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Bet on Yourself

The Path to Greatness

What's wrong? Are you tired? You feel you can't do it anymore? It's a fact that it's easier to simply stay in bed, leave it for tommorow but what does that give you? It gives you comfortability. Prizes come to those who work for them, if you see your idols living the life they always dreamed of its because they went through everything life through at them.

Life is something beautiful but not everyone deserves to have a good life. Your will to win has to be greater than who knows how many times you wanted to quit.

There's something that as humans will always define us: the capability to adapt to what surrounds us. Hard work never lies, hard work proves more than cheap talk will ever prove and the truth is, your idols definitely worked hard to have what they have now.

Comfortability is very good until you see someone wearing the clothes you want, riding your dream car, living in your dream house, having the lifestyle you always dreamed of. That gives you nothing but regret and a constant comparison of your life situation with those who have what you always wanted.

Life is luck and opportunity but like everything in life, you can work to be lucky and then, that luck will bring you the opportunity that you so desire and envision.

It's up to you... And no one else!!! Go out there, show the world what you are made of, prove it to yourself that you deserve everything you always dreamed of.

Whether that opportunity that you so badly want is far or close from being achieved, stopping or giving up will never be the answer.

People are so used to have everything done for them, they expect things to fall out of the sky already done and already achieved. Yes, the more we evolve, the more it is easier to get what we want.

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People take advantage of it, thinking they can manipulate the universe when the path that needs to be taken is only one: Consistency.

Real work, real grind happens when we don't want to do it but we know we have to do it and we get up, that's beautiful, more than anything, that's having the responsibility to fight for what you want so in the future, there will be no regret and only happiness.

The truth is, in life, you'll have more suffering moments than happy moments. What can you do to fight back? Enjoy every moment, acknowledge and learn with any loss and be happy but never satisfied with every win.

© 2021 Bruno Gil

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