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Benefits of Online Speech Therapy

Benefits of Online Speech Therapy

We have been under lockdown for almost 8 months now, all therapies for children have come to a standstill, in this time. But thanks to technology, Online Speech Therapy is a feasible way to provide adults and children with speech therapy from the comfort of your home. With the pandemic on the surge, it is a great option to continue with rehabilitation. Children are still able to receive the best therapy services at home. Speech Language Pathologists have found new ways to make Speech Therapy fun online! With video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet, there are many ways Speech Therapists can make the session interactive and fun, online.

Why is Online Speech Therapy beneficial?

  • You still work with a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist.
  • You are not bound by your location but just a good internet connection.
  • It's more convenient and feasible
  • It can be more comfortable and there are no waiting rooms.
  • Access to online support groups
  • It's easier for parents to get involved
  • No travelling is required for Online Therapy.

Online Speech Therapy sessions have been vouched for the convenience, flexibility and a hassle-free experience, not just for clients but also their families. For example, through this medium, you can provide service to clients from all over the country, who all can take sessions from the comfort of their own homes. Through teletherapy, there are no travel restrictions or waiting rooms. You don't have to think twice about the time it takes, while you also get to spend some extra time with the family!

It is important to provide high-quality therapy that is easy to work around busy lifestyles, focusing on communication targets during real time.

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Initially, many people had their apprehensions regarding online therapy. Their concerns were that they were not too familiar with the technology or the effectiveness of sessions online. But now the majority of the patients especially kids love this medium as it's on the screen. They find the visuals and games very engaging and appealing. Therapists have to try and create a fun, interactive and supportive environment for the client. It is integral to incorporate new methods to make sessions beneficial for the clients. In addition, it’s important to use research and evidence based technique and approaches to meet the clients needs. You can look for online platforms that provide free consultation so that clients themselves can see the benefits of Online Therapy Sessions.

Parents find this method extremely easy to be a part of and find it a lot easier to be included in the sessions, as well. This way, satisfaction and feasibility come hand in hand.

Aside from this, a lot of Speech Therapy websites have also added a number of resources on their website, where you can find lots of language games, worksheets, guides to work on your child's speech and language at home.

This is the new normal as it's not safe for children to receive in person therapy right now. Let’s try and adapt to this medium. For this, parents and family members also have to become active participants in the session and work alongside the therapist so that the child doesn't lose out on early intervention.

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