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Best Asana in Yoga for Human Is Head Stand Pose Means Shirshasana

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This is health care article. Today, We are giving information about Head Stand Pose asana. This information is useful for everyone.

Shirshasana Pose


Why Head Stand Pose Asana is beneficial for everyone ?

Shirshasana is a combination of two Sanskrit words head and posture where top means head and asana means posture. Shirshasana is practiced with the head down and the legs raised, hence it is called Head Stand Pose in English.

Generally everyone knows that headstand is very beneficial in the treatment of headache. This is the reason why we often advise each other to do headstand. Since while practicing this asana, the body has to be turned upside down, that is, balance has to be made by keeping the head on the ground, in this action there is a better flow of blood in the brain, which prevents all diseases related to the brain. It beneficial for mental issues.

Let us know in detail about the way of doing headstand, its benefits and precautions.

Many people don't do shirshasana just because they feel they can't do it. but it's not like that. You can do it easily with little effort. There are many benefits to us by doing this. Whether you do the headstand with the support of a wall or without any support, but do it daily.

Let us know about the benefits of this.

It strengthens the upper body: Shirshasana strengthens the upper part of your body. In doing headstand, you have to balance your shoulders, arms, and upper back, which increases their strength. If you are just starting to do Shirshasana, you may keep moving for some time, so you should take the support of a wall to do Shirshasan for a long time.

Helps in increasing balance :

Apart from making your body strong, Shirshasana also enhances your ability to balance. When you save yourself from repeated falls, it develops your ability to balance.

Improves Mood :

By doing headstand, the blood flow to your brain increases greatly, which gives you a lot of peace and your stress goes away. By doing this asana, there is a significant reduction in the production of cortisol hormone, which gives you relief from problems like anxiety.

Gives strength :

By doing headstand, your strength increases and you can also get the abs you want. By standing in the opposite direction, it makes your lower back and inner thighs stronger.

Beneficial for bone health :

By doing headstand, your bones become strong, so that you stay away from diseases like osteoporosis. That's why Shirshasana done in young age helps to protect you from osteoporosis in old age.

The practice of this asana has an effect on the pituitary gland, which helps other endocrine glands to secrete hormones in the right amount. It also affects the thyroid gland, which controls the body's metabolism to a great extent.

Prevents hair fall :

If Shirshasan is done regularly for many days, then hair fall can be stopped. By the practice of this asana, the flow of blood in the brain becomes very easy. It also makes the scalp strong and healthy, due to which you get rid of hair related problems like hair fall, graying of hair, dandruff etc. It also helps in making hair thick and long.

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Increase the glow of the face :

Shirshasan is very beneficial in enhancing the beauty of the face. With its practice, the blood supply starts in your face properly and at the same time the flow of nutrients and mineral salts also starts getting right. Due to which it protects you from pimples, wrinkles, and other facial problems.

For the brain :

Shirshasana is a very good yoga exercise for the brain. With this posture, millions of cells of the brain get a new life, because along with proper flow of blood in every cell, proper nutrition and mineral salts are available. In this way these cells and tissue are properly taken care of.

Preventing Headache and Migraine :

By doing this asana, you can get rid of headache and migraine forever. Headaches and migraines are often caused by pressure and contraction of the cells in the head. This asana gives you relief from migraine by reducing it.

Helps For Digestion :

It keeps your digestive system healthy and prevents constipation and related problems.


See the Instructions Step by Step

Step by Step Instructions :

1. First of all, sit on the knees in Vajrasana posture and interlock the fingers of both your hands and keep them on the mat lying on the ground.

2. After interlocking the fingers, bend the palm in the shape of a bowl and slowly tilt your head and place it on the palm.

3. After this, slowly raise both your legs up and keep them straight. You can initially take the support of a wall or a person to raise the legs.

4. During this, the whole body should be completely straight from bottom to top. Maintain good body balance.

5. After coming in this posture, take a deep breath for 15 to 20 seconds and remain in this posture for some time.

6. Now exhale slowly and bring the feet back down to the ground.

7. Repeat this asana three to four times.

8. Keep in mind that the practice of headstand should be done early in the morning. The stomach should be completely empty during the practice, only then this posture will be done properly.

Things to keep in mind before doing headstand (Important Notes)

1. If you are finding it difficult to keep yourself balanced, then you can take the support of the wall.

2. If you find it difficult to keep the legs straight, then move the legs up, keeping your legs bent, so that your knees are touching your chest.

3. When you are confident that your balance can be maintained, then only move both legs up, or practice moving away from the wall.

Precautions for Shirshasana or Headstand Yoga Pose :

1. Do not practice headstand if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral or coronary thrombosis and glaucoma.

2. If there is a problem of blood hemorrhage in the head, kidney disease and slip disc problem, then avoid practicing this asana.

3. Do not practice this asana if you have a full stomach, body fatigue, headache or migraine.

4. In the final posture of the head posture, keep the body vertical and do not tilt backward or forward, otherwise the balance of the body may deteriorate and you may also get hurt.

5. If you have impure blood in your body, then do not practice this asana, otherwise the impurities can reach the brain as well.

6. Women should not practice headstand during menstruation and pregnancy.

7. Do not practice headstand if you feel dizzy, have a head injury or have a severe headache.

8. Do not practice headstand if you have a neck injury. Apart from this, people suffering from hernia, hypertension and obesity should also not practice this asana.

Head Stand Pose Video

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Anand (author) from Pune, Maharashtra on July 03, 2021:

Yes, You are right. but every person about thought of yoga is different. But if want to keep away any diseases, then we must do asanas.

Swati Sharma from India on July 02, 2021:

An informational article is given by you that is commendable. Asanas are played an important role but only if people practice them in the right way.

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