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Better Times Are Coming, Folks!


Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.


They say that night is the darkest before dawn, and that could apply as we observe the crisis that the mankind is experiencing these days, or should we say months and years already.

But then, they also say that the whole life is but a state of mind, So, could it be possible that we are exaggerating by seeing what we see out there -- if it really all boils down to one: believing is seeing?

Could it be that we are selectively only projecting onto the world our inner world of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, all based on some crap our parents instilled into us, based on the crap that their parents instilled into them, back ad infinitum?

Meaning that we only fish for outward pictures which will match that inherited crap in us.

How about giving ourselves a little awakening kick in the ass and start seeing the other side of the story about the world -- maybe by first realizing that other story in ourselves.

Like, if it was not for this incredible harmony within our body cells which keep celebrating life with everything in there knowing what to do every fraction of this passing second, we wouldn't be alive. How is that for a start?

And then, is the world really what our TV and our newspapers are telling us about it? After knowing that they get paid to produce only a picture that's negative, why believe them? Why not see in our minds those untold billions of ordinary families living an ordinary life, going creative about finding some joy, far from TV cameras and sensationalism-seeking reporters?

And also, why still believe that parent who told us: "You are bad, and you don't deserve a candy! Look at you, I worry about what will ever become of you!" -- and then we took it to our little heart as a "truth about us" to haunt us all the way into adulthood and old age.

Life will become better as soon as we start seeing how it already is good, but we have just been too damn busy listening to the "wisdom of our critically minded parents and some persistent crappy news".

But, before that blessed moment of awakening comes, we might as well see the ugly truth about how we gave up our freedom to choose our own thoughts, our own emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.

You see, someone sold us a lie that we should be just too happy and grateful to live in a "free world". Somebody kept lying to us about so many other things about that freedom -- and we got addicted to hearing more and more of those lies.

But, as I will be talking about it in the last paragraph of this post -- times are changing, folks, a better reality is coming our way, and we might as well do our own part in that change.

For indeed, we should never judge the coming day by those darkest hours before its dawn.


Freedom Is Not Granted by Authorities, It's an Inner Job

Freedom is one of those poorly interpreted concepts that everyone is yapping about, being probably the highest ideal after love. So, as I am about to address it, I can't but think how most of the folks think of freedom as something "granted to us by our political establishment".

To be on the same page, I have to disagree, because no one can "give" us freedom, as long as we keep ourselves shackled in chains of self-pity, anger, blame, guilt, and a bunch of other crappy emotions and attitudes.

We call ourselves free, while succumbing to the will of every Rasputin that comes along in any form. So, if anything, our political, religious, and medical authorities are keeping us in a well programmed and manipulated illusion of their "sensible guidance", while it's nothing more than a good old brainwashing sustaining their respective agendas.

For a quick example, patriotism has been invented for that very purpose to create readiness for sacrifices -- not the ones for a "common good of the nation" but for the interests of the leading rich class and their political puppets, whether they call themselves republicans or democrats.

So that "in the name of patriotism" you are expected to go to any war your government sends you to -- while their own children never got a taste of the battlefield in one Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq.

Many died in those wars. Did they die defending their country? No, they died for a whimsical political game of then current administration, because previous "enemies" are now friends with the next administration in power.

Indeed, without a clear definition of patriotism involving even a possible loss of life, people will just sheepishly buy anything else that's fed to them. And that's not freedom.

As for religious manipulation, it doesn't "liberate any souls", it enslaves our belief system into a frozen dogma which doesn't allow challenges for its accuracy -- you literally have to kneel-and-believe without asking any questions. That's not freedom.

And finally, the medico-pharmaceutical establishment will storm someone's lab and office, and destroy anything there that could provide proof of an easy, cheap, and effective cure for cancer -- since cancer is a multi-billion-dollar business. By the way, it has happened, and more than once. And that's not freedom either.

These days producers of the covid-19-vaccines are proudly advertising their product by calling it "approved by the FDA". Really? Is that the same FDA which approved so much of lethal and damaging chemical crap which later on had to be removed from pharmacies' shelves?

And by the way, there has been a religion's contribution to the sale of vaccines -- from the very holy top -- as the Pope recently proclaimed that "only those vaccinated will be allowed into Heaven". Hmm... I must shamelessly admit that at times I understand the dude who said: "I am having second thoughts about Hell -- seems like all interesting people are there."

Indeed, folks, freedom is a greatly misunderstood thing. Freedom comes from realization that our minds are the sole source of all good and bad happening -- and since we have proven how much we are capable of messing up with that power, we can also start proving it in the other.

Whatever mind does -- mind can undo, and there is one hell of a mess to be undone, don't you think so?

Let's see one example of it that's so present that it hurts more than eyes -- this pandemic.


Power of Mind Used Self-Destructively

I never thought I would live to see such an enormous negative impact of the mainstream news media on public health -- in their cooperation with "who-knows-whom". Look. folks, we don't have to believe any conspiracy theories, mention any names -- but still with an open mind see something illogical about this pandemic.

It's this very role of the news media, coupled with this enforced protocol of masks, social isolation, closing schools and small businesses -- happening at this particular pandemic, and not at any previous ones, which raises some serious suspicions.

Central to all is this phenomenon of people's incredible readiness to panic. As if that alone had to play a big role in the whole covid-19 racket.

Let me give you an unrelated example of this peculiar readiness of the public to collectively panic. Back in 30's there was that famous radio broadcast in which that highly able actor Orson Welles gave a fictional -- albeit very convincing -- presentation of an attack on earth by extraterrestrials.

It instantly threw whole New York into a frenzy of panic and confusion. Think now -- if a single radio broadcast of a fictional, but highly disturbing, event could have such an effect -- what devastating effect has been produced by these many months of a daily alarming news about a realistic threat by an invisible enemy.

Indeed, if that single voice of Orson Welles could drive people to go nuts in one hour presentation -- what accumulative and damaging impact is logical to be expected from a prolonged bombardment by one powerful news media.

Day after day of reports about new cases of those "testing positive" and dying, along with masks, social isolation, sudden shock of financial uncertainties -- as if planned to crush the people's spirit, along with their immune system.

Ever heard about mass hypnosis? Or, maybe another term, like "herd hypnosis" sounds more appropriate -- with something like a "mental stampede" following all this persistent fearmongering.

One doesn't have to be an expert in psycho-neuro-immunology to see the impact on the public health of that prolonged existential fear.

Is this virus really so deadly?

Before you start doubting my sanity over this question, let me give you a little hypothetical scenario which should clarify where I am going with it.

We all know that many thousands are dying at each yearly flu season. We also know that virtually no reports are given about how fast the bug is spreading, how many have died -- let alone any public preventative measures being suggested, never mind "enforced".

Now, imagine if the joint force of the World Health Organization, a bunch of top medical scientists, governments, and yes -- their "mental henchmen" the media, suddenly blasted us with the news of that -- actually only so-so-deadly -- virus "becoming a threat to the whole mankind".

The panic would gradually grow into a dark daily obsession literally killing people in massive numbers, with their immunity lowered enough for even an averagely deadly flu virus to take its toll. Then it would snowball into a vicious cycle of more and more people dying, while at the same time providing the "proof" for the ever sadist news media "how deadly the bug is".

So, is coronavirus really all that strong, or people have been dying primarily from fear, and a relatively strong virus only made that final push, wherever there was a preexisting condition, or only a strong genetical predisposition to a disease.

Statistically, every 5th person in the US has some mental issues, young or old, and it's easy to imagine how many have been heavily affected -- keeping in mind that our immune system is extremely responsive to what's going on in our nervous system. Why else more than 90% of all diseases are stress related? Think about it.

As that famous psychologist and neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson said at TEDX San Francisco, loneliness is twice as responsible for premature deaths as obesity, and even without Covid-19 an enormous number of middle aged Americans feel chronically lonely. Now think how much it's amplified these days during this pandemic.

Related to it is also this question of why some people get infected, others don't, some have symptoms, others are asymptomatic, some die, others don't. Couldn't all that have everything to do with how suggestible people are?

And why little kids were so rare to get infected? I always thought their immune system would be much more delicate than ours -- but I guess this virus made me wrong. Or did it? Could it be that kids are too little to be "infected" by fearmongering by news media, which they don't listen to anyway?

Now, why did I choose this theme of the current pandemic in the context of "better times coming"?

It had to illustrate the power of mind when it works against us -- to suggest how incredibly wonderful changes will follow once that we free ourselves from the mental stronghold of all manipulators.

Let us all be impressed with this power we posses, and how fast something good may spread around as well -- because on a very subtle level we have this collective consciousness in which collective panic can be replaced with a collective joy.

Why wait for the authorities to give us a permission to be joyful?

If there is some room in your mind for an alternate perspective on this pandemic, please see the video below.


A Better Reality Is On Its Way!

We are more than we think we are, folks. We are like that Aladdin's genie squeezed into a lamp, grotesquely reshaped by molds of beliefs dictated by the manipulators. Limited, shrunk, inhibited, far from expressing our true potentials.

Calling myself well versed in matters of hypnotism and conditioning on a small and a big scale, I am not giving you some cheesy version of so many books trying to say it in their own ways. I am not parroting others' words here -- but I've been in those mental shackles before I set myself free. So I spent some time de-hypnotizing myself from all suggestive influences, and ever since I can't find enough adequate words to express my joy.

We have that genetic choice to be either some avatars, or some forever suffering devil's ass-kissers playing both victimizers and victims. In our genome there is some over 90% of unexplored, unidentified genes waiting to be expressed. By our intellectually arrogant science they are called "junk genes" -- since we are so quick to call something a derogatory name if we don't understand it.

When you read books on epigenetics, mind over body medicine, quantum physics, biocentrism, or so called new edge (not "new age") biology, it all comes to you so clear. You just can't escape the powerful impression that we are so incredibly unexplored, so misinterpreted by medicine and by the mainstream cultural paradigm.

At times you get that refreshing feeling that you are re-learning it all from the very alphabet on, when it's about human nature. I get this enormous optimistic notion that things are going to get better, because that potential in us may be taking its sweet time, but it is definitely pushing its way out.

Indeed, think about it in those well familiar terms of self-detoxing, which is accompanied by so called "healing crisis" -- while all that junk is leaving the body which is now reorganizing itself into a new model of functioning. While the old hasn't left as yet, and the new hasn't taken over yet, there is a temporary chaos causing that biological crisis.

Something similar is happening with the mankind. The old paradigm is dying out, and with its agony much crap is going on to be replaced by something good. We are evolving. Slowly, painfully, but getting there.

There is this huge wave of awakening going on that I am reading about. Check out the You tube and see how much of this inspirational, science based stuff is being followed by so many people in those comments bellow.

It's a wave soon to grow into a tsunami, and once that it reaches its critical mass, it will permeate the collective spirit of the mankind, changing everyone on their vibrational level.

But it's up to us individually to contribute to it and to make it more speedy. Spring is coming, so let's do some "spring cleaning" in our mental and emotional house. Some dusting and even scrubbing of those more stubborn negative beliefs holding us back.

After all, why anyone's thoughts like these here have to be doomed to stay hanging in the air unused, unabsorbed, soon forgotten? Could we start getting infected by a positive bug -- after obsessing so much over dreaded prospects of being infected by a stupid bug making us more stupid in our gullibility?

Could we start making the change happen?

© 2021 Val Karas

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