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Believe in Only What's True

I have studied emotional health, chakra systems, yoga, rebirthing, reiki, and personal transformation coaching.

The Why?

Have you ever tried to move forward in an area of your life, and found that your inner thoughts were in direct conflict with what you were consciously trying to achieve? There is a reason for this. It's called your personal history.

You may wonder, what's true? Now, I’m not talking about your tumultuous childhood, or your raucous family. Perhaps your family was divine. I’m talking about your own personal history as a human being on this earth.

The concept of past lives has been delved into deeply by many well-respected teachers over the ages. My favourite, Dr. Brian Weiss, has the largest body of work today and writes about past lives in many books. For me, the experience of past lives has been quite visceral. I’m an empathic healer who tunes into the emotional field to help the body move and shift and release trapped emotional energy.

The best way to move forward in life is to acknowledge what's beneath the surface and excavate like an archaeologist. Notice how on archaeological digs, the further one digs, the more complete the story becomes? This same principle works to clear the emotional field or garden, as I like to call it. Emotional "digging" unearths the rocks and brambles that are causing trouble above the surface.

Unearthing Parts of Yourself


Get Ready to Dig

So, getting back to that inner voice that whispers and sounds conflicting . . . imagine you are trying to manifest a new partnership and you are creating a profile, looking through the pictures, and you hear a voice from inside your head saying, “they’re all jerks.” If you notice this response is a common theme in your quiet moments, it's time to put on the digging gloves.


Start by going to or creating a quiet sanctuary space such as a personal altar. If you don’t already have one, you need one. You may think life is too busy, but not having a personal space actually makes life seem busy and disconnected. You need a place to go to just be where you can listen to your soul. Light the candles, hold your crystals (yes, crystals help, too), and become quiet. You can invite your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to join you, depending on how much support you think you will need. You know when you're feeling out of whack, nurturing yourself and doing some personal excavating will help. Prepare and support yourself with the right conditions. Soothing music may help, too.

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The Horizon Method

Move into the space of that little voice. Say out loud, or in your thoughts (for example), “People are jerks. They always are.” Continue embodying the concerns of that voice. Feed the fire with the beliefs that you can hear blocking your way forward. Become that reality as you breathe, and move forward. Move into the "knowingness" of that voice, and take it on. What story emerges? What pains, scars, and ideas are present. What happened?

Sit and get into the visuals, the sounds, scents, and presence of that state. Where are you, what is the setting? What details do you notice? It may feel like an experience from your past. Feel the feelings of that voice. Let the tears fall if they want to and express the feeling as you allow it to move through you. Allow the disgust, disgrace, and any other associated nuances to emerge. Watch the storyline. Let it all roll out. You may see a former version of yourself in your mind’s eye and watch her/him. Allow the full expression until that person/child or version of yourself is coming to completion. The emotions will ebb away, the tears will dry, and you will be coming out of the transference. Invite that child onto your lap for a hug, or watch them ascend a staircase into a doorway filled with light. This is your closure, this is you. Allow for these things to unravel and marvel at the resonance. Sit as long as you like in it and absorb the details and similarities with your current experience. Now, all that is left is the shadow, and that, too, will fade. Keep in mind, it may take some time for this energetic story to totally release from your energy field. Say, "thank you," and complete the ceremony only when you feel complete and finished.

In this example, you may come to see why you held those judgments against people, or against a certain experience. Forgive these notions where you see the opportunity. Just by saying, "I Forgive You," works wonders for your emotional field and energy. Let it go . . .

Clearing Your Auric Field



You could take a bath, go for a walk, allow the emotion/energy to dissipate. You’ve gathered the pertinent information and you’ve released the emotional charge. Well done! That story will no longer hold you back from your truth.

You may find in going forward that more stories come up for clearing. Use the same method. You could turn this method into a practice—I do. I am very glad I have somewhere to go when I have something inside that is not in alignment with my current truth. It's a beautiful thing to clear and release your past wounds which do tend to linger if not properly cleared. They can make you fearful for no apparent reason. Now you know the way out! Congratulations!

This is the beautiful artwork of emotional healing, and this is the work of my specialty.

Flowers Absorb Released Emotional Energy


Tip: You decide the time and length of your work

Once you become familiar with this healing method, enjoy longer sessions to get closer to your truth and your story. As time goes on and you feel comfortable, you can condense the process to take less time. It takes me about ten minutes to thirty minutes of deeper work before I go back to my regular day.

Remember, you are worth it!

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