Bleaching today i just a fad and a new look among many black people. Celebrities especially who have a great influence upon young impressionable minds most times has nothing good to offer. Their lifestyles are garnished with irresponsibility, money, drugs and Skin bleaching. Hollywood is a whore for image and also forces black males and females to do skin lightening to portray a certain image. Celebrities have endorsements that in order for them to honor they may need to lighten their skin tone so they can bring across a certain image.

Bleaching for the Poor

You would be surprise at the extent that some black people will go to wipe out the melanin in their skin. Many people in some Caribbean island have taken bleaching to a whole new level. In the beautiful island of Jamaica, that same Bob Marley Singing, Usain Bolt Running, white sand Tropical paradise has a strong bleaching epidemic. Women and men from mostly the inner-city (garrison) communities make and use their own bleaching agents. These are not trained chemist, but know what to mix to destroy their natural beautiful skin color. Some of the chemicals used by these poorer class of people are cheap and has to be applied and maintained constantly. The danger about this bleaching is that if applied or mixed wrong, could leave some serious damage t the user.

Bleaching Agents Used

Celebrities and people who can afford to lighten their skin tone expensively do so. This is done by purchasing certain pills which destroys the melanin. Another way that rich people bleach is by use of a chemical injection which also destroys the melanin in the skin. These agents target every area of the body and last much longer than rubbing agents. Rubbing agents are tiresome to use and has to be applied periodically to all areas of the body. Some garrison bleachers use skin lightening creams with hydrogen peroxide, cornmeal and sometimes diluted bleach. They are so desperate to achieve skin lightness that they care not of the after effects and the danger they put their own bodies in.

Effects of Skin Bleaching

The melanin in your skin is used to block out all the Ultra Violet (UV) radiation that the sun dishes out on your skin daily. This destruction of your normal skin pigment can result in the following:

Harmful Effects of Skin Whitening or Bleaching

Bleaching is, in fact, a process in which the hair on the skin is bleached to match with the actual skin tone. However, the side effects are:

  • Dark grey spots

  • Skin cancer

  • Acne

  • Swelling of the skin

  • Thinning of the skin

  • Cataracts

  • Setting down of fat on face, chest, upper back and stomach

  • Increase in appetite and weight gain

  • Osteoporosis

  • Neurological and kidney damage due to high level of mercury used in the creams

  • Psychiatric disorders

  • Severe birth defects

  • Asthma

  • Liver damage

Some of these side effects could be seen almost immediately while some are seen after prolonged use of skin whitening creams

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Skin bleaching is a terrible thing to do to oneself. You are not only hurting yourself physically, you are also hurting your race by depicting that you are ashamed of your melanin rich skin and also destroying the minds of future generation into letting them think that their black skin is worthless and it is alright to bleach your skin. Your skin is beautiful and so are you, stop the bleaching and let us begin the teaching, teaching beauty of our skin color and appreciation.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Clive Williams


Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on June 04, 2020:

Respect Jay

Jay Spoon on June 03, 2020:

Self hate is the “REAL “ in the Black community all over the USA. It was taught during slavery and it only continues because the people in the community still believes the lie that Black skin is bad, wrong, and cursed . It’s all a huge mental problem and WE need to stop believing it. Know Thy Self. Like, love and respect you .

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on July 29, 2015:

yes ash brown hair, it is not just a story...but an epidemic reality

ash brown hair from USA on July 28, 2015:

This is amazing story , i can't beleive it...Oh my God

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on June 16, 2015:

big daddy oreo

Well, its good that she has awakened but the fact is she is still delusional. I have read all the updates too. She is not different than black bleachers. I feel sorry for all who don't like skin color, when we were being birth or conceived i am sure we did not get a choice in looks, skin color or race. Humanity is intelligent but probably the most dumbest animals on earth.

I think we can discuss this on my facebook page

big daddy oreo on June 16, 2015:

Clive Williams,

I researched the naacp lady. Her name is Rachel Doezal. Some people are upset because she lied about her race. Both of her parents are white. They ratted her out. That is how everyone found out. They have pictures of her as a white person. There are youtube videos of her being interviewed. She tries to change the subject when confronted. She was a white lady posing as a biracial lady. I think she looked good black skin.

I even hear she posed as black to get into college. She was very talented with makeup that is how she was able to pull it off from what I hear.

They said she lied about her race. If her skin is black than black is her race. Unless they asked her what race she was born than I do not know how she is lying.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on June 16, 2015:

comon man. skin color is not it. Its what makes up our soul that is different

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on June 14, 2015:

My friend, big daddy oreo, i have read the story and saw her interview on the television. She is not white as her father is an African American. Ask the KKK if they think she is white and get back to me.

big daddy oreo on June 14, 2015:

Clive Williams,

I have just received word that the president of the naacp is a white lady disguised as a black lady! You can google it yourself. I am so excited. That means it is possible for a white person to live as a black person. I need to look into the details. Hope is alive.

Most black men prefer white women these days and the media heavily favors white women. I can understand why a black woman would want to be white skinned. White males are demasculated by the media, still in the dog house for slavery and got to watch every little thing they say. There are a lot of things that point to a white man changing their skin color to black.

I feel like if I was black and it is looking very good right now I could protect white people better. I was just talking to a white co worker who wants to be a policeman and he agrees with everything I said. He used to live in a ghetto and he had black friends that would take up for him.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on May 28, 2015:

big daddy have a physiological problem too, just as a black person who wants to be white.

big daddy oreo on May 28, 2015:

I think everybody should be able to choose their skin color the way they choose the color of their clothes. As a white man I would love to be a dark skin black man. Like mark henry. Black skin makes a man look stronger.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on January 07, 2015:

My friend Ericdierker, many things in this world i wish was not so. But the reality kicks us like a frustrated mule being pushed from behind. Life

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 07, 2015:

This is just a horrible reality. I wish it were not so.

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