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Bipolar Disorder: The Ride is All Uphill


Some History

It has been two years since I have written anything. I have been in a very long depressive drought. I couldn't squeeze out a single sentence. I was miserable. I spent all day in bed. I even ate in bed. I had zero energy and no desire to pick up a pen or keyboard, much less write.

Back From The Dead

Then four days ago "BOOM" I woke up with an endless excess of energy. After catching up with the housework and school work, I decided to check my hubscore. Big downer, my score was 70-73. Out of 73 articles only 15 were features.

I spent the morning re-doing the ones who had little to no traffic. Then I revised, added new photos, deleting some and in the period of a day i have written 26 new articles.

I got my score up to 80-83. I now have 67 hubs and all are features. I spend all day writing now. I love the manic phase. I stay up until 2-3 am writing. i am laser focused on everything and require only 2-3 hours sleep.

The Two Poles - Depression

The two above scenarios show the two polar opposites of bipolar disorder.

The first is the depression. It is the down period. I am sad. I have no energy or desire to get out of bed and do anything. This period can last from a couple days to a couple months.

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This period for me is like being dead but concious.

The Other side - Mania

These episodes can come on at any time. They switch from depression to mania or vice versa. I have excessive energy, speak very rapidly and get a lot accomplished. I get up at 4 am and stay up until 3-4 am the next day. My thoughts are so many and so fast I can't make sense of them. I am irritable and will snap easily.

In this stage i love the up and the energy and it is easy to become non-compliant with my medications. The high is a welcome relief from the depression. I also have to have supervision on my spending since excessive spending is a trademark of Bipolar disorder.


While the exhilaration of hypo-mania responds well to medication and is usually controlled easily.

On the other hand, full blown mania can be harder to navigate. The person can lose touch with reality and have delusions of grandeur or become violent violent.

This is my 7th day of not sleeping and excessive writing. my fingers have blisters. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

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