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Best Crystals for Stress and Anxiety

"I know what you're going through. You need to calm down and take a deep breath." Aphrodite

To live a healthy life, we need to listen and take care of our body

You know what I'm talking about

You know what I'm talking about

It's not easy to find the perfect balance between work, family, and social life. But with our high-level luxuries comes a price tag. We want to do it all perfectly, and our expectations are high enough that the pressure is starting to build up. It's not a secret that we end up getting anxious and disappointed with ourselves for having unrealistic expectations in the first place! Our lives are a constant struggle to stay awake, and then we lose the ability. The world starts seeming darker as our mind becomes tired from trying so hard. Then we are losing our normal sleep and experience anxiety. We may even feel depressed. It's a terrible feeling and we really wish it would stop as soon as possible!

We have a lot of options in this world

We have a lot of options in this world

There's a pill for everything!

The doctor will gladly sign an unreadable verdict and give out a heap of leaflet recipes! Here it is; solution for all those problems - a piece of paper with an incomprehensible name (you can't even remember) in 15 minutes turns into a magic pill-like cocoon turning into a moth right before your eyes. The shelves of pharmacies are lined with tempting containers that beckon to be sampled or bought for your home, enticing you with their colors and smells; everything from jars of ointment to boxes filled with powder-white dust looks eager for consumption by someone who knows what they want - just like me! I've been there too.

I'm sure you've heard it before, but

a healthy work-life balance is essential. Naps are good for your mental health and can really give that creative spark back! It's great if you find a job and everything is your responsibility. But don't forget to rest - balance! Remember?

Of course, we need to visit doctors,

and personally, I like mine. But keep in mind that you also have yoga classes or meditation sessions available as well! There are plenty of things for me on this list too - drawing with pencils at sunset can really help calm my nerves when they're bad; running during rain is just an absolute joy because it's so much fun. We also have a range of talismans and amulets. Touching it will remind you to stop, breathe deeply, and calm down! It is true that crystals have their own energy and are not afraid to share it with you.

Crystal has a beautiful, sparkly appearance. It looks just like pills created by Nature!

The stones come in all shapes, sizes, colors - they're beautiful!

The stones come in all shapes, sizes, colors - they're beautiful!

Wearing an amulet will remind you that the world is full of beauty, surprises, and goodness. You are part of it. If you don't believe in the magic power of gemstones, it will not hurt to have one or a few. I am more than sure that you have friends or coworkers around who don't believe in crystal energy yet still wear them?

The crystals have been with us for many centuries and never fail to amaze and inspire! They are one of the oldest things on Earth and have been found in Egyptian tomb paintings. Crystal skulls were even worn by Native Americans! Even though the modern world is full of advancements, there are still certain things that can't be replaced. One such thing might be crystal balls and gemstones which have been around since before recorded history began.

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There's a crystal for every occasion

Crystal Set

Today we're talking about the ones that help you with stress. Even if it seems like your life is normal - or just getting started out on an awesome path to being great!

Carnelian is one of the most effective gemstones for releasing excess stress and worry. This one is one of my favorites. In order to utilize the many benefits that a crystal can offer, it's essential that you cleanse your crystals on a regular basis to remove any unwanted energies.


Carnelian Donut Shaped Necklace by BestAmulets

Carnelian may help to remove the effects of stress by funneling out negative emotions, which often manifest as physical problems. Carnelian is traditionally associated with health and vitality, so it can also provide general well-being. It's a grounding stone for those who are hypersensitive or empathic, giving energy to one's mind, body and spirit. The wearer will find themselves feeling more balanced because it helps them not react strongly to every stimulus they encounter in life.

Rose Quartz

Pink Rose Pendant by BestAmulets

It's no surprise that Rose Quartz is a stone of love. It has been known to help people with stress and also increase the feeling of being loved and cherished. Regardless of where you are or how lost you feel, when you come in contact with this crystal, you are sure to be restored to your true self. Just look at this beautiful calming color.

Tiger Eye

Red Tiger Eye Necklace by BestAmulets

Another crystal that tackles anxiety is the Tiger Eye. Tiger-eye is a type of golden-colored quartz that has inclusions that looks like stripes or bands of yellow in it. Tiger Eye is called one of the most useful stones for the third eye chakra, which involves intuition, perception, and clairvoyance among other things. Tiger eye can be worn to use its energy vibrations, to help create a calm space for healing rituals or for meditation.

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