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Best Natural Ways to Stay Cool in Summer!

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Roof Selection

There are many different types of roofs for single family homes. Unfortunately, most people are buying already build houses here in the United States. But it's not all bad for those that want to cool their homes naturally. Never go for a house with a flat roof. This type of roof is not very good at keeping warmth away from the inside of the house. Instead, go for gable or hip roofs. These slopping roofs are really good at insulating heat. On the other hand, flat roofs tend to trap heat inside the home. Fortunately, flat roofs are not very common for single family homes. They are mostly used for commercial buildings. However, you will still find flat roofs from time to time for single family houses. It's best to avoid them if you want your house to be cooler naturally.


Self Build Grape Arbor Next to the West Side of Your House

In the afternoon, the sun is the strongest and brings lots of heat into your house. The sun is mostly targeting the west side of your house during the afternoon. The best natural way to prevent the sun's heat from warming up your house is to build a grape arbor next to the west side of the home. Grapes are vine plants that can climb the arbor and create a natural shield to the sun's unforgiving heat. This can effectively cool your house by several degrees compared to without the grape arbor. Add some chairs under the arbor to enjoy a nice a little breeze in the afternoon or evening. You can even setup table under the arbor for a relaxing family dinner. Friends and family will really enjoy this little outdoor space in the brutal summer heat. The arbor is an idea that hits two birds with one stone.


Open Windows in the Early Morning and Evening Only

It is important to not let the blazing summer heat come directly into your home. All homes are insulated to trap heat in the winter and prevent heat from coming in as much as possible during the summer. Let cooler fresh air come in through your windows in the early morning. But don't open those windows for too long. During the hottest summer months, close your windows, curtains, and blinds before 8:30 am. This helps the house stay cooler during the hottest times of the day. After the sun sets and you can feel the weather cooling down, open those windows again to let in a cooler breeze.

Stay Cool with Natural Fabric Clothing

What should you wear in the summer? Stay cool with natural fabric clothing that cools the body naturally. Best fabrics to wear in summer include silk, cotton and linen. Unlike synthetic fabrics such as polyester, natural fabrics allow airflow to the body and do not trap heat within. The best fabric to wear in the summer is linen. Compared to silk, linen soaks up sweat and dries very fast. Linen actually dries even faster than cotton! Giving you a cooling sensation in the process. It can absorb lots of water before starting to feel damp. So, your skin will stay dry and cool in the blazing heat. You will always feel cooler wearing linen clothing then anything else. Linen is a fabric made for summer!


Silk Pillowcase and Pillow Filled with Buckwheat Husk

Most people in the west tend to use down feather or synthetic filled pillows. Although down filled pillows are good for the winter season, it will make your head feel hot during the hot summer months. Synthetic filled pillows should be avoided all the time because it provides no benefits other then being inexpensive. The best filling for a summer pillow is actually buckwheat husk. This type of pillow is popular in East Asia and provides excellent comfort during the hot summer months. It also supports the head much better than down or synthetic filled pillows. Nowadays, you can easily buy the buckwheat husk filled pillows online or through specialty retailers.

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Which type of pillowcase to use with the buckwheat husk pillows? Use the silk pillowcase for maximum health benefits to the skin and hair. Moreover, the silk material feels cooling and smooth to the face. Before you know it, you will always use the silk pillowcase year-round.


Cooling Mat with Bamboo or Straw

Add a straw or bamboo mat to your bed to help you cool at night. It might sound odd to some to sleep on a straw or bamboo mat. Western people might think it's uncomfortable. However, it's not true. The straw mat is actually quite soft and very cooling to sleep on. The bamboo mat is even more cooling than straw mat but it's feels harder against the body. You have to get used to sleeping on bamboo. After you are used to it, you will love to sleep on this natural material and bamboo will keep your skin very cool during the brutal summer months.

Iced Watermelon Drink in the Summer!

Watermelon is one of the best fruits to enjoy in the summer. Not only is it packed with water, it has many electrolytes to keep your body properly hydrated. Like many fruits and vegetables, watermelon has lots of vitamins to prevent cancer and help repair cell damage. In fact, all fruits and vegetables are packed with different types of nutrients that boost your health. Enjoy fruits and vegetables in season to maximize their benefits!

What are the different ways to enjoy watermelon in summer? You can refrigerate the watermelon and joy it right out of the fridge to cool your body down naturally. If you don't like the fruit as is, make it into a smoothie with other fruits!


Don't Cook Elaborate Meals on the Hot Stove in the Summer

Instead of cooking elaborate meals with the stove in the summer, try to do simple recipes that help your appetite. Humans often eat a little bit less in the summer because the heat makes us lose our appetite. You can go for simple sandwiches and salads to cool the body down naturally. Incorporate a slightly acidic dressing in your summer salads to help your appetite. Not in the mood for sandwiches but want a carbohydrate meal? How about a cooling pasta salad instead?!

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