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Benefits of Carb Cycling

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Carbohydrates aren't your enemy. Adjusting your carbohydrate intake based on what you need your body to do is what carb cycling is all about.

Carbohydrates aren't your enemy. Adjusting your carbohydrate intake based on what you need your body to do is what carb cycling is all about.

Carb cycling is typically used in various forms of the keto diet. It involves a person carefully monitoring their carbohydrate intake and going back and forth between low-carb days and high-carb days. Some days during carb cycling may even involve taking in zero carbs. Days when there is a high-carb intake would be considered days where the participant exercises hard and this is because your body requires more carbohydrates to function after a hard workout. On high-carb days, it is advised to eat between 2 to 2.5 grams of carbohydrates for every pound of body weight, so monitoring your weight is extremely important.

Carb cycling requires a high level of discipline, and it can be very difficult if you don’t take the time to build new habits. The work put into carb cycling can be difficult, and even overwhelming at first but it can provide you with a lot of exciting benefits. Carb cycling has been proven effective in a lot of areas in the health and fitness world and these benefits go beyond aesthetic improvements. Here, we will explore some of the benefits of this practice and explain why it has become so popular.

Keep track of your carb intake

Weight Loss

The most notable side effect of following a carb cycling diet is noticeable weight loss. This is because following a regimen of providing your body with a variable carbohydrate level makes your metabolism work more efficiently. It also prevents your body from holding onto excess energy that you don’t need, which directly results in fat storage in what is commonly referred to as problem areas.

More Energy

While it may seem counter-productive, increased energy use leads to having more available energy during the day. Cyclical diets do not make you feel lethargic like you would on diets that deny you food. Following a cyclical diet provides you with accessible energy instead of allowing your body to turn the energy into fat storage. Your body is more likely to put the energy back into your system to provide nutrients to your muscles and keep your body moving, which is the best way to burn excess fat.

Better Insulin Sensitivity

A concept that is often neglected in starvation diets is insulin sensitivity. Since insulin assists in regulating fat storage having the appropriate insulin sensitivity is important to maintaining a healthy body weight. When you are focusing on a low-carb diet, your body is better able to determine when it needs to store energy and when it needs to burn off energy, making your metabolism more efficient. The increased efficiency allows you to maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape. It will also improve the amount of energy you have throughout the day and allow you to effectively burn that energy. Overall, setting your metabolism up in a healthier way will help you to protect your organs by preventing insulin spikes, which can eventually lead to weight gain and even diabetes.

Lean Muscle Mass Growth

When your body has developed a more functional insulin sensitivity, you will be able to gain lean muscle mass and keep lean muscle mass from nutrients that would otherwise be used as a source of energy. By cycling carbs, you can supply your muscles with essential glycogen so they can be adequately fed and fully formed instead of becoming fuel for your body. It is important to experiment with different types of carb cycling because everybody has different needs that will not be equal to another person.

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Carb cycling is a great way to reteach your body how to properly use the energy and nutrients that you take in every day. It is important for to find the right carb cycling program for you and adjust it to your body’s individual needs. As you go through this process, monitor how you feel so you can adjust your carb intake to ensure that your body is receiving maximum benefits and so you know when you need to make adjustments.

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