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Best Habits of Successful People


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What habits make us successful? That’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves, and with good reason. We all want to be successful in our endeavors — whether it’s getting fit, starting a business, or landing that dream job — but we don’t always know how to get there. Fortunately for us, some people have taken their success from the back of a napkin to the front page of a magazine cover (and others have just published those covers on their blogs!) You can use these habits as inspiration for your own project.

The Power of Habits

So what are habits, exactly? According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, a habit is a cue or a trigger that tells your brain to go into automatic mode. In this mode, you do what you’ve always done. In other words, it’s the brain’s way of saving itself work. As Duhigg points out, the key to forming a genuine new habit is getting your brain to associate new behavior with the old behavior. As you continue doing something repeatedly, your brain learns to associate a pleasant experience with that behavior. While the act of doing something new has to come first, this association is what will keep your brain in automatic mode.

I know this sounds absurd, but try to picture it: when you get up early in the morning and try to go to the gym, you don’t quickly think, “I will go to the gym to be fit.” You will think about going to the gym. As a result, when you do go to the gym, you feel wonderful. But if you’re already doing swings every day, it doesn’t feel the same. This is an example of a newly formed habit; in the second part of the monologue, I’ll show you how to strengthen and shift other behaviors to form new habits as well.

The Pomodoro technique was created by Francesco Cirillo and Francesco Cirillo-Brambilla, who are Italian designers and architects. While fully immersing yourself in a task, you work in 25-minute spurts, with short breaks of five minutes each. This practice has helped many people with creative fields, such as film and literature. The combination of alpha waves, high-frequency brain waves, and deep relaxation through deep breathing also works wonders on boosting creativity and productivity. You can buy a copy of The Power of Habit for $19.99 on Amazon, and I highly recommend giving it a good read.


How to Get Good Habits

Habits are hard to break but they’re also hard to make. To get yourself into the habit of waking up early every morning, you need to start small and commit to it every single day. The first thing you should do is set your alarm clock to an early time. Set your clock to go off at 3 or 4 A.M. Start getting dressed and grabbing your coffee. Go knock out that crab apple pie and put on those VP jeans! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing to start; however, if you can commit to waking up before it’s six, you’ll be much more likely to do it.

When I woke up early, I loved checking the news. News is the most important habit you need to develop as an early riser. It’s a habit that will persist even if you’re selling that dream startup or launching that latest project. What truly separates successful people is how much time they spend watching the news. Whether you’re following the news around election results, GameStop stock, raging politicians, or the latest tech trends, at some point, you’re going to turn on the news. Whether you stick to reporting or watching, you need to engage your brain constantly with information. Otherwise, you’ll drown in the news.

The next thing you need to do is keep reading and engaging with every article. What types of articles can you find to continuously engage your mind? Do you like science-related articles? Emory University news? VentureBeat? If it helps, you’d probably want to read a few articles by the same author over and over again. When done correctly, you’ll get so good at engaging your mind with the news — from articles, technology, psychology, and anything in between — that you won’t need to search for it anymore.
Now that you’ve got a routine going that you can lean on as inspiration or a tool to help you get up early each day, it’s time to start viewing your morning as more of a game.


Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Powerful advice from Warren Buffet to try to stick to a routine as much as possible. Whatever ritual you use — meditation, reading the same book every day, doing the same workout, having breakfast the same way — try to stick with it. Then my success is more predictable.

1. Write for an hour

According to Harvard Medical School, “people with a passion for reading greatly benefit from engaged learning.” A study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that dedicated reader participants performed significantly better on a computerized learning task than a control group.

If the idea of reading every day seems exciting, try committing to an hour-long session where you read about a topic related to your business, your fitness plan, or even what your cat named its food. When you’re done, you can look back and see what you were learning. Make note of aspects of the book that you liked, and which you disliked. Which ones stick with you?

2. Read self-help books

Reading can lead to clarity in one's mind and one's relationships with others. Dr. Benjamin Hardy, who developed a self-help program titled None On Your Own, compared reading to a bullfighting ring: “If you’re in that ring, it’s an awful battle. […] If you’re in that bullring, you’re either one of the combatants or you’re spectators from the sidelines, but none of those are the worst of all worlds.”

In his book, he advocates dismantling the whole social and cultural structure that standing in your own way.

How to Change Your Lifestyle Quickly and Effectively

Changing your lifestyle is a process and can take time. It’s not something that happens overnight. You can change your lifestyle by making small but sustainable changes. If you want to lose weight, start by eating a healthy breakfast. Small changes like eating a healthy breakfast every day will lead to big changes over time.

Going back to the nutrition part, Harvard Health offers some tips on how to get started:
Eating healthy means eating mostly foods that will feed your cells and support your immune system. The following foods are great sources of nutrients that promote good health. When we eat them, we help our cells produce more of the chemicals that help maintain good health.


1. Milk: Who could argue with a fat-filled dairy product? Milk is one of a healthy-ish group of beverages that also includes fruit and yogurt.

2. Fatty fish: Often thought of as boring, fatty fish like salmon and sardines have numerous health benefits. Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids from these types of fish can help improve heart health and help prevent heart disease.
Oatmeal: Oatmeal should be a staple food in your diet. Rich in fiber and folate, it’s helpful for healthy digestion. Plus, it can help lower cholesterol levels by preventing plaque build-up in your heart.

3. Breakfast cereal: Cereal grains like corn and wheat are a great fiber, protein, and iron source. They’re also a great way to get two nutrients — vitamin B-12 and vitamin D — in addition to other nutrients that promote healthy skin, hair, and cognition.

4. Dark green vegetables: Not only are they delicious, but dark green veggies are packed with powerful antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and phytochemicals, or phytochemicals. These phytochemicals protect your cells from free radicals, which can damage your lipoprotein and proteins and boost metabolism.

5. Dandelion greens: Another nutrient-dense green, dandelion greens are also super nutrient-dense. Research shows that they are an excellent source of folate.


To be successful depends on your own effort. Your goal, vision, and aspirations should be prioritized. Whatever the reasons you have, what matters most is you keep moving forward towards your goal, and that is to be successful.

Another is changing your lifestyle is a challenge, but it's certainly not impossible. Use the information in this article to help you change your life for the better, and you might be surprised at how much easier it is than you had originally anticipated! Be healthy! Be successful! You got this!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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