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Benefits of Honey to Pregnant Women

Importance of honey during pregnancy.

Importance of honey during pregnancy.

Is honey good for pregnancy?

The answer to the question of whether honey is good for a pregnant woman is a big YES! Honey contains certain vital minerals and property that make it a fantastic food supplement diet to be added to the main diet. Everybody benefits from regularly consuming honey, including pregnant women.

The importance of honey to pregnant women

Below are some of the benefits that pregnant women will acquire from the regular consumption of honey:

Honey contains antibiotics

Honey is loaded with antibiotics which play no small role when it comes to the fight against bacteria. It is very likely that disease-causing bacteria might find their way into the body of the pregnant woman and cause all sorts of problems to her and her unborn child. Honey, since it is capable of fighting disease-causing bacteria, when consumed will without a shadow of doubt destroy harmful bacteria. Pregnant women who take in honey regularly will be doing themselves a great deal of with regard to preventing disease-causing bacteria from thriving in them.

Pregnant women and honey.

Pregnant women and honey.

Honey fights allergic reactions

Another reason why pregnant women should take honey often is simply because of its ability to minimize allergic reactions in a person. We all know what happens to a woman when she becomes pregnant. We know how easy it is for a pregnant woman to react to a lot of things. She can react to the food that she consumes as well as the things she touches. Honey plays an instrumental role in taking away or reducing these allergic reactions.

Honey fights ulcers

In addition to the above-mentioned, research shows that honey prevents a bacterium that is known to cause ulcer. Stomach ulcers are very painful sores that are located in the lining of the stomach or small intestine.

Honey fights heart burns

One of the most common problems that women face during pregnancy is heart burns. More often than not, the heart burns occur in the last few months of the pregnancy, where the baby pushes all the organs upwards. The heart burn may be felt in the throat or chest. And since honey is known to fight heart burns among pregnant women, it is highly recommended that pregnant women eat more honey to avoid this problem.

Honey prevents colds

Another wonderful thing about honey and what it does for pregnant women is that it prevents cold. With pregnancy comes cold because the immune system drops down and the mucus membrane increases during pregnancy. Honey strengthens the immune system of pregnant women. Nutrients like glucose and fructose help boost the immune system. During pregnancy, it is very imperative for a pregnant woman to endeavor to boost or strengthen her immune system since a weak immune system makes her very prone to diseases.

Honey can help with morning sickness

Most pregnant women experience what is normally termed as morning sickness. Morning sickness can cause weight loss, malnutrition and loss of appetite. Nausea and vomiting also usually accompany morning sickness. The good news however, is that honey can reduce a pregnant woman’s chances of developing morning sickness or reduce the severity of her morning sickness. A combination of honey and ginger tea will help the pregnant woman in her battle against morning sickness.


Take precautions when consuming honey

Despite the fact that you have just been told of the importance of honey to pregnant women, it is imperative that pregnant women take great caution when consuming honey. For example, it is important that they know that honey in its raw state may contain bacteria which cause diseases. When the honey is unrefined and consumed it is like drinking water directly from a river, you know what to expect right?

Buy honey from a known and trusted brand is well refined due to the process they go through. More often than not, such honey is safe for consumption.

Health experts also advice that when going in for honey, we go for honey that has undergone little processing. Little processing helps in sustaining most of the nutrients in the honey. When honey undergoes a lot of processing it is like over cooking a nutritious meal, which obviously leads to a depletion of the nutrients in the meal.

All in all, I can confidently say that a pregnant woman stands to gain a lot of health benefits from a regular consumption of honey. Health experts often say that in order to enjoy the numerous health benefits of honey, then it must be consumed on a daily basis.

Before I conclude this article, I want to use this opportunity to advise not only pregnant women but everybody reading to endeavor to consume more honey on a regular basis. I am a keen honey consumer and often use it in my meals instead of sugar. And I can confidently say that it has brought about a significant improvement in my health.




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