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Bending Your Knee Again After a Knee Fracture

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When Can I Bend My Knee Again After A Knee Fracture?

I'm writing this article to share my experience with anyone that may stumble across it. See, it was only 8 weeks ago and I was faced with a knee fracture myself. As an athlete prior to having injured myself I found it incredibly frustrating at the lack of hands on experiences that I could find online about those that had suffered the same injury as me and had recovered.

Doctors will tell you different things. Medical articles advise that the knee will take a long time to recover. Other people write about horror stories where they waited for the cast to be removed after weeks of optimism, were then told that they would have to head for the dreaded knee pin surgery.

What I can tell you is that I myself am terribly confused about the whole situation. I can only tell you what is happening to me right now. I've evolved a lot since my injury and endured just about every type of restraining device there is for helping to fix a fractured knee. The first 2 days of my injury I had a knee stabilizer. I then sat with a slab of fiber glass at the back of my leg that was a full cast with a bandage to hold it into place for just over a week. I then had the misfortune of a full leg cast for 4 weeks. Followed by a half knee cast for 2 weeks. I was casted for about 7 weeks, and during that time I went through 4 leg cast changes.

One of the very first things I Googled upon having my fall was, when can I bend my knee again after a knee fracture? Once back at home, being advised to sit and take bed rest with an elevated leg. It became apparent that I started to get frustrated. I felt like the doctors advice "From the bed to the bathroom", was not really what I wanted to hear at that time.

The magical question that bore no real answer was when the hell could I move and bend my knee joint again. Anyhow, I can honestly tell you that it will be a gradual experience . It will not come over night. It will be over a period of time that you will slowly start to feel like your knee is healing and is able to start to be teased into bending.


I Bore Weight A Little On My Fractured Knee Prior To The Doctors Advice

I remember putting weight on it before the doctor advised me to. I had to move around a lot. My house has many stairs. I feel like that factor actually helped me a lot to get a healed bone and I've since read many advice articles about fractures and the implications of walking and bearing limited weight. Many places advised that it is good to help you to heal faster.

Advised To Bend My Knee When Casted In A Half Leg Cast

At the appointment for my half knee cast, I was told by the doctor that I would be able to slowly bend the knee. I was told that I should start to flex it up and try to get it to be mobile again after such a long time in a full leg cast. It was not possible however. The doctor at the time, told me that it was normal to feel like my leg had no strength. It felt like jelly to be precise.

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He told me that at that point I should by no means put any weight onto the knee though. For 2 weeks I tried and tried to flex my leg cast as much as I could. I felt like a complete failure as my knee joint was jammed! It would not move a lot at all. At the time of review for the cast and how I was progressing since, I was told that I could start to bear weight onto the joint.

At that appointment my doctor voiced his opinion that my knee was not bending as he would like it to. He also, forcibly tried to donkey kick it behind me. It hurt like hell! I tried to explain that it was not bending as he visualized it to. However, the doctor told me that I should walk, bear weight, and bend the knee. His exact words of advise were when I told him that my leg cast was cracked at the bottom part- "I want it to crack!", "I need it to break".

I felt a little upset at this appointment. Partially because he had told me that I was not progressing as I should. Partly because it hurt to bend my knee back. I was so determined to move my knee fast and bend my knee again after a fractured knee. I spent a long time trying to do so. At this point, walking with a half leg cast was terribly frustrating. I was using only one crutch like a stick. I decided that I would drop the crutch, walk and limp around whilst trying to flex the joint.

It hurt, it was heavy and I could not! Even at the review appointment when the cast was taken out I could not bend it far at all. I was actually so upset. I had wanted to return to my fitness exercises and squats and lunches are a huge part of that process. It wasn't happening though. The doctor explained that the x-ray I took showed that my body had done its job and healed. There was no physical reason why my knee would not be bending at this point. It was not though, and I was a little upset at being told it should do what it wasn't doing.


The Brain Could Limit Movement And Physio Could Manipulate This Back

Upon voicing my opinion about the lack of movement my knee had, I was told that it could be as a result of my brain blocking the ability to move my knee joint. The pain and the fear of it . I guess the doctor meant well and really he told me his job was done, and perhaps it is or was done. After all he was a bone doctor and managed to heal my bone back to place with the casts. I guess even the doctors are met with different outcomes and cases when it comes to knee fractures. Not all humans are the same and the healing process that takes a short period for one person, may take much longer for another. I was booked in for physiotherapy which is to start next week.

At The Time Of Writing This Content I Still Cannot Bend My Knee Fully.

The moment I arrived home after my final appointment with the doctor before physio begins I spent as much time as I could, and still am doing trying to bend my knee. I've tried so hard, and also noticed that I've developed a tendency to limp. I'm feeling optimistic that all of this will go, and I will regain mobility soon.

It probably has only 40% mobility right now. Moving my leg up at the front is perfectly fine. Doing so backwards and trying to squat or do any type of lower exercises that requires the knee joint to move is ceased. It feels like I need a full can of WD40 to loosen the joints. I have a feeling like there is great swelling and stiffness. It's almost like something is restricting me to move it further. I've a really funny feeling that it's fluid that's stopping me as my knee still looks really swollen and is kind of bent a little. By bent, I mean that I cannot put my leg fully straight.

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