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Best Foods For Fatty Liver


Best Foods For Fatty Liver

People who have fatty liver likely gotten there because they have a major problem with their diet. So this would indicate that they're not eating enough leafy greens.

They're eating too many carbohydrates, too much sugar. I mean the diet is very poor. So we have to make sure that we go in and we increase leafy greens and we increase the bitter vegetables known as cruciferous vegetables.

These different vegetables are going to be here some examples broccoli, bok choy, arugula, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, radishes, and turnips. These are different vegetables that you want to add in on a daily basis if you're trying to reverse fatty liver.

A lot of people have fatty liver because of their poor quality diet. So when it comes to adding in a lot more leafy greens and a lot more cruciferous vegetables it can be a struggle for them. One of the great ways that you can actually start adding these in is by making some different green smoothies.

Make these green smoothies you can make them so they taste very good. As a result you're getting tons of nutrients and you can even go in and add in different supplementation that is going to help support reversing this fatty liver problem which will get to more in just a moment.

The other thing about these cruciferous vegetables is that they're highly nutritious. I mean it's so important to add these in because they're superfoods. They have tons of nutritional content, antioxidants. Good minerals they're very important for your liver and so make sure you're adding these in there at the top of the list of things you need to do daily if you want to reverse fatty liver.



Eggs are a really good food because first of all it's considered nature's multivitamin. You're going to find so many different good things in eggs and a lot of people are consuming multiple eggs a day especially if you're following the ketogenic diet.

I mean people on the ketogenic diet love their eggs and the ketogenic diet, of course, is a great diet to follow by the way. If you have fatty liver and you have insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes. Eggs are great because it's nature's multivitamin.

They're also great because they're rich in choline. Now choline is incredibly important for the liver and the thing is that happens is when people have a deficiency in choline one of the things that will happen is they will actually not be able to export a lot of that fat from the liver. As a result, you'll get a higher fat accumulation. Eggs are going to be rich in choline.

Eggs will help get that fat, remove that fat from the liver, get it out, and flush it out. So that you don't have that huge fat accumulation and you're able to start reversing this problem. So eating a lot of choline-rich foods during this time is going to be important.

The other thing to consider too is about type-2 diabetes and insulin resistance as to why you may have fatty liver. You know another thing that can happen when we talk about the conversation fatty liver and choline and how important it is. The thing that can happen is that some people have genetic variations.

I personally have two genetic variations that make me very prone to choline deficiency. So do you think that I actually want to make sure I'm adding more chlorine in? Absolutely, I supplement with it and I also make sure that I'm eating choline-rich foods in order to support liver health or brain health and all the areas of your body that choline will actually support.

Antioxidants are also going to be found in eggs and this is important during this time to help decrease inflammation. They're also a great healthy protein source.

Nice arrays of amino acids are found in eggs. So add some eggs if you want to reverse fatty liver



Omega 3’s

Sardines are great because they're rich in omega-3. These omega-3s are found to be very powerful when it comes to reversing the fatty liver issue. Now what they've shown in the research is to reduce lipid accumulation.

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Help reduce liver enzymes.

When you have fatty liver you have some particular enzymes that start to go high. The sardines, the omega-3s are going to help bring those enzymes back down, help balance them out. It's also going to help

Reduce insulin resistance

As we mentioned multiple times you know you don't just get fatty liver out of the blue. It usually is this whole package of insulin resistance. It's a whole package of you know cholesterol is all over the place.

We want to make sure that as we go through this process of thinking of reversing fatty liver, we're thinking about improving whole-body health. So if we want to reduce insulin resistance the Omega 3s are great. They're also highly anti-inflammatory which is important too.

Now what the research shows is that when they used not only the fatty fish, but they also went in and used a fish oil supplement and an omega-3 supplement. They found that the supplementation actually performed better than consuming the fish. So take that into consideration, you know adding in some omega-3 supplementation is very beneficial at this time.

I also want to mention two that we talked about sardines here but some other good fish that have good omega-3 content are going to be salmon, mackerel, anchovies, and herring. So these different fatty fish right here loaded with omega-3 are good for people who have fatty liver. Now walnuts are next on our list that are actually really beneficial when it comes to the fatty liver it's kind of a surprising one that we find to really show positive results in the research. Now they're rich in omega-3s, right. For many of the same reasons, we talked about sardines being very beneficial.



All those omega-3s, walnuts are doing them in many ways the same thing. So what they did is they did research. They took 106 patients over six months and they basically had them consume different types of nuts and then, of course, they had you know another group go and consume walnuts.

The group that was consuming the walnuts actually had better results in reversing fatty liver than those who were just eating any type of variety of nuts. So Walnuts are powerful there.

There is a 2015 study that basically showed walnuts improved liver enzymes and functions. You know whether it's fatty liver or any liver problem or just maybe, in general, you want to improve your liver health. Walnuts can be your friend here so add some walnuts in.


Green Tea

Green tea is going to be loaded with antioxidants and lots of catechins in it as well which are highly beneficial for your overall liver health. It's also going to reduce fat storage in the liver.

They basically found in the studies is that people who are drinking lots of green tea about three to four cups a day were able to reduce fat storage in the liver and also just had healthier livers in general. It also has a positive metabolic effect.

You know when we think of the negative metabolic effect associated with diabetes and insulin resistance. We always think of how you know we can improve that and green tea is a great way to improve that metabolism.

Also, have a positive metabolic effect reducing the risk and also reversing fatty liver.



Coffee is another one that you know I really love of course but it's really great for fatty liver. One of the things that are interesting about the research on coffee is; like they're kind of like “well we're not really sure why it's working”.

So well is it because of the caffeine is it because of the antioxidants but in general coffee works really well for people who have liver problems? It’s shown to reduce the risk of liver cancer, liver cirrhosis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

It also has been shown that people who drink more coffee tend to have more balanced liver enzymes. So one of the things that the research has shown time and time again is those who drank more coffee had a lower risk of having liver problems and also it helped reverse and reduces the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Some Foods to Avoid

The last thing that we need to talk about here is to avoid certain foods. Think of how you got there in the first place right. Like I said there’s a genetic variation.

There are some oddball things out there that can cause some fatty liver problems. It can cause deficiencies that lead to them but in general, this is it. This is the reason that most people are getting fatty liver problems so alcohol is one.

We also want to stay away from high fructose corn syrup if we have fatty liver in order to help reverse the problem faster. High-fructose corn syrup is one of the worst things you can have when you go and suffer from the fatty liver because this high fructose corn syrup is very likely to be stored in the liver.

This is a terrible type of sugar that basically has to be highly processed in the liver and as a result, it's stored in a big way in the liver. So we want to make sure we're staying away from high fructose corn syrup.

Think of all the cookies out there. The sodas, all the nonsense garbage foods that are terrible for you that are loaded with this very inexpensive sweetener. In order to sweeten it up for you but the problem is it causes a lot of health problems. So stay away from this.

Fried fats are another thing that we want to stay away from. Just in general go to pretty much any restaurant and they're serving a fried food that is a fried fat you want to stay away from.

You know if you're in your home and you're going to fry something over coconut oil or you’re going to fry something over some avocado oil, totally different story.

You can have some fried foods fried fats at home but stay away from the fried foods out in public. Then of course white stuff. When I say white stuff, I'm just thinking of white stuff in general.

White sugar, white pasta, and white flour, white everything. Stay away from all that white stuff out there. As a result, you're going to find that you're able to reverse this issue and get very positive results.

7 best foods for fatty liver

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