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Benefits and Contents of Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) (side effects) - Ayurvedic Herbal Remedy for Body and Mind


  • Introduction
  • Appearance and Habitat
  • Health Benefits of Gotu Kola
  • Chemical Contents of Gotu Kola
  • Psychological and medical use of Gotu Kola
  • Side effects and Risks
  • Gotu Kola and the Pineal Gland
  • Myths about Gotu Kola
  • My own experience with Gotu Kola


Gotu Kola is a herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for several thousand ages. It has many marvellous properties and there are also some myths about the Gotu Kola plant. It is known to treat several psychiatric disorders and physical problems. Also, longetivity and a good memory are often connected to this plant.

It has nothing to do with Coca-Cola. Even though it has "Kola" in its name, it does not contain caffeine.

It can be consumed in several ways. There are capsules, teas, tinctures and so on. It can be bought on websites like eBay for 20-30 dollars (depending on what you want to buy).

Gotu Kola plants

Appearance and Habitat

The stem is green to reddish-green in color. It has small fan-shaped leaves and the flower is white to light purple or pink.

Gotu Kola grows in rather low and wet areas. The plant can live either on land or in water. When it lives in water, it is very sensible to pollution and pollutants are easily incorporated in the plant. It occurs naturally in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Asia, South Africa and India. It is also starting to appear more and more in the gardens of Western housholds.

Health Benefits of Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola has many different benefits for our body and psyche. In Ayuervedic medicine, it is used to treat psychic disorders like anxiety and depressions. It has also a calming and relaxing effect, especially if it is taken before going to bed. My recommendation is to drink a cup of Gotu Kola tea, but capsules and tinctures should be fine as well. It is also known for its positive effect regarding memory and the prevention of diseases like Alzheimer's Diseases.

Chemical Contents of Gotu Kola

The following will be a list of all the chemicals contained in Gotu Kola:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Bacoside A and B
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Selen
  • Iron
  • Beta Carotine
  • Arginine
  • Hydrocotyline
  • Asiatiacides
  • Madecass-Acids
  • Free Triterpenes
  • Triterpenoid
  • Saponine
  • Triterpensaponine
  • Flavonolglycosides
  • Brahminosides
  • Brahmosides
  • Thankunisides
  • Asiaticosides
  • Madecassosides
  • Vellarine
  • Thankuric Acids
  • Betulic Acids
  • Isobrahmic Acids
  • Quercentine
  • Kampherol

It is used to be good for and against and known for the following properties:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • to restore and protect brain cells
  • to decalcify and stimulate the pineal gland
  • to enhance memory
  • to increase libido
  • to improve the intelligence
  • to heal the body and wounds
  • to enhance the immune system in general
  • to be good for the heart and blood vessels
  • to cure arteriosclerosis
  • to improve blood flow
  • to be antioxidative
  • to be anti-poisoning (it is good for detox cures)
  • to have junevescent properties
  • to be anti-inflammatory
  • to lower fever
  • to be anti-stressing
  • to be cytostatic

The reason why the Gotu Kola plant has so many health benefits are due to the many good chemicals contained in the Gotu Kola plant and how the different chemicals work together.

Psychological and medical use of Gotu Kola

Bracosides are able to release nitrogen. The released nitrogen relaxes the Aorta, venes and the blood vessels. This increases blood flow and is also good against heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Bacosides are also known to regenerate brain cells and to protect them. Often, this leads to improved memory and sometimes to increased intelligence (but it is very unlikely that you will become a mastermind with Gotu Kola).

The Asiatosides are an stimulant. The stimulate the renewal of blood cells and aid to a good immune system.

Triterpenoids help to regenerate the body, especially regarding wound healing. The Gotu Kola plant is sometimes directly applied to an open wound.

Side Effects and Risks

There are no real risks if it is taking orally. Sometimes, when it is applied to the skin directly, an allergic reaction can occur, which is very unlikely to happen.

Pineal Gland stimulation with delta binaural beats (1.05Hz)

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Gotu Kola and the Pineal Gland

Gotu Kola is one of the best, if not even the best, herbal plant to decalcify the pineal gland and to aid the brain. It stimulates the activity of the pineal gland and therefore, the pineal gland releases several hormones more than it does normally. DMT and Serotonin are just one of the many hormones and chemicals releases. That's why Gotu Kola also has a relaxing effect on humans and due to the release of Serotonin it also makes humans happier.

If you are keen to decalcify and open your pineal gland, then I STRONGLY recommend you to take add Gotu Kola to you daily diet.

It also enhances your meditation. It is said that it balances the brain hemispheres. There has been n suitable experiment that can verify this claim, though. But you can make the experience for yourself, which is far better than an experiment in my opinion.

The activation and stimulation of the pineal gland can be especially strong if one practices delta brainwave entrainment with 1,05Hz. This frequency was proven by science that is stimulates the pineal gland as well.

In the Eastern world, Gotu Kola is also known as the most spiritual herb. I recommend you to drink a cup of tea (or to take a capsule or tincture) before you meditate and you make the experiences yourself.

Myths about Gotu Kola

It is said that there was a Chinese herbalist, who lived more than 250 years, used Gotu Kola amongst others to achieve such a high age.

It is said that a in 10 AD a king named Aruna was given strength and endurance to satisfy his 50-woman harem.

It is known that elephants eat a lot of grass including Gotu Kola. It is suggested that Gotu Kola might be one of the curcial reasons why elephants have such an excellent memory.

My own experience with Gotu Kola (review)

I didn't encounter any side effects or problems while using Gotu Kola.

I don't have any health problems nor psychich problems, so I can't say how good Gotu Kola worked in that case.

Every time I took the capsules I felt quite euphoric after 10 or so minutes (I always took 2 at once twice a day). When I was drinking the tea and inhaling the mist, I also felt my pineal gland working. This is a very particular feeling, where a point in the middle of your forehead is "being activated". It's as if it was tingling a little bit.

I once drank three Gotu Kola teas in a very short period of time. I knew that I was overdoing it. I felt very relaxed and I had a clear, calm mind. I also felt very happy for no reason and my eyes became sensible to light. Light didn't hurt me. I was more receptive to light and the beauty of nature. I want to make clear that I was not high or something like this.

Another time, I took 8 capsules in 30 minutes. Again, I felt some sort of improvement in my eyes. The feeling was quite new to me, it was as if my eyes were being cured or so (I am short-sighted).

I also listened to the delta binaural beat 1.05Hz and I have never ever experienced such a peaceful meditation and such a strong stimulation of the pineal gland!

In conclusion, it is an extremely good and powerful herb and I do recommend it to anyone who is reading this article. It can really improve your life and your meditation!

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Selinas J Rajakaruna on July 29, 2015:

Could yourgoodself please let me know for Parkinson affected person

Gotukola be given daily for drinking ?

I await your comments?

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Shae on April 10, 2015:

Thank you for the information on this herb as well as your review. I'm actually going to exchange my Solaray brand for Nature's Way today, due to the cancerous chemical that Solaray Gotu Kola apparently contains, so I came across your review at the right time.

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